Pop Team Epic

...who was this?

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My dad.

This got dark fast.

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anyone knows how the fuck did Crunchyroll played this?
just dub it?

have a live action american dub actor narrate it?

Some faggit.

I wanted a fun love story with idols, but suddenly it's about ghosts and fucking magic? Dropped until next week.

What is Ai****u?

..what the hell do you mean? Its the same thing but subtitled.

An English man will dub over it.


Is there anything more scummy than trying to make money off of something you stole?

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>Girldro gets all dark and edgy
Fucking dropped on the penultimate episode

is there a webm of the bobunemimimmi eisai haramasukoi dance?

I'm sorry, edgy how?

>In exchange for all my memories of Sosogu she got a second chance

It went full Ah! Megami-sama.

What are you tadonate to my patreonlking about?

>tfw they'll never animate the Hambaga strip because Popuko says motherfucker

>fall in love again

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>Daichi finally remembers
He did it bros

Are you having a stroke?

His name is Junji Inagawa

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That's Guy LeDouche

I didn't ask for these feelings.

>actor and director
>director of famous 1996 Japanese film about some supernatural shit
would be very funny if I was Japanese I guess

Only brainlets and speedwatchers didn't see this coming, they foreshadowed it since the first episode.

Case Closed.

Imagine actually watching a 12ep generic idol anime and on penultimate episode it goes full tragedy.

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It would get people talking. It's like what episode 10 of Madoka Magica did.

Honestly, PMM wasn't very emotional for me up to there and I've only cried a handful of times in my life, episode 10 had me flooding the precinct with tears. I don't think I had or will cry this much again, not even at a funeral. Which is weird for me because I'm very emotionally shallow. Maybe my brain just turned to mush after marathoning the whole thing.

Well it did basically make Homura the main character from then on.

I want to see it so bad

I really want the ep 12 VAs to be the Excel saga girls

Next episode better be about this shit

yfw the ep12 VAs are an english dub

An easy-to-grasp comparison.

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Holy fuck it is him.

Now just throw Takeshi Kitano in PTE for good measure he was the one saving grace of the GitS movie.

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>yfw next weeks episode is actually the full episode of girldrop

What's the name of movie ?

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no such movie

It says it right there ShXXXng

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Dr. Disrespect.

y e s

The French segment made me notice the dot that's Popuko's nose, and now it's really bugging me that I never noticed that it was there the entire time.

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>This got dark fast.

This is some McBain movie type of thing, isn't it?


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That's fucking hilarious. No wonder he was talking nonsense the whole time.

He is a Japanese horror comedian.
Everyone in Japan knows him.
It's like Donald Trump in America.

I want to watch this. I honestly really do.

You'd think people in America would know who the president is

If you look at the insane character bios, Girldrop sounds really like an interesting show

Doesn't everyone know the guy who does the funny tweets?

This shit must be directed by Urobuchi.

Buy the BDs

>No Devil Volcano


I mean, B-project had industrial sabotage and betrayal in its last couple of episodes for what was supposed to be subpar idol anime.

what the fuck were they saying backwards in the first half of the episode?

"ur mom gay"
"subculture bitches"
That kind of stuff.

So we can all agree this is garbage right.
Mc is even more of a loser than the generic template ones.


so who's dick I gotta suck to get the va chart?

>Pop Team Epic OP plays
>this time Sosogu is the one who tears the show open to show her face
>it's a Girldrop episode
>After Daichi fixes his shit, the show returns to normal
>just in time for one last Pop Team Epic skit, the hambaga one

Please, never write again.


Aight, I'll type then.

imagine if we had gotten to see the slow buildup with all the little hints leading up to this
hoshiiro girldrop would have been fucking AOTY

>The overanimation in the Bob Team Epic skit
>The OP
>This week's main story
>The rebroadcast with the guy in the corner doing a reaction video
>Hoshiiro Girldrop getting super real by the end
Good episode. I wonder what they're gonna pull for the final episode? I'm thinking actual episode of Girldrop.

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>Hambaga skit starts the episode
>Woman just stares at Popuko after the first line
>Popuko starts getting mad at her blowing the sketch.
>Woman rips off her face to reveal Sosogu
>Girldrop plays in full
>Final scene is the final segment from the manga's second season, but with the Girldrop cast instead of the replacement Popuko and Pipimi.

It's so mesmerizing

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>It's so cold!
>Hey, get outta way!
>What should we do? Which of us will speak to her?
>It's shifted into reverse.
>It's great to have mates, right? Yeah, I wanna make a baseball team. We need three more members.
The male VAs talked nonsence such as "Have you had a medical check-up?" "No, not at all."

What's the deal with the ED vocalists bitching about not being in the show? Why don't the males say anything?

>aku no hana.webm

One thing I've noticed throughout the series is the female VAs don't talk as much nonsense or little at all. Why is that? Is it image related?

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I'm guessing that for parts like that the VAs are given very little direction and just told to say random shit, so it comes down to the personalities of the VAs themselves and how they improv

Sometimes the female VAs ad-libbed more then the males in certain episodes, like the Skeleton Grand Prix one. But yeah it's mostly the guys that have ad-libbed.


That was the best. I guess it would help if they were friends outside of work too. Which I think a lot of the male seiyuus are.

I want AC部 to work on a full cour anime.

that's me

Just a little bit sad they didn't reuse the Eisai Haramasukoi dance from episode 9. That would've adapted the copypaste gag.

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Yuu Kobayashi voicing anything is a fun time.

What does that mean?

Hopefully it's a full length Bob Team Epic episode next.

>next episode start
>it's shitty Pop Team Epic skit as usual
>camera pans away to reveal it's on TV in Daichi's room
>the rest of the episode is Hoshiiro Girldrop
>Gaia is actually God of Eurobeat

So he's japan's biggest embarrassment?

Tired of them bickering every day

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I actually felt sorry for the fat guy, he tried his best.

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I wish Ginga Banjo was in more stuff, his voice is amazing.

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Why do the side characters have to be this cute?

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She was a slut, user. A fucking slut. She deserved what happened.

She was kind of a bitch.

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No that would be John Oliver.

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Rip frenchman