Fuck Ben-to

Why is it that JoJo Part 5 has not been animated yet this piece of shit slice of life moe harem crap has been? David Productions wasted money on this piece of crap when it could of been used to make JoJo. I get Neptunia but why this crap? JoJo has been out since 1987 and is only recently getting full anime tv adaptions yet this crap made in 2008 already has anime.
Part 5 died for this shit

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Ben-to came out before Phantom Blood you stupid niggerfaggot.

Should of been used for Phatom Blood's budget. That would of fixed Part 3 and Part 4's shitty budget. But no make some slice of life moe shit instead

All anime have roughly the same budget retard. Phantom Blood and Battle Tendency had the same budget as Ben-to, and Stardust Crusaders and Diamond is Unbreakable both had increased budget thanks to good ratings. Are you literally retarded?

>The absolute fucking state of Jojofags


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KYS yourself

Asebifag reporting in. Are the other two still alive?

Fuck you. Let them make trash rather than further disrespecting Jojo.

never go full retard op

Nice stealth thread, OP.

>David Productions
Well you're in for a real treat friendo. They're animating a great manga in July.

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Ben-to was great, lurk more you fucking newfag.

>slice of life moe shit
Fucking retard.

why part 5 was a mistake...

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Yeah who wants David Productions to shit all over part 5?

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Somewhere, there's an alternate dimension where all of the Ben-to LNs got an anime adaptation, and JoJo got nothing.

I unironically think Ume i the best girl.

I want to go to that dimension. How do I get there?

>They're making more Bento.

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jojo is fucking trash so get fucked, I rather watch ben-to

I had no idea there were others out there. Did she get an ending like the others?

>hating something just because its popular
>being a manchild who cant separate a product from its fanbase

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Ben-to came out 7 years ago user, what does it have to do with part 5?

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So now we are a trio, I literally didn't knew there were others like me.


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Oh hey, we really are all here. Color me surprised.

Fuck you, you pus ass nigga. Instead of Ben-to S2 we got a shitty jojo anime.
Ben-to had better fights than Jojo.

Wait are we getting a new Bento? Also hah hah, cry more Jojo fag. Annoying cunts.

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Learn to read.

>he think that anime studios has any say into what will be produced
>he thinks that anime studios isn't just being hired by big publishing corporations and work with allocated budget
Say, OP, how dos it feel to be such stupid newfag?

Did you watch Ben-To? Did you more or less know what kind of work did DavidPro took before Jojo? They got contracted MONTHS after Ben-To. You keep projecting your baseless assumptions as if you mean something decent. Go back in your containment thread and wait for Some-Stuffs to finish subbing Part 4 BDs, you fucking niggerfaggot.

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>should of

Should HAVE, you ESL retard.

6 years later and JoJo faggots still haven't changed. I still remember that one thread of a JoJo faggot saying "HEY GUIZE, WE SHOULD ALL BUY THE BD FOR THIS GARBAGE NEPTUNIA ANIME SO DAVID PRODUCTION CAN HAVE MORE BUDGET FOR MUH BASED JOJO PART 3 ANNIE MAY!!!!"

Get off that high horse, you little shit.

>slice of life moe shit

Pick one, you nigger.

All I hear is the screeching ramblings of a butt hurt crybaby

People who watch the anime aren't Jojofags. Don't lump them in with people who actually like Jojo.

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You chose your path JoJonigger, reflect.