Shirley Medison Chapter 9(?)

There's no Otoyomegatari chapter this month, but in its place is a new chapter of Shirley after like 3 years. Here's the raws.

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The cutest maid in the world is still as cute.

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It has also been 20 years since Mori began the story.

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Woah I was sure this was over.

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And that's it for a few more years. Otoyomegatari will return next issue.

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Top comfy. Nice to see Shirley and Bennet again.

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'Quick' translation incoming.
>It's been almost 20 years since the first chapter was released. The long awaited new chapter!
>Shirley Medison: 'Uneasy Night'
>Shirley Medison (Age 13) works
>as a maid at the house of Ms. Bennet Cranley (Age 28), owner of the Cafe 'Mona Lisa'.

>The newest chapter of the irregularly printed 'Shirley'.

>A while ago, Shirley came into employment from a job opening seen in the newspaper
>The two have gotten quite used to living together.

>As employer and employee, as family,
>and as good friends,
>the pair of them live mostly peacefully at this house.

[Barking Noises]
>Good heaven,
>seems like there was a burglary
>last night.


>It looks like they broke into place close by,
>and the criminal still isn't caught so they might still be around here...

>How scary...

>Well I'm heading out, Shirley

>Make sure to keep the windows shut.
>And if something happens, go to the neighbour's house immediately, ok?

>I've talked with her already,
>and I'll hurry home as well.

>A burglary?

>Well that's not peaceful at all.

>Seems like nobody died,
>but I'm afraid that someone will get hurt.

>And she's alone at home in the day.
>You must be worried.
>That I am.

>I'm even thinking if I should close the shop for a while.
>Well that's troubling too.
>I won't have anywhere else to go in the evening if this shop is close.

>You're talking about that ruckus last night?
>I hear they still haven't caught the criminal yet.

>That place is close to my work,
>I can go take a look around to see if there's anyone suspicious there.


>as payment for checking, can I get one on the house?
>No you can't.
>So that's what you wanted.
[Barking Noises]

Comfy time.

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>if something happens, go to the neighbour's house immediately, ok?
[Shaking Medio]
>Hand over your cash.

>Shirley, I'm home.
>Are you alright? Nothing happened?
>What are these?

>There was someone suspicious!?
>My, how terrifying.


>Just slowly bring it down,
>alright, Shirley?

>Hold on, wait!
>It's heavier than I thought...

>Stop, stop!
>We can't do this!

>It'll fall!

>How is it?
>Is this fine?
>It is.
>Are you sure?
>It's not cramp?

>It's perfect.
>How compact.

>Well, for now, let's stick together at night.

>It'll feel safer than staying separate.


>Good night, Shirley.
>good night.

>...Hey, Shirley,
>are you awake?


>this feels kind of fun.

>This reminds me of the time where I stayed over at my cousins' house.
>We didn't sleep and spent the night just talking.

>Should we talk about something?


>Here's the topic:
>'A secret you've kept up till now'
>Go on, Shirley.
>A secret...
>A secret...



>I sometime fed the cat
>that came in the backyard.
>Ah, I see.
>That's alright, isn't it?

>Then it's my turn.
>Let's see, my secret....



>I have no secret.
>You already know most of them.

>Have I told you about the time I dug under the floor of my dear uncle's house?
>What about the time I mixed up the fertillizer for the roses and ruined everything?
>I've heard of that.

>Let's see, what else.
>I've pretty much told you all of it...

>And stories about relatives isn't a secret either...
>The cat that came in the backyard,
>is it the big black one?
>Ah, yes.
>It is.

>I thought I was seeing it
>a lot more often.

>I see,
>maybe it came here because you'll feed it.

>Ms. Cranley!!

>Ms. Cranley!?
>Are you there!?

>They caught them?

>I heard about it while I was coming here.

>The police just caught
>the burgler!

>I'm glad...

>I thought you must have been worried.
>Ah, good morning, young lady.
>Thank you very much.
>No worries, we're neighbour aren't we.

>Well it's a relief.
>Things have been so hectic recently.

>It's kind of a shame.
>We already made this.
>Do you want to sleep here for the week?


>Now then,
>what about a place you want to go?

>A place...
>I want to go?
>I don't
>really know...
>You must have something.
>Places you saw in a magazine and such?


>London Zoo...
>I suppose.

>You've never been to the Zoo?

>I see,
>well we can go the next time we have a day off.
>I think you can ride elephant there.



>The issue is the next chapter of 'Otoyomegatari'. It'll be about what happen after Smith and Talas's reunion. Please look forward to it.

Next chapter when.

Thank you for the TL, I'll typeset this tomorrow.

This was comfy, thanks OP for the manga and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. for the translation

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god yeah!!!! fuck otoyomegatari, soemitmes I wished kaori dropped that series and give us more shirley instead.

Someone please fuck that cake already.

>wanting her to abandon Shirley

Shirley 20 years ago vs Shirley now

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>New Shirley
Oh shit, I thought I'd never see this again.