Darling in the FranXX


God tier:
Episode 1 through 5

Bad tier:
Episode 9 through 10

Shit tier:
Episode 6 through 8

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Change "God tier" to "Good tier" and "Bad tier" to "Decent tier" and I agree

What this show has become doesn't deserve Torikago

Change bad tier to just 9 and put 10 up on God tier.

is there a reason we arent doing one of these

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Close, but not quite

God Tier

Good Tier
1 -> 4 and 9 -> 10

Bad Tier
6 -> 8

Because it would be forced and shitty, and 80% of the threads are just crossboarders who don't care.

Every episode has been bad

Its not that type of show.

Where's the plot? I can't find it.

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>They're literally a live experiment regarding old-world relationships

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>episode 7
>tell you guys it's just Kiznaiver again
>get laughed at
>turns into Kiznaiver more and more every episode

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They make a blunder with the old hag, she was supposed to be a hot MILF

I 100% agree with this

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The first ED was so good. It disappoints me when the episode ends and it transitions into one of the new ones. I just go listen to the first one again.

>Gets depressed after looking at herself in the mirror
Hiro being concerned is cute

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Torikago full version when?

End of the month

Nana is fat!

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Call me when they start cringing on the floor screaming ITAI.

Hiro should sneak into 02's room, strip down and cover himself in honey for her. That should cheer her up.

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>it's a "trigger show has too many episodes for no reason" episode

Yeah I didn't expect her to be old either

Its nonexistent. This show is shit.

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While this show is better, everyone knows that non-adaptations are way funner to discuss on Sup Forums due to all the theory-crafting and predictions.

I can't help the blind see

Goodbye strawberry.

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>sexy voice
>starts taking off her mask
>Aww yeah here we fucking go


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Why the FUCK did they change the ED

Gotta sell those CDs

Theres no use being an anime original if it goes the most predictable route though.

Yeah, but we all get to delusionally predict some wild shit that inevitably doesn't happen, so we only get angry by the time it's fully over.

A poor decision.

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They struck gold with the 5 girls they have. Might as well make more songs. Torikago fit the first arc thematically, now this new one fits this new arc.

>it's an episode that doesn't revolve around 02 and doesn't have mechs therefore invalidating any chance of the episode having anything worth watching

>go on Sup Forums
>shitposting everywhere
>go on discords
>have to deal with SJW shit like this
Is nowhere not-cancer? I might have to BANG the next person I see use the word "heteronormative"

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Yep, that's how it works.

>next two episodes are gonna be 02 suffering as 02 struggles with her self esteem and probably distances herself further and further from Hiro

fucking stop it Trigger

>It's an "Ichigo takes most of the screen time and everyone but you seethes"

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This entire fanbase is cancer across the board.


i don't really like zorome but you have to admit the episode has important worldbuilding and foreshadowing


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I'm still trying to puzzle out who granny is. An old facility caretaker/parent figure? Miku clone? Egg donor?

Is this ironic?

>it's a zorome almost talks belldandy to death episode

Probably not.

GILFs are fine too.

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They've got the same eye color (and it zoomed in on the eyes a LOT) and she seemed to know him through more than just scanning his ID. Probably everyone are pod babies repeating the same society model over and over, and he would have been her "grandson".
But I guess the incubators can be infected during klaxo attacks and those babies get shunted off to R&D.

Should I feel bad about wanting to fuck her?

Yes,she's already rotting down there

Not at all, she was hot as fuck. Just have her wear the weird helmet at all times.

Yeah, it's really not.


So what do we know about the "infection"
>It's not airborne
>But adults avoid touching parasites, which suggests a spread via skin-to-skin contact
Anything else?

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Hard to say. Seems like everyone is covered up all the time, except pilots and their handlers. So they could be worried about all diseases in general.
Episode seems to indirectly imply most of them are old and society is dialing back the population. You could hit at 02's comment from three directions; the city is sterile, old, and dying out.
Those skytowers in the background of the leadership meeting suggest to me that the core of humanity is off somewhere else, and these mobile cities only still exist in order to harvest energy to ship off to the real habitats.

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So, pretty much everyone agrees episode 5 is the best this show has managed as of now, right?

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La creatura...

Ay dios mio

theres nothing to lend support to this

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What kind of monkey does he represent?

Might as well refer to the seven members of Seele too.

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Why is Zorome so shit? He ruined the whole episode

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>nana and hachi don't have pupils
>the rest of the adults have their eyed covered

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nah, he was fine

It's all coming together now user!

And Dr Franxx has a dot pupil, like 02.

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It's pretty obvious Dr Franxx is planning on overthrowing APE with Ichigo's crew.

I mean it's not shit but that set up for 5 was too good for what came after. Still 14 episodes left. Only one I hated was the one that started with that rap shit. I liked this episode.

I feel after this episode that the only reason why she and whatshisface commander look as healthy as they do, is because they're either androids or cyborgs.

Eh. Leadership councils always seem to have 3 to 13 members, like it's a rule or something. The exact number usually doesn't mean anything special, unless they're following a naming convention that tips off the alert viewer that someone is missing.

That's what I said

>ep 16
Oh el oh el

no that would be 9

>implying this was good

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So people finally realize it's not good?
Where did all the hype go?

Zorome is code 666 because he'll either be the first to fall and turn against APE or the one to stay loyal and doom the rest of the squad

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6 was god tier, 7 and 8 were good. The rest is correct.

>6 with that deus ex machina at the end
Fuck that

>that moment when Dragonball have better episode than Darling FranXX
this anime is beyond saving.

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>everyone looks forwards besides these two
what did they mean by this?

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fuck off third worlder

They have no future

Would this show be better if it was only one cour?

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Episode 5 is the peak but there’ll probably be an episode down the line that’s just as good. I hope

No. People would just complain about lack of world-building/character-building instead.

They will sacrifice themselves for their partners.

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literally the same grandma voice in all anime

>that banding
Jesus christ. Use a real media player user.

Impossible to say until we're done with the 2 cours. If it feels like they had good content for 1 cour and stretched things out, then yeah.
Most likely, it's gonna end in a shitty way and would have been shit regardless.

not sure what the hate is about, this series has some of the most beautiful story boarding and thrilling action sequences ever seen.

In every direct comparison it would rival / better evangellion in every aspect

>thrilling action sequences
I like this show user, but honestly most of the action is pretty mediocre besides episode 4 and some of episode 6.

> this series has some of the most beautiful story boarding and thrilling action sequences ever seen.

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>has some of the most beautiful story boarding
I can buy that
>and thrilling action sequences ever seen
but not that.

Kokoro watches fatty with love. milkman hates everything like good edgelord so he watches Ikuno with resent.

>thrilling action sequences

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give the poor man a break,redditors are usually innocent like this..

Isn't it obvious?
The infection is emotion.

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