Ryuuou no Oshigoto

I don't know a single thing about shogi, but it seems pretty cool.

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God I hate Ginko so fucking much, everytime her stupid fucking face comes onscreen I get really fucking angry and fly into an uncontrollable rage. Fuck her and the Ginkofags.

I wonder who the main girl will be now that Blue Ai is dead

Same. She's fucking shit, god damn. Now, if only her supporters would skip this thread and make a new one if they wanted to discuss their girl, but I'm pretty sure they going to come here and reply to whoever says she's a shit instead of ignoring the thread.



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Machi, she is the one that deserves the Dragonbowl the most.

I don't want your shitty presents, whore.

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What a fucking slut

a best

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It seems to be some sort of advanced chess, pretty cool and it also attracts lolis. Shame you can't discuss it right now because people are memeing and being autistic as usual.

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The guy is a future wife beater and horrible person. Dont bother watching, the vileness is extreme.

I want Hinatsuru Ai to wear bikini..Kadokawa you retarded Barbaric Japs!!

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>Goofy show about cute lolis playing gook chess
>MC rejects his main love interest and traumatizes his ward into a coma during the same episode

What did they mean by this?

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>seems pretty cool
It isn't, shogi kills.

>slut collar

It really pisses me off how she wants to be together with the MC but can't stop constantly treating him like shit

What is the purpose of this character? Please explain.

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To balance out the Lolis

>He actually likes Stinko

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Why do some of you hate this perfection?

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Nasty bitch who steals airtime from the Lolis.

I wanted Hinatsuru to wear Bikini!!!!

>having the balls to do anything lolicon in the year of 2018

I don't know what kind of sad person could hate her

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>"Hey, lolicon scumbags, do we have your attention? Do you want lewd loli in the show? You get nothing, here have Ginko instead in numerous super detailed fanservice closeups, and fuck off"
I wonder why some people don't like her.

Plot magic allows him to get with literally ANY of the girls. You'd have to be an absolute retard to take the most boring tsun-tsun in the universe instead of any of the lolis or maybe psycho sharkteeth girl.

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What I wanted was Bikini scene of Hinatsuru Ai!!!


Blue Ai > Red Ai > Char > Megane > Fang > Future Ai > Keika > Shark > shit > Ginko

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when do blue ai and red ai fuck

Not such old hag in bikini...Tenshi no 3p had bikini scene of 10yo orphans 2 times.

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Because that was a series that's on no one's radar, and had no budget.

He deserved better.

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>Ginko still gets all the fanservice
>she's almost surely win the bowl too
I feel for you.

I wish they didn't bring in some legal girl to win in all these series.
Fuck moralfaggotry.

why can't i get moe enthusiast bf

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>Best girl loves him for his mind AND skill, is willing to give herself entirely to him
>chickens out like the little shit he is
He deserves to lose to the Mejin and will go to prison for killing blue Ai.

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>hating Ginko
They must be lolicon

This. What a mystery.


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GINKO obviously

But she was a good girl

That is irrelevant to my point.

But she's just as cute as the tenshis.

That's not true. She might not be a bitch, and even an alright character, but you don't have to exaggerate there

She's pure, unlike those tenshies

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Get these skanks out of here, this thread is for best shogi lolis only.

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They lose to Ginko in everything.

It must be hard to be this delusional all the time. Have a smug AI to brighten your sad day user.

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Her cunny looks yummy.

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Which is the cunniest?

being the shittiest one is her most notable victory

A shit.

You mean aside from the fact that she got all the fanservice worth mentioning, and most possibly gonna win the bowl?

So, who is this? LRD or THK?

If there is a bowl for being outclassed by girls half her age then she's most certainly going to win it, yes.


I'd say any user with a good taste, or at least most definitely any lolicon user, especially after Ginko posting aggressively is forced in every thread.

She can get all the yaichi she wants, i don't want any of my give (5) little girls near that faggot.

You can barely talk about the little girls in these threads

You mean four, that nasty faggot killed blue Ai.

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I'll just put this here just in case of shitposters.

Feel free to edit it

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Ginko was a mistake

Stop derailing the thread, this is a thread dedicated to the 4+1 little girls

How old is she again?

>Ginko was a mistake

Way out of loli range but her psycho yandere qualities make her interesting again.

Gunko was not a right thing

If Yaichi didn't exists, but Ginko was in his place.

It would be Ginko and shotas

I know it's a meme but the thought makes me really sad

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No, Ginko and lolis. Maybe even some toddler loli.

>yuri and shogi with Ginko and lolis

I didn't know I wanted this until now

the real problem with ginko is just her behavior towards yaichi, if it would be just ginko and lolies, she would be bearable or even likable

Add to the mix that she wouldn't have the jealously shit going on, and being possessive cunt.
Yeah, I could grow to like her that way, and I hate her like all hell in her current position.

Ginko is cute

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This. The true route lies in her

This. MC can fuck off, I want to see these two enjoy some quality time together. I thought they'd have a more rival-style relationship too, but they barely interact.

I can't believe that Ai is fucking dead

Has there ever been a show about a yuri loli harem? As in an older woman with a bunch of lolis in love with her? That sounds comfy as fuck.

The best Ai

I don't think so.

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I'm still going to pick her up one more time.

Once I met Ginko
We went for a drinko
We played with pachinkos
And went to my place

Then Ginko said: "Dear-ko..."
"I am a virginko"
"I want ochinchinko"
"And cum on my face"

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Ginko a shit

no u

That's a damn shame. I'd watch the hell out of that. Maybe I should go digging through VNs to see if there's something like that?

Ginko is trash.

Do you have a special autistic retard samefag in Ryuuo no Oshigoto threads or am i seeing things?