Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku wo!

Is KonoSuba a shit tier anime or a Top Tier anime?

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Watch it and find out.

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You should make your own opinions based on your critical thinking instead of what other said.

I did'nt like it. The speeches were bad.

Time to learn some English then isn't it Pedro.

B-but who i am to decide if an anime is TOP GOD TIER or not?

Being a nobody doesn't mean you should be a dumb nobody. Use your head, fag.

>doesn't arbitrarily force his opinion on others
>in 2018
Better end it now user, it's only going to get worse for you.

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It's absolute garbage, the worst sort of trash, proof of why anime as a medium should be banned globally, its existence erased from human history, its creators genocided.

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DEEN tier

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It's a top tier shit tier anime.

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How can you not watch it for Megumin?

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I don't know japanese but I'll guess: the child is retarded like the mother right?

The best

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Pretty funny and satirical imo desu senpai

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its very good for an isekai, which puts it in shit tier in general

Aqua is top tier and Megumeme is shit tier.

This but unironically

It's top tier at being shit tier

>Daughter: How did the two of you meet?
>Daughter who will defeat the demon lord
Any context for Kazuma and Aqua's reaction?

I want to fuck yunyun

It's shit for an isekai with some funny scenes but ultimately reuses the same humor too much, they never leave the starting town, wasting potential and the anime cuts out scenes and flat out tells you to read it instead

used goods

Pretty sure the joke is that they completely forgot about their original plan to kill the demon lord

Top tier in sea of shit

Probably. Aqua's prone to forgetting all about it as soon as she's plastering or living comfortably. Kazuma would have taken much longer to forget it, but was quick to try and pass the duty off to someone else from the beginning anyways.

i want a 4 some with wiz yun yun and darkness, where i insert the largest object i can find into darkness, continuously cum inside wiz and have her regenerate my stamina with magic so i can keep going for hours and leave yun yun in a corner to watch as i ignore her existence

It get's stale after roughly the first third of S1, from then on it's a downhill ride into Turdville.

>If those two forgot to defeat the demon king
>bought a house
>Kazuma and Aqua: yay!
>both of their fingertips touch
>Kazuma: Is this... really okay? *badump* *badump*
>Aqua: As long as it’s with you, Kazuma ... *fidget* *fidget*
>Congratulations! *church bells*
>Aqua-san looks so beautiful!
>Kazuma: What a happy day~!
>It’s all downhill from here, eh!
>Some years later...
>Kazuma and Aqua’s daughter: Dad! Mo~mmm!
>Hey, hey, how did you two meet?
>Younger daughter
>Kazuma and Aqua turn pale and their daughter wonders why.
>She went on to defeat the demon king.

Top-tier shit anime. Only goes well with vodka, but also goes with it better than anything else.

>implying Kazuma and Aqua will ever have feelings for eachother
Keep dreaming Axis faggots

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darkness is a top tier waifu