Goblin Slayer

So his master was a goblin? I need more information.

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here is your info: you are fucking stupid

Nah, dude's an Old Rhea.

Same species as that Thief that was stealing from his own party and got demoted for it.

>get his village raided by goblins
>his mother is GOBLED
>spend the rest of his days hating on goblins
What a cuck.

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it was his sister

>his sister AND mother got GOBLED
He is a double cuck.

His mother was already long dead before the gobs attacked, same with his dad, both died of a plague went he was a baby.

Honestly with the mega levels of cock teasing his face why won't they just stop and show the full thing already? I never even understood the meaning behind not showing his face, especially when people in the main cast now know what he looks like.

What's the purpose of showing his face to the target audience?
Tip: I said target audience, not you.

Kill all goblins

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His identify is the helmet, showing his face would ruin it.

This is a meme question at this point.

Neither of these are actual answers. Especially the first one which is just plain fucking stupid.

>Sup Forums of all places
Fucking crybaby.

I wish they didn't use "rhea" because I had no idea what that was for a long time. I thought the first rhea was a short elf girl, not a hobbit

OP, goblins don't talk. Not even the goblin lord, who thought intelligently. Only the ogre talked.

This world is literally Dungeon and Dragons and, while it's not shown, the gods are just playing tabletop.

What does he need a face for? He is Goblin Slayer. He slays goblins. That's all you need to know.

Not revealing his face has a lot of advantages: it could be revealed during a very important event like the ending or his death, making it more dramatic or it could turn him into a "legacy character" with otger using the helmet and the title after he dies.

So that readers like you won't be able to sleep at night wondering what he looks like under his helmet

Self insert retard

Nobody self inserts as Goblin Slayer, he's too mentally unhinged and socially removed even from the spergs on Sup Forums.
The real reason is it is the face of what he is: intimidating practicality masking relentless hatred. It's an important symbol for the audience to divorce his mentally ill behavior from anime looks or any other recognizable form of humanity.

Because he's actually a goblin under the helmet.

>He is a goblin
>Everyone says that he is quite handsome
Do womens in that world actually find goblins attractive?

Easier to self-insert.

Have you even read the manga?

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I thought rheas were dicks. why waste time helping some human peasant?

>So his master was a goblin? I need more information.

His master is an extremely ugly and old hobbit.

>look up rhea and D&D
>only find shit about birds
>or a goddess if removing D&D from the equation
My desire to know more is very intense.

When exactly did this get an anime greenlit? Heard no rumblings about it till I went to the LN's publisher site.

The press report went public 28 days ago, if I remember correctly. More is not known.

This is the primary source of all reports:

They say multiple times in the LN that he wasn't the same person after the attack. It's symbolism, you fucking idiot.

Nobody cared how he lookes like until he put on the mask.

It's Halfling, some DnD creature like Beholder is trademarked.

No, he is not.

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Oh yeah, and then he takes off his helmet to a crowd but we, the readers, don't see it. Great symbolism. Fuck off, retard.

Wait no I am pretty sure he talked in the ln and they definitely responded to him in the manga. It even said he was capable of common speech but did not want to use it. The Lord that is.

He's a hobbit.

>libtard thinks that people can't differentiate fiction from reality
Not everyone has failed to mentally develop past age 6

1. Ease of self-insert
2. He's implied to be handsome, by not showing his face he's as handsome as the reader's imagination, showing it may be anticlimactic like showing Kakashi's face in Naruto

But I do. I really admire his determination, his unwavering focus on what's important in life. Slaying goblins. We all can learn a few things from this man.

I just like how it means jackshit for cow girl, it shows how he's somewhat lax around the farm, but it's all business out of it.

>he didn't get it

It's funny how everyone loses their shit.

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Nobody expected some insane robotic anti social freak to be a Shirou.

They did make bets on his gender.

How rude. I bet you're just envious.

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it's simbolic
his real face is irrelevant, his identity is that of a goblin killing machine

this is also why he usually only shows his face to cow giurl
this is also why him showing his face to the adventurers was a big deal, his hard exterior was cracking and he was starting to care about something more than goblins

they started putting ads in the magazines

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I remember the butthurt in the threads when this chapter was released. Glorious.

>Square Enix
I didn't know SE was involved in GS.
My hopes of getting gs girls figures is now shattered.

>He shows his face to CG
Except he doesn't show it to her by own will, both times it happened was because his armor was in maintenance, otherwise he would be with the helmet on all the fucking time.

shitty scans of volume 4 with chapters 16-21 are out.

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>Old Rhea
Rhea (/ˈriːə/; Greek: Ῥέα [r̥é.a͜a]) is a character in Greek mythology, the Titaness daughter of the earth goddess Gaia and the sky god Uranus as well as sister and wife to Cronus. In early traditions, she is known as "the mother of gods" and therefore is strongly associated with Gaia and Cybele, who have similar functions. The classical Greeks saw her as the mother of the Olympian gods and goddesses, but not as an Olympian goddess in her own right. The Romans identified her with Magna Mater (their form of Cybele), and the Goddess Ops.



What the fuck are you talking about? Did you just get done with an introductory psychology course or something?

short story at the end

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>no rape

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For what purpose you posted this?

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Nobody has actually answered the OP's fucking question

Is not a goblin, there is your answer.

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>this is the kind of idiot that likes how movies have superheroes without their mask 90% of the time

Read the fucking thread.

first post applies to you, and the second one is the answer

Man. When the anime is out, there will be tons of people asking "Why do people in GS'd world think goblins are weaklings when they clearly are stronger and more wicked than what people think?"

This question will be in every single thread.


Next week is the day, the day thebtrue doomguy awakens.

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goblin bump