What do you guys expect from the Tokyo Ghoul: RE anime?

What do you guys expect from the Tokyo Ghoul: RE anime?

Just hoping they don't fuck it as much as they did with Root A

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200 billion subplots and characters introduced every episode with the flimsiest imaginable connective tissue masquerading as a main plot and barely any development of anyone outside of the main cast

That's ok. Ishida already did that for them.
Joking aside, they will more than likely adapt the auction and maybe even rose arc, so even if they cut a few things out it might still turn out good. The question is, if they decide to go further into the story, whether they will stick to the root a storyline or they will ignore it.

They'll just pretend that S2 never happened and pull off a rushed adaptation similar to S1 because they expect most people probably have read the manga by now.

Episode 12 ends with Kaneki regaining his memory.

The new PV already shows shots from the auction. It's gonna be rushed again.

I just want to know why the art and animation is so flat? Its cgi right?

They actually improved it a lot from the first PV. It also seems they will fix the multicolor shit of the Kagunes, Kaneki's looks more darker like in the manga.

>Just hoping they don't fuck it as much as they did with Root A

Ishida somehow made his sequel manga feel like shitty fanfiction of his original work, so it's guaranteed to be shit. Unless by some miracle Pierrot ignores the story again and lucks out with a better storyline

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I still don't like that they made the kagune look like glowing noodles.

what do you mean by flat animation?

I want 12 episodes of SoL with the Quinx. No auction, no rose, no bullshit.

>these have now become just falseflagging shitposting threads
how the already pathetic have fallen
In all seriousness though they seem to be doing at least the rose arc as Kijima was in the trailer

12 episodes for the Auction isn't really rushed at all however if they do 12 for Auction and ETO it will be a shit show

They're obviously gonna rush it and end with the Kaneki/Eto fight. It'll be just like S1.

Looks like V15 didn't include a release date for V16 of :re like the previous volumes typically do for the upcoming volume, so Part 3 might just happen soon. Not to mention this current scenario being similar to the one in the past.
>TG ending
>TG anime happens
Now :re is apparently ending and the :re anime occurs, hmmm. That one user might have been right about :re ending with the Sun tarot.

maybe they can fix the plot

He might have been right after all

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What if Ishida just ends the series with :re somehow?

honestly it looks pretty shitty. but also its probably pretty hard to translate some of the weight behind ishida's art into anime form.

the sad thing is normies will see it as amazing and it will only be average at best, and pretty much be shit compared to the original source material in tone and overall presentation.

they are going to do a horrible job of adapting iconic scenes and just making them so much shittier overall. pic related

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Guys, guys, didn't you hear that Tokyo Ghoul is bad now? I just thought that not everyone understood it yet, so I feel the need to reiterate again with the same arguments or the lack thereof. I'm still gonna continue reading and watching it though.

has anyone translated the omake for 15 yet?

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Pierrot does a pretty shit job with any anime that isn't Naruto, and even then some episodes were pretty lackluster. Plus it's probably hard to capture Ishida's art properly without a large ass budget, Madhouse or Bones would probably do it well but I doubt we'll ever get the TG Brotherhood treatment. Not to mention it looks like we're only getting 12 episodes, it's going to be a rushed mess if anything.

How is it that this is the last good cover we got?
Hide's was trash garbage tier and Rize's has her eyes super fucked up

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Yea, kamishiro did rough translation but not actual panel edits and etc.

This. I don't see part 3 happening.
The manga is probably about to enter the last arc now since pretty much everything besides V and the mystery around the original OEK has been resolved. I'd say 30-40 more chapters and the series is done.

Rize's cover is fine you spazz, it's just the hair covering the eye that makes it look funny. Hide's was okay, but in general everything looks better when you have a physical copy.

I feel like you have to be a speedreader to have a problem with this Saiko scene. It had been established like 50 chapters ago that you could manipulate you Kagune however you wanted to. There are worse things you could use as actual points

>Bonus illustration for volume 15 is Arima

> dragged Naruto 2 years by filler alone
> Plans 51 eps of black clover and slow as fuck when the manga has enough material
> Will do 12 eps of tg:re with fast fucked pacing and missed out plot points

Studio Pierrot for you

a bunch of nobody cares wtfuckery because it tries to be edgy and emo or who cares because its turns into illegible in later chapters just like the rest of you crunchyfags

It'd be a rushed mess if :re ended at 206 like that meme theory suggests. To begin with the announcement was incredibly vague, it said "re" was entering it's finale, not the story entirely. There's still quite a lot of characters arcs and some points to address. That's not even including V being a worldwide organization and Kaneki's journey as the Nameless King, alongside the fact that multiple countries have been mentioned and The World is literally the final card. Plus everyone under risk of becoming a ghoul, it'd just be if the series ended with everyone in Tokyo becoming ghouls and the rest of the world just bends over and agrees with it, like what?

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:Re manga got completely fucked up after the foundation of Goat.

Ishida is fkn dragging the manga in the latest arc. What cudve been done in 7 chapters is taking 15.

Go back to your DBS thread Spic-kun.

>completely fucked up after the foundation of Goat.
That was the entire point though, that Goat was going to fail since Kaneki never wanted to be king and never overcame his issues properly. Last couple chapters have been looking up though to be honest. Hide and Kaneki's reunion could have been a lot longer but it doesn't matter much since they'll have many more talks in the future.

Tg fanboys keep suckin'

The original was far better than the sequel

Kaneki is the worst MC

you mean that character that got killed off in the last chaps?

What are you a fanboy of? DBS?

Kaneki isn't Goku for sure.


>why didn’t kaneki just use the power of friendship and love to win?????

fuck super tho

Kaneki is unironically a really good Character. Just not a good hero. He's an interesting concept at the very least

It's sad to see that people tricked themseves into thinking that TG is a shounen and now can't shut up about how the story doesn't go the way they want.

Hide is Kaworu done right.

seinen or not shitty asspulls are shitty asspulls

You know I honestly thought it was just me that thought this. My first thought was that this had to be some sort of supplemental anime where the manga told you who everyone is and that there is a solid idea or vision for the story. But it appears that it isn't that deep. It just looks real cool sometimes but is complete 14 year old fanfic scatterbrained bullshit.

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>too many characters durr i don't remember anyone, i read all 160 chapters in one day

The manga literally gives little introductions boxes for every character it's no one's fault but your's you don't remember them. The only characters who's names I don't remember are Scarface and bowl cut who were in the series for a grand total of 5 chapters

It certainly isn't the amount of characters but the manner they are introduced. It's trite lazy storytelling and is really disheartening shit like this actually gains a following. Like the trope that Sup Forums has no taste isn't a meme.

Tokyo Ghoul was alright, Re: Ghoul sucks bad and is just basically bleach.

>actually believing TG:re is a seinen.
user you're fucking retarded

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It literally is a seinen though. It's published in a seinen magazine.

It is a seinen you mong.

You got me good. Don't forget to tell about your win to your friends at school tomorrow.

What character introductions do you have a problem with? I remember literally every character except for the nobodies, like that human that was turned into a ghoul in a recent chapter.

I went back and she was the CCG agent early on in the og manga that said "no, it's fine to kill ghoul children. They're monsters, after all."

Who did you have issues with? "white hair police man"? Could you not remember who Aura or some of Qs squad were?

The clown were featured in the trailer as if Root A weren't a anime original. The Uta auction reveal will now make 0 sense.

Fortunately just going to pretend Root A doesn't exist, it looks like.

God I hope this is bait
Seinen and Shonen are demographics not genres

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I mean it will basically be "Oh no Uta is clown" just 20 chapters later. However I never really watched the anime did the Clowns even have a presence in the anime

Here comes these fags. Yes, we get that. It's like saying "this show is PG what did you expect" or

"this show is NC-17, it's not going to be all happy go lucky for kids"

>the term "seinen manga" is used to describe the target audience of comics like Weekly Manga Times and Weekly Manga Goraku which are aimed at men from their 20s to their 50s
>Aim at Men from their 20s to their 50s
He's somewhat right. TG story is for 12 years old edgy emo kids.
You could publish Naruto in a seinen magazine and it's still a shounen.

Not true. The story and content would change. there are certain rules you have to go by to get published in Shounen. For instance, the MC cannot kill. Anyone. That's why "MC talks down bad guy after beating him up" is so common.

Only thing they did was a quick in the first episode of season 2 with Souta and Nico talking.

>12 year old emo kids
user those people are rare even in the actual fanbase, really the only emo kids who like TG are anime only fags and some people on tumblr

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>looking at the times Kaneki powering up.
I'm pretty sure those moments are edgy kids wet dream.

Can you repeat that in english

what "kaneki powering up" are you talking about

thats not even a thing in tg

Is :re even that edgy? it's pretty damn tame as far as edge goes, Kaneki has been pathetic for a good portion of :re and the recent power up happened at a point in the story where he's basically lost a lot of his edge, :re is barely edgy anymore with the only really edgy thing lately being Furuta at least from my perspective, the only time Kaneki was really edgy in :re was his Black Reaper phase and maybe chapter 144.

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Maybe my english is not good. But you know exactlly what i am talking about.
Or you are into the mocking game?

I don't. There is no "powering up" that kaneki does. The closest would be when he ate ghouls or recently when he ate the oggai and became dragon.

>Jason's torture power up
>Kanou's lab
>Arima first encounter
>Seidou "owl" fight
>Eto fight
>Arima 2nd fight.
>Godzilla tranformation.

The funny thing is how TG was better when Kaneki waz being "edgy". More people seem to enjoy it, too.

There wasn't really a power up with the Jason shit it was just Kaneki getting his shit somehwat together, Centipede isn't a really good kinda power up either, the rest weren't really power ups at all either, the only thing that could really be considered a power up is godzilla causing this new shit and god is it a relief Ken is seemingly finally getting his shit together mentally and physically.

>>Jason's torture power up

ate ghoul (bit jason, chewed on dead mother and child) + "accepted" his ghoul side

>>Kanou's lab

ate dozens of the failed ghoul experiments

>Arima first encounter

ate hide

>>Seidou "owl" fight

bit seidou + that was the beginning of his memories as kaneki returning
>>Godzilla tranformation.

he ate dozens of half ghoul kids, ate furuta, and then ate thousands of people + ghouls. It wasn't "i godzilla now" it was that he literally ate thousands of people.
Most of that shit is him feeding.

An edgy faggot is still better than a jobber i guess.

I just said these scenes are really edgy like wtf can't he just power up normally instead of painful screams, crying and "muh Personality disorders".

>why can't he just kill and eat people normally without being all dramatic lmao

In the recent dragon one, he literally slaughtered like 20 human children. And you're like "why is he so dramatic about it"

"Kaneki finally got his shit together guyz, this time for real!"

Fuck off, I'm not buying that anymore.

I just don't want to be disappointed again.

Good, stop reading the manga and never come back to TG threads.

What? Kaneki (and the rest of the cast) isn't being dramatic about it at all relative to how fucked up mass murder is.

It's almost like repeating the same mistakes and failing no matter what you try is a theme of this manga, or something.... hmmmm

>painful screams, crying and "muh Personality disorders"

I thought you were referring to the psychological shit in the chapter where he's talking to himself, "but those are humans, and they're just kids'

"so what? no mercy"

i thought thats what you meant by edge

if not, then what were you talking about?

.What do you guys expect from the Tokyo Ghoul: RE anime?
That they manage to kill :re faster than Ishida did, that is, before the Tsukiyama Extermination Arc.

And the Rize self-monologue, where he calls himself a murderer and dictator after he committed mass murder. If thats not what you are talking abut, either, then I have no idea

nigger TEA was one of the peaks of the manga

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Yep. After Furata asspulled and off screen'd Eto things just got worse and worse since then.

I remember when this guy broke halve someone's bones while giving the person a biology lesson

>he thinks eto is actually dead

laugh at this man.

I remember the hype, the threads, the discussions and even all the theories. Rooftop was truly the "peak"

Sorry, I worded that badly. I meant to say that it went to shit after that, with Muh Edge Reaper, Cochlea shit and pacing hell that was Rue Island

fuck off anime only retard, this was ruined the moment it was planned

He basically did "off-screen" Eto and the she dissapeared. Tg had so many promises at the roofstop with Kaneki and Eto. Theories were going wild.

But Ishida decide to make his manga a slice of life for a short while because Kaneki needed to get laid with Touka fast before he could continue.

>he thinks Ishida has any integrity left
laugh at this man.

this was some hype shit too

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Killing Best boi Haise was a fucking mistake

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You're actually just salty he fucked touka huh

The truth comes out

What's that bottom left panel supposed to be?