Dragon Ball Super

He's the only hope you faggots have left

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At least it's better than Code Geass

It's past time for you fags to do it already.

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faggot mods

Toyotardo is a drooling mouth breather with a fetish for contrarianism.

A different kind of shit is still shit.

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It's crazy he's back. I would enjoy Freeza delivering Jiren's dose but i'm fine with this also

Yeah, no.

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There is no hope left for me to spare

Toyobro will save this dumpster fire that toei cooked.

wakey wakey

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>has your shitty furryverse erased in 1 (ONE) chapter
Based lizard

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Why was the other thread deleted?


>master roshi sacrificed himself so that u7 could fight on
>lol nvm he just decides not to die
>17 sacrificed himself so that u7 could fight on
>lol nvm he just decides not to die
holy shit this is so fucking stupid. for an arc where there has never been more at stake than there is right now, this is also the arc of least tangible fucking consequence in the entire series. we're just sticking straight to the fucking status quo, there is no loss, there is no change to the formula, the tournament could just end next episode, everyone can go back to earth and start eating food and laughing and playing around and there would be no sign whatsoever that this arc actually even took place. This is just a joke

17 and Roshi arent even important characters. There would be no loss if they had died, but at least when this dumb arc ended it would have felt like more than just a bad dream like it will now

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Wait, they didn't even conclude the tournament? And there's only one episode left? I was expecting Freiza to knock out Jiren while he was weakened and the episode to end with a Ho Ho Ho

Hey guys, how much time left to the end of the tournament?
Wasnt like 3 minutes when Goku vs Jiren begun?

>post yfw 17 is still alive

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did anyone else cry when Krillin and Piccolo gave their little speech about enemies to friends?

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>Goku stole both Gohan and Vegeta's forms
Who can stop this madman?

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What do we name this tag team?

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What is this form called?

Super Grayan?

Don't forget Vegeta...

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Who's this faggot

>jobbers like kuririn and tien knocked out right away
the madman

I liked the visuals but Krillin's voice is just so fucking annoying at this point.

Shit and shit

>Goten studying under master Roshi
Why didn't this happen yet?

I dont because it was an power of FRIENDSHIP asspull

The Golden Machines

Deadly Alliance

Fraindroid 17

No matter.

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>outlasts vegeta and gohan
truly /ourguy/

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Asspull brothers

O my nakama


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Did Jiren basically force UI though pure strength?

Freezed Lapis


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That feel when there is still one cell of cell on android 17 --- cell regenerates and immediately absorbs 17 freezes and goku

So is jiren gonna get the unlimited stamina goku got when he was knocked out the first time or is that a goku thing only?

SS, SS2 and SSG were all friendship powerups, what makes this different?

I hope Toyotaro and Toriyama write something not so unoriginal and dumb like Toei

Reddit needs to leave

Survivor x Survivor?

it just now hit me that all this time jiren was the survivor in limit break x survivor

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Hey does anybody have the clip of goku in the air doing a Kamehameha that split into like 6 beams down onto Jiren and then Jiren blows him the fuck away?

I thought that was meant to be this episode?

I guess it's 131 which means Jiren still has some fair fight in him.

The Emperor and the Chad

t. Spichancuck

was this image real?

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So are people seriously ok with this guy coming back with literally no explanation as to how he survived? Frieza hiding in some obscure place on the stage is one thing, but you're telling me that 17 just disappeared on the spot after his self-destruct? It's not like he has regeneration, where the fuck did he go?

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I apologize to the fans of dragon ball that we were given garbage like that picture as a sequel to Z

This form is called simplyjiren it says so right in the show

Not only will I taste Gokek and Luzardcuck tears, I'll get to taste Fagroid tears as well. This must be fate

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not an argument

The CHAD Alliance


todos negros aca

Suck my dick reddit fag.



No, only Redditors and faggots from Kikebook think this is anything close to good.

Updated (anime)

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Cry harder Caulicuck

>no more weekly episodes on saturday
What the fuck am I suppose to latch on to keep on living?

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Is it possible for goku to fully lose, i mean come on at this point they've rode his dick down to the bone

If Jiren was gonna win the tournament, this was his episode to do it. Prepare to job, hard.

t. Jobgetafag

>yet ANOTHER two weeks between episodes

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Oops, forgot to say I was talking about my pic related.

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Updated too (manga)

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this. it was the one thing i had to look forward to after coming home from work.

shit this is gonna suck now

Why are mexicans so based?

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UI Attack

Notably, Naotoshi Shida actually draws his aura's as opposed to leaving it to CGI like the rest of super. Off the top of my head one other case of this is Koudai Watanabe's key animation at the end of the evil angel righteous devil when goku flies away

17 will get the boat and frieza will go back to the cuckoon

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Time to watch FoTM seasonal shit

How much time left in the ToP?

Why aren't Toppo and Dyspo in red?

Grand Priest English dub voice for those curious, pretty bad imo

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One Piece

Jiren defeats 17, Freeza, and Goku and "wins", but el grande padre reveals that the timer ran out long ago and they were just letting the tournament continue to appease the Zenos, just like the rules have been screwed plenty of times already for their sake. Since they had the most people when it ran out, U7 wins

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Producer-kun is too strong.

Read the manga filthy toeispic

The whole freeza thing was expected but the hey guys I'm still here too thing 17 tried to pull is pushing the bit coin too high

>It's fucking confirmed
Smarthan is always right.

One Punch Man in like 9 months.

1 minute 30 seconds

It's pretty inoffensive. I don't see how it can possibly be that bad

Are you fucking serious?

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>This kills the 17fag

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I genuinely thought goku was gonna give some spare energy to jiren

HOLY fucking shit. The anime had problems but Jesus the manga is so much worse for the tournament of power.
Even if the pacing was shit in the anime, they at least USED a majority of the characters, even if it was just for a few moments and then elimination. Now, characters are dropping left and right offscreen, Krillin and Tenshinhan somehow perform EVEN WORSE than in the anime, Katopesla doesn’t get to be funny, Dr. Rota doesn’t get to be funny, and it’s just the “U7 non-humans kick everyone’s ass” take 2, with a brief interlude from Frost actually being pretty cool.
But holy fuck Toyotarō you didn’t drop the ball, you pitched it off a fucking cliff.

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