Movie clearly states that Brolyy is triggered by Goku because his instincts tell him he's a potential threat

>movie clearly states that Brolyy is triggered by Goku because his instincts tell him he's a potential threat
>this somehow flies over literally everyone's heads

Seriously, outside of a handful of Kanzenshuu users, nobody can get Broly's motivation right. Why is that?

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Because it is inconsequential in the grand scheme of things. The grand scheme, of course, being that Broly is a big fat fuck who isn't so much of a character as he is a power trip in a world of planet busters. Why are you pretending you care about his motivation?

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Most people who claim to hate Broly really don't. They just don't want to be lumped in with his spastic 12 yr old fanbase.

>Broly's motivation


This. He subconsciously remembers Goku's nonstop crying as a baby and it triggers some PTSD in Broly combined with the berserk power of LSS and there you go. It's not complicated or deep. It just is what it is.

im sure getting stabbed in the fuckin heart right after goku's nonstop bitching traumatized the fuck out of him

Broly doesn't have some sort of personal vendetta against Goku, his instincts just drive him to kill him.

This is just wrong. The movie makes it clear that Broly's only reason for wanting Goku dead links back to his instincts. It wouldn't even make sense for his subconscious to immediately recognize Goku as an adult, since he never even looked at Goku as a baby anyway (or at least doesn't remember looking at him).

Yous a stoopid niqqa

>doesn't have an actual argument


Broly wasn't even the actual villain of his first movie.

Broly's father? Broly killed him.



What's said in the movie that proves that his triggering is more than silly crap? I really don't remember it expounding on why he's triggered by Goku's crying other than it annoying him.

Goku's crying itself didn't bother him, his potential did.


Why would Brolly of all people bother Gokus potential when his is way bigger?

Because his instincts somehow knew Goku would kill him. The movie makes a point of saying Goku and Broly's relationship was shaped by destiny, and Broly's instincts apparently knew that somehow. It's the reason why Broly isn't bothered at all by Gohan despite him having a larger potential than Goku.

It's dumb, but not as dumb as all the fan-theories people make.

I like Broly. Not really as a complex character, but sort of like a force of nature. He's similar to kid Buu in that respect.

He's basically autistic right?

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Paragus put a Circlet of Autism on him

>jobhan causes nothing on him in movie 2 but goten triggers it

It's another retarded meme spread around by dumbass on youtube like team four star. It's no different from the "Goku is a bad dad" shit.

That... makes sense. I never knew that was his motivation, for some reason I though it was because kakarot cried a lot when they were born which is stupid

>post yfw you heard bardocks son only has a powerlevel of 2


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Broly lost what little sanity he had left in m10 so it's not a stretch to imagine that he would lose his collective shit seeing someone resemble goku.

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Highly doubt that, like other user said it was probably cause of the circlet on his head.

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He's hot

He looks like your average school shooter to me.

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Cockrot annoyed the shit out of him when they were kids, and he decided to take out his trauma on the entire universe.

If they'd just spent some extra pillaging money on spundproofing, Broly would've grown up a well adjusted intergalactic mass murderer like the rest of his race.

Brolly doesn't need a motivation he's a natural disaster that you can punch

Wait, this is up for debate? I thought it was clear that Broly was just pissed because of Goku's crying

No, that's just one of the thousands of misconceptions among the fanbase

*breathes in*

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I think if nothing else, I'm excited to see him in video game appearances because he's fun to play as. Already looks promising in DBFZ.

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>It wouldn't even make sense for his subconscious to immediately recognize Goku as an adult
He sounds like a crying baby even as an adult, of course Broly recognizes him. Broly is a metaphor for all the people who hate Goku's Japanese voice.