Keyframefags btfo

keyframefags btfo

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I love this kusoani so much

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these fucking things need their own scp foundation article

Did you know that the essoi dance has over 8,000 keyframes?


Do people hate these shorts? They're the best ones in the show.

that's bullshit, but I believe it

I think we all agree bob team epic are the best

way funnier the second time

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>no god of eurobeat
>no protest-about-things-on-twitter man
>no arrested for youtube crimes
>no you are motherfucker
are they saving the best strips for last?

season 2

i hope so but at the same time i'm also hoping the final episode is just a full girldrop

I like how he doesn't realize he's reacting to Poptepipic until the duo appears in full near the end.

fuckin hell

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>Eisai Haramasukoi got used twice
it truly is a kusoanime


>16 / 3 / 10 / 9
Good riddance

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>final episode is a fullblown Hoshiiro ep
>it ends with the It's me! gag from the manga

All the evidence point to the next episode being the full blown Hoshiiro Girldrop.
1. It's a luso anime. It's expected.
2. It's Kamikaze Douga anime. Last episode's opening had sound effects like last\second to last episodes of JoJo's had. Hence tonight was the last Poptepipic episode.

Who is that guy? Is he some kind of Japanese celebrity?

11 had the best bob epic team. keyframe joke to btfo all the pretentious dicks who think sakuga make an anime. I want the final episode to be hoshino girldrop so bad, but like episode 1 was a bunch of first encounters, i wouldn't mind if episode 12 was a bunch of endings.

A horror film director.

God of eurobeat appears on epi 1

>Barfs in bag
>Gives bag back
I guess it's shamefur dispray not to give something borrowed back

He actually complains that the kid gave him the bag full of puke as if he had obligation to hold it.
Would you barf in a bag and give it to your boss to hold it?

Last episode will only be true kino if it plays out like normal for the first half and then sosogu rips into the frame ala episode 1 and the rest is hoshino girldrop

>hoshiiro girldrop
>voiced by men

Genius I know

It's really catching on

I think next epsidoe will be half girldrop, and half popu

no repeat

>that part where he says cars and horror movies go well together

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>Last episode is a mid season filler episode of some made up anime

The threads have been dead since episode 3.

I'm betting on it.
Screencap this

>Nana doing Eisai Harumasukoi

It's really catching on

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I dropped this, should I picked it back upp?




>tfw i actually got spooked by the fat guy's face getting PTE'd for a couple frames
Has anyone tried reverse the speech in the horror bits yet?

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they already confirmed there wont be a S2

i dont know

>Has anyone tried reverse the speech in the horror bits yet?
It's japanese so I still can't understand it.

could you repeat the question?

>everyone is expecting a giant joke for the entire last episode
>the joke is that they just play an episode normally

>the weekly skit is about girldrol
>The Golden Pipimi and Popuko from the banner are "gaia".
>They still will fuck everything up for laughs.