Cheesiness in Anime

Alright so I'm going get a lot of hate for this, but I just finished Cowboy Bebop as my first anime, and I just wanted to bring talk about something in general about anime.
Don't get me wrong, I really liked it, the characters and action seems were great, and so were the visuals, but I always get this sense of cheesiness in anime, mostly in the writing.
Maybe it's a translation thing, I'm not entirely sure. Are there any anime in particular that aren't like this? Again I'm not bashing on Cowboy Bebop or anime in general but I just wanted to bring up this topic of cheesiness that exists in the genre.

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Is cheesy cause that’s how the Japanese are. I don’t think there’s any anime that doesn’t have a bit of cheese in it

Elaborate, what exactly do you find cheesy about it?

Like I said it's mostly the writing but that could be a translation thing. Not only the cliches but I get the feeling like it tries to say deep things but doesn't actually have any meaning. Or maybe I'm just too much of a brainlet to get it, who knows.

Start by defining what you mean by "cheesy"

I would advise comparing Gundam Zeta with Gundam ZZ (or double Zeta).

Zeta is macho as fuck (particularly with the 'corrections' (stuff that happens in the anime, not stuff edited out to clear things up) where as ZZ drops the macho stuff in favour of the cheese (or awkwardness that you have noticed).


That isn't what anyone else means by "cheesy". Try using the right words and people might understand you.

i loved cowboy, but fuck annoying cheesey jar jar binks characters like this fuck

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From what I understand it's trying to do something cool but it just comes off as generic and awkward. What's your definition?
This was more of a cliche to me than cheesy but yeah I do agree she was a bit annoying at times

Maybe you're just such an ironic jaded hipster fuck that you think everything that isn't completely detached from emotion and tries to actually be something is "cheesy."
Maybe the problem isn't with Cowboy Bebop. Maybe it's you.

this. OP probably probably hates dark characters too because "edgy"

Knew I was going to get at least one reply like this. Never change, Sup Forums.

Truth hurts, doesn't it, faggot?
You're the reason why movies and entertainment has become this cesspit where everything is 100% grim or 100% retarded jokes all the time. You are why everything is arthouse misert or Thor 3. Because mental midgets like you who can't comprehend the idea of a serious story having elements of self-aware cheesiness and humor even though the show is about a fucking Martian space jazz noir kung fu cowboy.

Cheesiness = unoriginality played off as normalcy
nothing wrong with it it just sucks
Every piece of entertainment has some amount of cheesiness but that's ok if it's controlled.

>just watched my first anime
>never change, Sup Forums
what in the fuck did he actually mean by this?

I'm going to regret giving you another (You) but I never mentioned the fact that it has elements of humor. I'm perfectly fine with the comedy and I like when a story can be funny at times. The problem I'm talking about is how the writing is executed. I don't know where you're getting that from.
This is what I'm talking about, thanks.

I'm talking about the reputation this board gets in other boards.

Go back to where you came from, then.

i think i get what you're saying, but i think it just goes down to how japanese is, thats just how they speak and when translated it sounds clunky at times.

When it comes to anime that aren't like this, I honestly can't think of one more turned to western sensibilities (which I'm pretty sure is what you're looking for) than Cowboy Bebop

Really my man? You thought a space western wasn't going to be cheesy? Just watch something else

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The other boards don't matter, this is the first part of Sup Forums and one of the only parts that hasn't been ruined by normies, eternal newfags like yourslef or in-site cancer like Sup Forums and Sup Forums.

Got any recommendations for ones that aren't cheesy? This user says it's the least cheesy there is by my definition

>I get the feeling like it tries to say deep things but doesn't actually have any meaning
That isn't cheesy, that's the definition of pretentious.

Oh really?
Which board do you browse? This is one of the few boards left that can be called "Sup Forums", so I wonder what shithole board (despite its shittiness) is saying such things

typical retarded braindead normalfag referring to things as "cheesy" almost as bad a nig ger

Don't worry I hate cowboy bebop and not all anime is like that

I was considering the word pretentious too but I think the way it's executed was what made it seem cheesy to me. Sorry it's kinda hard to explain.
Can you give me any anime specifically that aren't like that?

ask dna faggot

guise giv meh animer recommendations plssss what a a fucking faggot pls off youre urself

Try reading some seinen manga.

You literally lack the brainpower to describe what your problem with the show even is but you think you can call it cheesy. Just go back to watching meme videos from Youtube recommendations, that is the extent of your intelligence.

Watch Japanese media in general: Their audience tastes tend towards the campier and more exaggerated content and characters.

There's a reason "Japanese Game Show" immediately provokes very specific impressions on the tone and subject matter.

There are exceptions like in all media, but the predominant tone for Japanese media is cheese.

I would say the stuff that I like that's not cheesy in the sense of overused tropes or random humor thrown in out of place =

Haibane Renmei
Perfect Blue
Serial Experiments Lain

Dark seinen some more sci fi than others, take your pick
I would have recommended you more stuff but now that I think about it, they are pretty derivative of their genres

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I'll check these all these out. Thanks anons.
Do you think Evangelion would be cheesy to me? A friend recommended it.

Probably, because like others have said, emotion in general might be cheesy to you.

Writing wasn't cowboy bebops strong suit

Try an obscure anime like boku no pico, user It has alot of twists and turns so its better if you go in watching it without knowing anything about it.

Oh fuck yeah Eva is cheesy

Fucking watch a song of ice and fire or whatever the fuck that shit is called or maybe some cancer crap like boku no nignog academia,
A brainlet faggot like you will appreciate it.
>why so salty eeeccckkksss deee
Because I am tired of western influence ruining everything I love, and even if me saying crap on a mongolian message board dissuades one person, I will be happy.

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Alright maybe I'll hold off on it for now then

its also the biggest one that is accused of pretentiousness the most even though at the time was pretty groundbreaking its, characterization and message.

A good 50% is referencing the bible because its cool.
By your definition it's incredibly cheesy.

but it's not like Ergo Proxy preachy, its more like insane visuals and sequences just for the hell of it

If it has a good message imo that's the opposite of pretentious though
Yeah that does seem pretty cheesy

sorry for phone posting, but i think it has to do with the show’s episodic format. Nearly every character that’s not the main 4 only appear for one episode. With that limited screen time theres only enough time to simultaneously introduce and briefly make use of a character. A more conventional show would flesh these characters out more and have more time to explore them. But in this 1 episode only instance you just get a general impression of who they are. I think part of the cheesiness comes from that impression. That and the writers probably just wanted to write what they thought would be interesting. I mean when you think about it, the narrative is more in line with being cool and entertaining instead of something like a drama. I think that too is how it comes off as cheesey. Anyways don’t worry about these anons giving you a hard time for something so trivial, they just like to pretend to be elitists to stroke there own ego.

Maybe that does have to do with the cheesiness. I also felt that way of how the episodic format didn't seem to help very much with character development.

>using the word "brainlet"
Call yourself stupid or something if you really believe it, don't use this fucking shit. It's embarrassing.
I don't think that's called "cheesiness", the characters are just archetypal and seem like something you've seen before. You've more or less seen other characters with similar personalities, in possibly similar situations. There's no need to develop characters that appear in a single episode all that much - it is the main characters that are developed through their encounters with these characters.

Did you watch a dub? Dubs always sound cheesy to me.

>Or maybe I'm just too much of a brainlet to get it
maybe you are

go back

That's just realism for you. People in some situations express their thoughts or share their life stories. Bebop reflects through the actions of it characters just the amount of depth it actually has. It's a shows about confronting your own past, how some people fail in it and how some succeed, often with consequences. I don't know how you can say it "doesn't actually have any meaning" when characters in the show have died to express that meaning.

It is true that anime tends to be more subtle than american shows (besides something like the last season of Twin Peaks which is on a similar level), maybe that's why it's hard to adjust at first.

>You are why everything is arthouse misert
But western arthouse shows doesn't treat itself seriously all the time. Just look at Moral Orel, Twin Peaks the Return or The Maxx.

>first anime
>talks about the entire genre
OP an uncultured faggot as usual

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I think it's a relative thing. If you looked at western media with a bit of distance you would see how it is also quite cheesy. I mean Game of Thrones has the world being attacked by CGI zombies with blue glowing eyes, Sopranos has lots of forced quotes from gangster movies and lots of dumb episodic stories, Breaking Bad has a cheap gag drug addict as the second main character, Mad Men has a character that's horny all the time, Twin Peaks had Cooper being semi-retarded for laughs for over 10 episodes. I think if you're just born into the culture you don't really see it like that, since I'm from Europe I ended up watching american tv at a bit later time and had to adjust to the cheesiness just like some have to with anime.

I feel like this is absolutely the wrong word. The Japanese are not subtle. Not even a little bit. They love to hammer you on the head with things, typically.

What the Japanese do that you may be construing with subtlety is they beat the ever-loving shit around the bush. They will tactically nuke an entire country and still miss the bush. I don't know if it's because of their overly polite culture, but they seem absolutely incapable of just directly saying things; and so a character can devote three whole sentences to saying what a Western character would say in a small phrase.

It being episodic serves a thematic purpose, though. Cowboy Bebop is about the banality of adulthood. Everyone's become set in their ways, they all have a ton of baggage they're running away from, people come and go, and all of these crazy space adventures only spark a small amount of interest in them. Spike and Jet eat the same boring shit every day, their days start and end the same, and they look like they've woken up from sleepwalking whenever they hear a nostalgic name. Faye meanwhile chases excitement, because a normal, consistent life bores her to death. The only character who's genuinely happy and enthusiastic all the time is Ed, the little kid, because she hasn't grown up yet. Major changes rarely come their way, because they're adults, and they can go months without an interesting story to tell -- just like in real life.

169927731 no (you) for bait.

Atleast formulate an opinion next time, just a vage feeling of cheesiness when you watch one of the great classics.

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>What the Japanese do that you may be construing with subtlety is they beat the ever-loving shit around the bush. They will tactically nuke an entire country and still miss the bush. I don't know if it's because of their overly polite culture, but they seem absolutely incapable of just directly saying things; and so a character can devote three whole sentences to saying what a Western character would say in a small phrase.
I don't know Sopranos had a character literally going to a psychologist who was explaining everything about him and a whole season of that same psychologist figuring out that the guy who is a murderous criminal might be a psychopath.

Game of Thrones has characters constantly talking about politics and their ideology. About honor and how it's naive.

Bojack has the main character expressing his emotions verbally every time he's depressed sad or remembers something about his childhood. It becomes a lot more obvious after season 1 because at least then they had the excuse of him writing a book.

Compare this to Bebop which maybe had four lines of dialogue relating to the central theme yet through actions almost every episode related to it.