Why can't they just get married already?

Why can't they just get married already?

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>tfw no loving nee-chan to cuddle

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Because she belongs to Yuri___

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Post more.

The first part, the black tights part, isn't translated. Also I don't care for it anyway. The second part, which is translated, is the fun part.
I just think it is funny that the manga referenced it, since the back tights doujinshi came first.

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Not gonna happen Tomoko not like that.

New chapter is this week sorry I'm not helping with the threads much.

what kind of sick fuck lewds tomoko? whatever the female version of smegma is called she most certainly has it

This is me esl-kun this is my twitter it's full of new fanart. twitter.com/Mojyo_justin?s=09

According to her brother, she doesn't smell bad. Normally.

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>flat chest character grows into a titty-monster
I cannot count how many stories this would greatly improve.

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Oh that reminds me, she had friends now.
Good for her.

What episode is this from? Is she imagining them as her classmates or something?

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An older sister marrying her younger brother?
H-how preposterous! How scandalous! How debauched!

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