Genuine question - could a series these days get anywhere close to Dragon Ball's popularity?

Genuine question - could a series these days get anywhere close to Dragon Ball's popularity?

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In the west? No. DB/DBZ's really came at the most opportune moment, where anime dubs became professional and distribution became much better, combine that with the introduction of the Toonami after school anime block it was able to reach the largest amount of impressionable youth possible. Nowadays there is an oversaturation of dubbed anime both online and on tv where the most mainstream western anime like AoT or SAO do reach large numbers but can never hope to eclipse the impression that DBZ made. Naruto came the closest but nothing will ever be able to top DBZ.

Naruto almost made it

not even close

Hasn't OP already surpassed it back in nipland and the East?

OP also has double the volumes
It still doesn't really have DB's influence

One Piece is fucking twice as long as Dragon Ball and still has less films, video games and cultural impact. DB also went out on a high, while OPs sales fall every year.

never ever

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>while OPs sales fall every year.
Isn't that due digital sales and sales in general just getting lower?

I've never read the DB manga, but nothing will ever really surpass it.
It's up there with the classics even if you look at many anime/manga nowadays and see major DB flaws.

> anime dubs became professional
I'll bite.

>I've never read the DB manga
You owe it to yourself
Get the Kanzenban version on Manga Madokami

You'll never know why this Akira Toriyama is held in such high regard until you see just how amazing well he drew battle scenes.

Have you ever seen a 90s dub?

Not him but DBZ was dubbed in the 90s and it was anything but professional(unless we're talking about the Pioneer Dubs of the 1st 3 movies)

I think south america got DB and DBZ first

I don't really see how. Lots of things made during the bubble have had a massive impact in general. It would have to have tons of kids growing up with it, with merchandise packing every store they pass by. As far as I can tell, not many series have managed to possess that kind of impact, even in Japan. The best examples I can think of are Yokai Watch and maybe Splatoon locally, but with anime no longer being the mystical foreign media thanks to the internet, I can't imagine it being the same massive hit overseas.

Unless they can pull this off, no

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Naruto was actually leagues more popular than Dragon Ball and Z in the 2000s.

It did much better than DB in America at least.

Naruto and Pokémon already did it desu

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>Americans think they popularized DB

Do you guys think he even really gives a fuck anymore? He's hit the point where, literally no matter what happens, your thing is locked in as a cultural milestone that people will strive and fail to surpass. He's rich as all hell and can do anything he wants now. It'd be the easiest thing in the world to just let the series be in someone else's hands and live the rest of his life content knowing he made a legitimate mark on history. What do you even do at that point?

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>This is actually happening

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Since like two hours ago

So is there another episode next week?
Will Mexican governments continue airing DBZ for the public?

Nah I think it was France

Honestly? Try and do it again. You have a serious leg up, and if you are good you might be able to get a longer Wikipedia page.


If we don't count Harmony Gold (we shoudn't) Dragon Ball came first to France, then Spain, then Latin America, then North America

Exactly this. Toriyama visual narration on manga is superb. One piece is longer, but the narration on the manga is a huge mess.

neither can bring up so many people to watch
on negation or millennial

I sat here for about 15 minutes trying to think of something and I couldn't come up with anything. Someone in this thread said Pokemon and Naruto and I'd agree with them, but you said "these days" which to me implies "this decade", so nurutu's a bit disqualified. I'd say the closest this decade would probably be Attack on Titan since I still see people having McCosplays of it at conventions, but even then anything that happens at a convention is niche as is, so that's probably a bad metric.

Remember Pokémon go

>neither can bring up so many people to watch
you serious?

Oh One Piece is nothing special by comparison
It's always been messy but in the last decade or so Oda went insane with how much he clutters pages with nonsense.

>neither can bring up so many people to watch
You have a point on Naruto but not with Pokemon.
That shit was insane in the late 90s. If there was any anime that could challenge DB for worldwide popularity it's definitely fucking Pokemon.

No. Shit Ball Z came up in the best possible moment.

Came during the first and biggest Anime boom, traditional animation but not outdated, pre-internet-era = no online piracy and people relied only on tvs = Guaranteed views and manga purchase.
Videogame industry was small, action movies came up less often, Cartoons were lazy and kiddie, etc, so no competition.
Most cliches didn't exist or were only known in Japan.

Only Naruto came closer, and One Piece surpassed it but it failed in the rest of the world.

>Americans popularized Dragon Ball Z in America

Pokemon yes. Naruto? Definitely not.

>Latin America popularized DBZ in America
Fixed that for you

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>Shit Ball Z
Seething Narutard detected

For a single episode of the pokemon anime?
you're right, but even 50-60 years old guys watch it over here so I may be biased. Heck, even many grandpas

North Americans generally have zero idea what's going on in Mexico.

By America he means in the US

You a mexican?
I know for sure Pokemon is huge over there too.

>Getting mad at people calling names your overrated and over exploited piece of trash

Get the fuck out you tryhard piece of shit.
If it wasn't for Dragon Ball the whole Anime/Manga landscape as you know it right now would have been completely different. You probably wouldn't have even heard of anime in the first place because it was Dragon Ball that popularized anime in the west in the first place.

My reasoning comes from the fact that the same normies I know who are still into DBZ are also into Naruto.

I guess based on that logic JJBA might come close to DBZ too since said normies are into JJBA too

Dragon Ball is HUGE in all Latin America. But due to piracy that may not be seen in the sells.

I don't deny it, but DBZ is just on par at least over here. Also poorfags which are the majority of the population, likes way more DBZ than Pokemon.

Is one piece bigger then dragon ball in japan?

i'm starting to understand why south americans in general not only despise illegal mexicans, but also mexicans in general.

Yes and no

It just doesn't really have that kinda influence worldwide, nor does it have the longevity.

okay i understand anime is popular in mexico
but why is it still niche in rest of the world
in my country i'm literally the only one who watches anime

>i'm literally the only one who watches anime

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Yeah yeah I'm not saying it's bigger(though I'd argue in the late 90s when Pokemon first came out it was probably the most popular anime the world has ever seen)...I'm just saying it can overall challenge DB.

get out of your fucking basement

Because the rest of the world had superior US cartoons and didn't rely on buy cheap gook cartoons like Mexico


the thing is that here not everyone could have the console because shit was so fucking expensive. And Pokemon was way more childish, then parents didn't bother with it.
On the other hand DBZ had more like "lucha libre" spirit of fights. Then parents got in too. Also football is huge here so do you think a player was going to name himself pikachu? No, he was fucking Goku, Gohan, whatnot.


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ha ha nice one user. I needed that laugh today.

no its too late the world is pc and dbz came at a time where you could be manly as fuck and beat up exclusively and it would be cool as fuck

that era is long gone youre all pussies now

Pokemon is far more popular than DB in any place of the world maybe outside from LA.

And like people have said Naruto came close, but things like filler killed his chance.

They tried so hard to push that shit.

If the west you mean just USA, in Mexico it was a completely different beast that even had prime time slots in local networks.

Heck for the rest of latinoamerica it was something similar however anime wasn't that different from cartoons in the eyes of many just another form of entertainment so it never got a negative association like in the US making all demographics part of it's target audience wich made it even bigger.

Mexico is in North America user, geography is one handy tool.

You can spot the gringo when they say toonami however you are missing how fucking big this shit was in Mexico and the rest of America.

This shit was aired in local networks, you didn't even need to pay cable to watch DB or DBZ and Mexico as well as the countries south it's border aren't anal about child entertainment, they just see entertainment making DB as a whole as something anyone could enjoy, and boy they did.

Fuck the gringocentric view of toonami being the key to it's success in countries outside of USA DB could air in 6 networks at the same timeslot and people would still tune in to watch it. It's a completely different beast.


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Ultra dragonballs
each dragon ball as big as the fucking universe, one for every even number universe for a total of 7.

Mexico is central America and not considered part of North America. Geography is one handy tool.

>American education

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Central America is a meme. It's still part of North America.

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Based spics, I love seeing people legitimately hype and excited for stuff like this.

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Yeah, sorry kids. Mexico is not part of North America.

I just fucking love when gringos can't into geography.

Man you just embarrassed yourself pretty hard.

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the way they tried to push Toriko into relevance was cringe-worthy.

El estado absoluto de la bestia inmunda

naruto got close

what about one piece

Yeah, you're not an actual Mexican. None of them consider themselves part of North America. Cute that you retards are trying to pretend otherwise. Of course, it's 1 Am so that means you're all Euros trying to shitpost.

>"People can't stay awake after 10 pm"
Kek. Stop embarrasing yourself, dumb mutt.

Not only you fucked up your tectonic plates knowledge, geography and cultural check but you fucked up your timezones.

It's 11:30 in a big portion of Mexico user, stop embarrassing yourself.

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>People can't stay awake after 10 PM
Nobody said that, kid. But Euros are clearly starting to wake up, and you losers are generally the lot that have zero knowledge of the continent's culture and geography. Two things that you have a lot of wrong opinions on.
Please, continue to prove me right.

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OP sales isn't declining

Physical copies decline because people opt for digital copies

>you losers are generally the lot that have zero knowledge of the continent's culture and geography.
Yeah no, mutts got that fame. You keep embarrasing yourself, 56%er.

Do a little bit of research dude, Mexico is part of North America both in the classification of the tectonic plates and geographically.

It has been grouped like that for almost 2 centuries

El inutil...

No, no. Hear me out guys, this is an educated guess: those who like DB do not necessarily like OP and vice versa right? But both like Toriko! So if you put DB fanbase + OP fanbase + the pure Toriko fanbase you have a GIGANTIC Toriko fanbase!

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ITT wetbacks actually think they matter

The point is that beaners think they popularized DBZ in the states and they most certainly did not.

DBZ popularity in the states is meaningless compared to the rest of the Americas.

As an US citizen, I am sorry you have to see uneducated mongoloids posting the first stuff that comes out of his ass.
What an embarrassment, my god.

no it fucking wasn't.

In the only place that matters nipland One piece have far surpassed db.

Reminder: only non whites like this franchise


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