Darling FranXX

>it's already 10 episodes
>it's still shit

you can't make this up,is this the Guilty Crown of our generation?

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more like REcreators of 2018

When you thought Trigger could not sink any lower after Kiznaivers this steamy pile of hot shit comes out and proves you wrong.

>mfw triggertards thought they could beat kyoani

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it s ok tier.

i think it s way better than guilty crown, kiznaivers or recreators.

recreators is one of the worse anime i've ever watched.

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>"yo trigger,stop making anime like Kizn-"
>"hold my beer".

Violet will be replacing saber from now on.

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>Interesting enough premise
>Followed by 18 episodes of pure garbage
>Last few episodes are nothing but sparkles, rule-of-cool and cheesy power of friendship tier climaxes

This is literally every Trigger anime ever, yet people still eat it up, why?

Damnit Triggerbros, what went so wrong?? Franxx was supposed to save anime but Kyoani is beating us again!!

Based Milkman will save us from this shit

there's no triggerbros in this thread,they embrassed fighting losing battle...

Milkman episode will save this show

Just wait and see.
NOTHING will happen between Milkman and Kokoro. The whole thing is a just a ruse.

Trigger doesn't have the balls to shake the status quo.

then it's up to Chubbyman to save this show.

His character (or lack thereof) won't change either.
I can bet he'll do the exact same thing he does right now during the entirety of series - i.e. eat and be boring.

Guilty Crown was a LOT better than this shit

at this point,can anything actually save Darifra?

Wow, I guess VEG fans love their show so much that they literally can't stop making threads about Darling.

>already 10 episodes
>hands down the AOTS
trigger just can't stop winning


>Wow, someone has a different opinion than mine, might as well call them VEG fans
baby tier mental gymnastics

Whatever helps you sleep at night

I think this show would he really cool if it were from 2004

Maybe if people would stop spamming VEG in every thread EXCEPT the VEG thread.

Right? DragonBall Super really can't stop winning

No, it's the Darling in the Franxx of your generation, you underage faggot.

this show would be cool if it had angels attack every couple episodes

Unless they do a 180 soon, I don't think so.
My issue, though, is that when they decided to bring twists to KLK they fucked it up.

S, I don't know if they can fix this. Especially considering that, with the exception of Otsuka, all the writers and even the director are a bunch of amateurs.

Darifra being shit doesn't make VEG any less of a borefest.

this desu

>Trigger doesn't have the balls to shake the status quo.
Sad but true.

>there's other anime like Yuru camp,sora yori,and overlord
>this must be VEGfaqs
the absolute state of Triggernigger.

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GC had der Shürer though, so I'd say this isn't quite as enjoyable as GC.

DBS yet again made a consistently better episode thank FranXX garbage

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>tfw Toei makes better episode than Trigger
ayy lmao

It's the RE:Creators of the season

Aside from the infodumps and nothing happening most of the show, it gave us the best recap and a great OST

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honestly the soundtrack/ost in FranXX are so dull,like they din't even try...

Look at Sup Forums being contrarian. We're getting more important details about the plot but their ADHD doesn't allow for that. At this point I just tune you shitheads out almost completely.

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Can't you tell? This thread is like a few KyoAnuslickers jerking each other off.

Granny's partner is thinking about dumb babus!

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i love it, it's great.

i predictes it was going to be shit, was told im ignorant and dont know what im talking about. i watch it and its shit, you fags act like its the greatest anime to come out in a decade. the show finally starts to do something interesting by actually showing off its world (though still in a poorly written and boring manner) and suddenly Sup Forums picks up on the fact that its shit.
maybe the show should have stuck to the next to no animation mech fights against bland dinosaurs in on mars, then the audience would keep sucking its dick

guilty crown was a trainwreck, this show is just average

kiznaiver is the best trigger show tho

>you fags act like its the greatest anime to come out in a decade
I don't act like that at all. I do, however, act like it's a good show that's both giving me something new and interesting to think about and giving me fond memories of past anime I have loved (Eureka Seven). I don't care how it is "objectively", I'm enjoying myself, I enjoyed this episode, and if that bothers something personal in you then that's your shit.

Yes it was a trainwreck, but it was a trainwreck with one of my favorite OPs ever.

No one is arguing that Guilty Crown didn't have its moments.

But I lost hope after the Ayase didn't pick up the genome: They had a great opportunity there for Shu to recognize the strength in his comrades, but ultimately recognize the responsibility he has in seeing the thing through.

Shu should have died, Inori should have lived,

Look at this fucking stupid face

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But there are hot chicks on all fours with handlebars on her asses and beach episodes with hot chicks on bikinis and hot chicks with melting uniforms, what went wrong??

Worst boy


Literally never did anything wrong.

That's easy when you do nothing.

VEG fans are busy at the moment with their show being a huge commercial success.
But don't worry, as soon as the new season starts no one will care or remember about Franxx so you can carry on with your daily waifuwar threads in peace.

He will be the only one who lives in the end. Mark my words.

>Implying it's not Franxxtards falseflagging, if that's ever the case.

Fells good to be a VEGfag

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>Feels good to be an obnoxious autistic retard
Yeah, I'd bet.
>This whole post
Kyoukai no What? Tamako where?

Of course, taking care of mitsukoko's baby.

It's pretty fucking silly, that's for sure.

Actually when this season ends 2nd cour of Darlifra will start while VEG will be in the trash where it belongs, forever forgotten as the bland pretentious shit it is.

>Fatass spends the rest of his life raising his wife's son
Like poetry.

Not my fault franxx is disappointing while VEG is aots

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>2nd cour of Darlifra will start
I think the word you're looking for is Winter Season 'leftover'.

That OP unironically saved me from depression at work years ago.

You seem agitated. Are you?

Why doesn't Zero Two just sit every down and tell them what's going on instead of sulking like a spoiled brat? It's fucking frustrating.

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First 10 episodes have just made me think the mecha should have been cut out entirely and it should have just been a character drama. Hopefully the second half makes me think otherwise.

It's funny how Franxxtards get so annoyed when they leave their waifuwar jerkboxes and are met with contrary opinions on threads which aren't waifuwar jerkboxes. They really are unable to deal with criticism.

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plot reasons
02 is just plot: the character

Guilty Crown was offensively shit because of writing tweests. It still was AAA show and had lots of action and every episode being exciting trainwreck. It was show dropped every week for reason.

Franxx is just bland uninteresting shit. Not comparable at all.

>Forced drama for 10 episodes straight

Which one? My Dearest or Everlasting Guilty Crown?

2004 had Fafner, Desert Punk, Gundam Seed Destiny, Mai Hime, This Ugly Yet beutiful world (worst gainax show, but still better than Franxx), Zoids

Franxx will not even be noticed

My Dearest ofc. It made my homesickness and hectic work schedule overseas much more bearable with playing it on my PSP on repeat.

just fucking kill this fat fuck

Wolf's Rain
Original FMA
Eureka Seven

Ah, early and mid 2000's, when Bones was good and not whatever it is now.

1.Darling is more of an A1 show. 2.Evergarden loses by default on the base of being a drama for middle-aged women.

Dont mind me, just posting the girl of the season from the anime of the season.

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How do you start the conversation?

>"So, I know I'm trying to integrate with the P13 group here and be more open with Hiro, so here it goes: I'm genetically unstable and may turn into a monster at any time, We're using you as meat shields for an enigmatic plan that I'm not fully in the loop on. I kinda infected Hiro with a macro-pathogen which has been absolute focus of Dr. Franxx for the last month. The reason I'm feeling down right now is because I've got a serious case of "I've grown eight 4cm fangs", here... here... here... and here... "

Jeanne was last season fatefag

>may turn into a monster at any time
her "monster" form is a cute red oni who wouldn't hurt anyone

Violet is so cute!!

See! That's exactly what I keep saying, but for some reason, they're not buying the "I'm just going to turn into a cute fairy-tale critter" line.

Come the fuck on: The extent of their rationale is going to be "If 02 is mostly human, and she's turning more Klaxsaur, What would a Klaxsaur with human traits look like?"

If they're charitable, they're going to imagine the Moho with a wig.

Violet can't be hot and cool at the same time. But 02 can. Violet is inferior.

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>An autistic discount saber.
>Girl of the season

This should be a bannable offense

But Violet is beautiful and cuter than 02.

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Toilet is a slut

>hot and cool
For teenagers maybe

>violet is completely dedicated to one man.
>zero two changes darlings like she changes clothes
And Villeto is the slut?

At this rate the second cour will be a mess of plot dumps.

>zero two changes darlings like she changes clothes
Not to mention she ends up sucking all of them dry

I thought Sup Forums was supposed to be a better regulated board than this. If half of a DitF thread is being spammed with other anime discussion, doesn't that defeat the purpose of the thread in the first place? If you want to talk about your other anime, go to your thread. Don't shit up other ones.

I can't be alone in this, right?

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I know this is just a KyoAnus circlejerk thread, but geesh. She's a great girl with so much potential.

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This thread with made by insecure VEGfags who are still in tears over their newest forced drama episode. It acted like it was going anywhere for two episodes and now we're back to the same episodic boring shit, whereas DitF is actually going places. In other words, nothing more than a shitpost thread.

2nd cour might actually be better, because they say it will be when shit gots real. But it is too late to salvage the show.

Toiletto canon sucks military dicks for 3 bucks

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