Anyone else think Hakumei to Mikochi is the AotS?

Anyone else think Hakumei to Mikochi is the AotS?

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Yes, though I think it's tied with Sora Yori for me. I enjoy how both of them are quite different than the usual anime we get while still managing to be highly interesting.

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Yes. It's sad how little attention this has got on Sup Forums. Only 10/10 show for me this season.

I'm still not sure if i'd call it AOTS but top 3 definitely.

Post more munchkins.

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This OP for this is so beautiful.

The ED is better.

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Shit director. Its unpopularity is 100% deserved.

Can you expand upon this opinion so I and others can understand your dislike of the adaption?

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Top tier onahole

It's probably because of those panel shots, it happened in GATE too.

I just hope we can get more dump threads after this, if the manga threads become active but without the usual shit animefags bring into the table, it would be great.

o ye

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This season it's hard for me to choose.
Yorimoi is first right now, but Yurucamp and Hakuchi are tied on second place.

It's only a runners up for me but considering how good this season is, that's no easy feat.

Mikochi.exe has encountered a problem and is shutting down

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the panels add a lot of charm imo, I think the directing is fine

What said. I really like a lot of the cut-ins and it fits well with the tone of the anime.

The only ones I don't like are ones like pic related, which are used in several manga as well and I never understand the point of them. When they're used to show the passage of time, it makes sense, but when it's used for the same scene while being split up into multiple panels, it just confuses me.

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It's good, but definitely not AOTS material.

Not at all, but it's still a delightful watch. It's just beat out by other competition.
Say what you will, bit I'd argue this was a pretty high-tier season.

To me it is.

I havent decided on an AOTS yet but its definitely in the top 5 along with the Campers, antarctica, shogidrama and fate

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Hard to say in such an amazing season but it's most definitely one of my candidates.

It's a very nice adaptation. There should be enough material for a season 2 pretty soon, so I hope we get to see that.

I honestly don't really want to talk about this show on Sup Forums since Sup Forums sexualizes everything and this is one of the shows I don't want to be sexualized.

I'm afraid it's not popular enough for a second season. The material is from and for people who are older and more emotionally mature than the majority of the anime consumers. I doubt that anime is even the right medium. This should be a live action show for the 19:00 or 19:30 slot.

Are we on buzzword territory already? You're free to like it. But come the fuck on you gotta try harder than that.

Calm down, no one will hurt you here.

Thanks for assuming I'm not calm. It only shows you're insecure.

>emotionally mature
That's not the impression I get. It almost feels like a show for kids to me.

only for a very high IQ, huh?

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This is one of the better-selling/ranking shows of the season though. It doesn't get talked about much on Sup Forums since it's not sexual or shitpost-inducing enough.

It would be, but 3 gatsu wins because of momo.

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When will Mikochi find a loving husband?

I thought Hakumei was her husband.

Now that's just lazy. Try better bait, retard.

post death metal song

That's silly, women can't marry each other.

It works for the whole family, even the granny. The kids enjoy the visuals and the animals, the adults the social dynamics and the comfy.

There's always alcohol or good food in this show. Really makes me reconsider my marriage priorities. Maybe marrying a woman who can't cook isn't such a good idea after all. Beauty withers away, cooking skills ripen.

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I would REEEE at you, but it's no use at this point, isn't it.

Don't know, what does your therapist say?

He says to simply let it go. He says it's how it has to be. He says all things come to an end. He says old Rome was overrun. He says I had my share of fun. He says the chan I loved is gone. He says time does it to a board. He says you can't repel a horde.

It the only one I'm watching the day it actually comes so I guess so.

No, it's a snoozefest.

This show feels like it's targeting literal children as its audience, all the characters are so unrealistically nice you gotta wonder why these "conflicts" even happened in the first place.

I'm not a horde, user. And I've been shitposting on Sup Forums since before raids became a thing and the board was flooded by autists who didn't get the joke. I understand that you really like the idea of Sup Forums being a "normie"-free safe space for your super special snowflake "culture" of the week. It has never been one.

There's a bit too much casual alcohol consumption for children. They wouldn't understand that the occasions are special.

What's wrong with the characters being unrealistically nice? I get my share of realistic bellends in the office. Don't need that shit in my iyashikei show.

Ah yes the evil depictions of alcohol consuming that poisons the innocent children.

>It has never been one.
Of course it hasn't but normalfags have always been told to fuck off and rightly so.

I love this show as well, but saying those four letters in any OP curses threads so I'd rather not bump this one.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with depicting an ideal world.