I just finished watching this, and i can't help but to have fallen in love with this adorable chuunibyou...

I just finished watching this, and i can't help but to have fallen in love with this adorable chuunibyou. This anime is underrated, and this is a top 5 anime girl all time. You can't prove me wrong

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It's shit.

Post again when you have watched your second anime..

Is not shit, but isn't a good show.

>isn't a good show
but you're completely wrong.
It was cute, comfy and a nice watch. I do think It is a good show and if you disagree then you have shit taste

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i have watched plenty, and this is by far the best "romantic" anime that i have watched so far.

Movie fucking when

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season 2 was shit

You're entitled to your opinion. She is pretty cute.

how much anime have you completed?

What about Shinka though?

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More like Stinka


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Endless blueballing, weak comedy and romance. Would've been okay one-off, but it had that 2nd season which undid Rika's growth.
Shinka, sleeping girl and the sister were the only good things about this show

I want to cover rikkas fat ass with my seed

>Ask your parents about starting a Chun-Town account today!

Anyone else used to play Chun-Town? I bet my old account is still active.

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about 50

sorry but it turned shit when mc chose the autist over shinka

The first season was god tier and had me in tears

Second season was okay

But that's the way anime goes i suppose

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>This anime is underrated
You're gonna understand why it is underrated after S2.

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So when's the movie getting subs?

You need to watch another 150 before you're even allowed to post here, and another 800 after that before your opinion will be taken seriously.