Saki: Tanoshii

Dumping raw of Saki 187: 模倣 = Imitation

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South 3
Kyouko is wary of Ryuuka in power-up mode.

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Ryuuka makes an unexpected discard.

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Kyouko calls a chi on Ryuuka's discard and a pon on Sawaya's discard.

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The tension rises.

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Kyouko calls another chi and gets into tenpai.

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Sawaya has a chinitsu tenpai.
But it's too late...

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Ryuuka wins the hand.

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Tsumo, Chitoi, 6000 all

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fucking baimans

Senriyama jumps into the lead!

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South 3, bonus 1 for spooky Ryuuka

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Kyouko trying to get back into the lead.
Ritz trying to finish drawing chapter.

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I thought for a second that Kyouko has turned into a demon as well.

Ganbatte Ritz!

Kyouko having second thoughts about her pon palace strategy for quick hands.

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What would naked Hiroe do?
Kyouko decides to imitate Hiroe (模倣; chapter title).

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Kyouko's new strategy: try for a big hand when everyone expects you to try for a fast hand.

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Too bad, Ryuuka already called riichi.
Kyouko is nervous.
end chapter 187; no delay
next chapter April 6

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next week: BG on 3/24 (Shinohayu, Toki, and final Biyori)
also triple release day for the 3 BG titles, and bonuses

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Ritz made her choice, and I have no complaints.

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Saya promised a bonus Biyori in the volume release featuring new (to Biyori) characters.
Perhaps young Toki?

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Nodoka thread:
Saki thread:

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Kyouko is love.

Saki is going to beat Awai so hard that Teru and Sumire are going to change schools?

Justice demands that naked Kyouko appears before the end of the match.

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Kyouko confirmed winning

Saki will do anything to capture Teru.

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Biyori's Greatest Hits

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I can't wait for Kyouko to channel Saki Tulpa.

>it's a loli!Toki meets jaded!Toki episode

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both toki are good

thanks for the dump.

sou 2 is the dora

wakannee spotted!

without that last call, Himeko would get the two 2 sou instead of Ryuuka, and if she discarded it, Sawaya (or Kyouko) could win the hand instead of Ryuuka. I think she fed tiles to Kyouko in order to change the tiles that she got (perhaps with Toki's help? It's her last dealership after all).

+ dora 2

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Himeko is not flat! nd the slit in Ryuuka's uniform grew again.


I think that it was the correct thing to do in the last hand, taking the dealership from Ryuuka and getting first. Now she needs a lot more points than >200.

>it's a senriyama chapter

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why does futaba like Rune that much? I can understand Shiori (or should I say, ShiOOri?)

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can't wait for the colored version

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Yuuko-nanoyo got left out - that's the fate of sergeants.

now with pic

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I literally have not read this manga since Toki Time part two started. I used to fucking breathe this series. I feel like a disgusting shell of my former self.


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well, the losers' match is ending. I hope that the interest will flare up again when Kuro, Yuuki, and Satoha will try to stop Terut ime.

Why did Ritz give every team 5 people if one of them is always jobbing/has no personality/match is skipped?

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Ritz really likes drawing cute girls.


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Yes she is! In the live action adaptation. (Anna Yamada)

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Ryuuka's doing great. I just hope she can keep her focus all the way through. And I wouldn't mind if Toki tulpa shows up to give her an extra hand.

Gotta keep the nuke to shut down the wi-fi.

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Is Ryuuka a ghost whisperer?

Toki is Oppai Whisperer.
Ryuuka is Ghost Whisperer.
They fight the Technocracy.

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Passed Toki.

Damn I think Ryuuka is going to get hit next chapter. I'm still going with Senriyama first, Toki with most points and Ryuuka second.

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she did put the other three schools in the negative. But I believe in Kyouko. She will slay the abnormal players and play normal mahjong.

She can play normal mahjong with mikos and midgets after she loses.

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3/18 birthday: Utsugi Tamago

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Shizu got a chitoi later in that chapter to advance to the semis.

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classic reaction face from Kentani
looking good, Ryuuka
maybe Ryuuka got the chitoi idea from Shizu?

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Please don't insult Ryuuka by suggesting she gets ideas from Monkey.

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>90000 points under Senriyama
I guess Teru killing Toki made a big difference in the final.

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>be 90000 behind the school that doesn't even have plot armor
>spend 1 (one) night training
>destroy the best school in the country which also has plot armor on top of it

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Relax Kyouko.
Even the winner of 5th place goes to the beach.

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Soon, maybe.
There should be a huge gap between 5th captains and 1st vanguards with a mega Saki flashback reveal including Goldfish, Teru, Saki mom (Ai), Saki grandma, etc.

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Reminder that Toki could move during Teru mirror power.

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>13 years, 2006-2018, almost 200 chapters
>almost no background on the main title character

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See how much Ritz cares about that she didn't even tone the pages.

I want to believe.

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this loser match still going on? what the fuck

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- the sand is hot
- my feet hurt
- I want to go home and play mahjong
- and fondle Suzu in a penalty game afterwards

Aren't Kuro and Subara just contemplating "what the fuck is this shit?" while Toki is stoic and unperturbed as always, Satan?

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Kuro stayed like she was frozen and Toki eyes moved a little looking at Teru.

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Toki was trying to attack Teru for the entire match, despite nearly passing out several times.
Toki had no business being aggressive in her weak state, but she was.
It's a shame that Senriyama ended up in the 5th place match. They really deserve another shot at Shiraitodai.
Achiga is Senriyama/Toki's legacy, and they better finish above Shiraitodai, even if they don't win.

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And Toki blinked, yes. But are the rest magically paralyzed or just ordinarily frozen in shock after experiencing Teru's mirror first-hand?

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I don't know but as soon as it's gone Kuro moves and try to look behind her.

Kuro will destroy Teru for them.

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Nice way of spelling Satoha.

>Sou ~ya, Champion!
>Sore ga Achiga no agari hai ~ya!

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>How did Achiga beat Shiraitodai after Teru time?
Almost forgot that the rest of Shiraitodai sucks.

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Well, Kuro is easily spooked, so maybe she was just too afraid to do anything while mirror was there.
Or maybe Toki is indeed immune to debuffs. Makes you wonder if Sae's monocle would have worked on her.

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I don't think Toki is immune to debuffs, maybe Teru mirror kinda slow/stop time and everything happens in a fraction of seconds that's why Toki was okay.

Teru + 4 burdens who throw away 100k leads. really pathetic.

Honestly, Monkey give final boss feeling more than Red Super Giant.
With Saki view her as deranged monster with hollow eyes, while other characters saw Shizu as a normal girl with flaming chakra.

Toki seems to be able to process the future she seems in a very short order, so that may be true.
>Toki has bullet time now

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Damn, strongest dj single-handily destroyed her own team.

I totally forgot that Ryuuka's leg cross powerup in last chapter (186) was also in the Toki manga (12).
Would Ritz bring Ryuuka's pendant into the main manga? It would be a great tie-in and conclusion to the arc.

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They did say Teru's team is focused on offense.
Ok, that's bad even for makeshift defense player that faced against tanki/kanchan style.

*futuristic player intensifies*

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Can Ritz end Zenkoku finals with something more dramatic than the Nagano final captains and the Achiga semi vanguards?
We have been guessing for over 5 years, but haven't come up with any great ideas. I think whatever happens will flow from Miyanaga background info that we haven't seen yet.
It can't be as simple as smoothing over hurt feelings after a house fire, right?

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What an utterly useless team.

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Why are the breasts drawn so big in this manga? It's about Mahjong for crying out loud. This is different from some martial art which is inherently sexual and this fact is really triggering me.

Nelly's team is gonna destroy them. It's gonna be a slaughter.

>martial art is inherently sexual
>and mahjong isn't

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If this manga was drawn by someone competent, the nationals would have ended in 2012-2013 at the latest. Because she has prolonged it, she trys to introduce dumb fanservice shit like evergrowing boobs to break away from the boredom.


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They don’t all have big boobs.

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