What are the highest Lovecraftian or Lovecraft-inspired mangas, in your opinion...

What are the highest Lovecraftian or Lovecraft-inspired mangas, in your opinion? Obviously this one is pretty high up there being a direct conversion of HP's stories into manga format.

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Kami-sama no iutori ni is a 9/10 manga for me but the ending turn it into 3/10

Tokyo ghoul took a lovecraftian turn but it's shit

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>Kami-sama no iutori ni
I actually read that and liked it, but I didn't realize how lovecraft-esque it was until just now. Otherdimensional beings playing with humans for no reason other than their own amusement and stuff.

I also thought the guy who became god at the end could have cloned himself and repeated the tournament exactly as it was before, but just rescue everybody moments before death in such a way that it still appears that they died. This way, people stay how they did the first time, but no one actually dies, he gets his boyfriend back, and you can just rig the last battle so the crazy guy loses instantly. Really the main tragedy of the final act was just a lack of creative thinking. I mean he can do just about everything but bring back the dead, right? And he can definitely turn back time. Just something I was thinking about.

Ah, that's a shame. The way I heard it, the manga was good but the anime was a bad adaptation.

only first chapter was ok. like a 6/10. the rest was dog shit.

It feels like reading gantz with shitier ending

Why the fuck mc preaching shit about hope but nothinh matter in the end

Uzumaki, but there's also Daijiro Morohoshi's work which are all about lovecraftian(Hoshi wo Ou no Kodomo was more or less a love letter to his stuff) or ancient things and there's Jashin Densetsu which is nice if you can read moon.

Gauna of the sidonia no kishi. But that's more of a random Moebius page inspiration.

Well I mean yeah but I think the author just kind of fucked up because with the powers that a god in this setting has, the last remaining guy could have easily set everything right instead of what he actually did.

Oh that all sounds interesting. I've read Uzumaki but I don't know anything about this Daijiro Morohoshi guy. What should I read to get started on his stuff? Unfortunately I don't speak Japanese so I can't read the last one.

I've read the other two works by that guy (Blame! and the other thing with the weird space rod at the end and the talking bear whose name escapes me at the moment). Is Knights of Sidonia as good?

IIRC there's only Ankoku Shinwa translated which is great, Shin Megami Tensei is influenced heavily by it, not super lovecraftian in the Cthulhu sense but more like the dream cycle.

>dream cycle

As it happens I am a huge fan of that aspect of his works so that is fine.

Give hoshi wo ou no kodomo a watch as well then.

I'll do that, thanks.

Getter Robo. though it takes a lot for the lovecraftian stuff to kick in and it never gets resolved because the author died

You mean Armageddon or do things get squamous outside of that spinoff?

I'm seconding this, the original manga is cool but shit gets really lovecraftian in the last 3 manga(Shin Go and Ark)

Oh I never knew that. Are those self-contained stories or should I read the whole thing?

The whole thing, thats the cool thing its a continuous story.
Also read the anthology version from the dynamic pro scans guys.

All right, I'll check that out then thanks.


Gou Tanabe does straight adaptations of Lovecraft's stories. He's done The Haunter of the Dark, The Hound, Color Out of Space, and is currently serializing At the Mountains of Madness.

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Oh that does sound interesting. Where could I read them? My usual places don't seem to have those manga or the author in general.

I may or may not use kissmanga

Kuro was a fun read.

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This desu senpai

Jun Ito's works dabble in it. Tomie could be classified as an eldergod if you believe the theory that she eventually turns into the wandering planet eater in one of his other stories.

Also MiA isn't called "Lovecraft's kid murder hole" for nothing. It's just that the human society is a little bit closer to the minor alien races in the mythos. They're more resistant to insanity, but there still is an element of mental and physical weakness. webm related, also sort of a spoiler.

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you're thinking biomega
Sidonia no kishi was written to be easily digested by the casual reader. It's okay.

I'll check it out then. Will be fun at least.

Both of those are pretty neat yeah.

I saw this ages ago and I've been meaning to get into it. Seems interesting.

Fuck, forgot to check the spoiler box. The thumbnail doesn't let on much though.

Does a Shub-Niggurath onee-chan count?
Kuro is pretty good. It's already finished and since every "chapter" is one page long, you can read everything in under 1-2 hours.

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The manga chapters that come right after Made in Abyss' anime might interest you, the 5th layer downwards is just prime Lovecraftian locale, not to mention the unusuals event there.

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> Otherdimensional beings playing with humans for no reason other than their own amusement and stuff.
I disagree that it counts as lovecraftian. One of the main points often brought up in his works is that the eldritch beings are almost never intentional in fucking with humans, it's just something that happens with that presence, like the whole thing surrounding the Colour.

Sole exception being Nyarlathotep, of course.


Well yeah but in this context I feel it makes sense. The otherdimensional beings in question are their equivalent of bored children and the universe itself is implied to be completely insignificant in the cosmic scheme of things. The whole story is effectively the same as a bored human kid poking an anthill, from the perspective of the ants.

What? Tomie becoming Planet Remina? Noice.

I always figured Tomie was just a really evolved flatworm. Flatworms will turn into two identical flatworms when you cut them in half, effectively its reproduction. Tomie is just a highly advanced flatworm-esque organism that mimics humanity and incites violence as part of its reproductive cycle, as being mauled allows it to be separated and produce more Tomies.

Maybe not lovecraftian per se, but humanity sure is on its way on becoming something entirely eldritch in this one, what with the non-significance of death and timeline fuckery.

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Is that stuff on the bottom left the series title or just the chapter title?

I wonder, why has Cthulhu pretty much became the "face" of Lovecraftian works? It's not like Cthulhu is particularly prominent in the actual mythos or anything.

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They're both the chapter's title.

The story with Cthulhu got the biggest amount of readers when it was published I think. Like in terms of the mythos it wasn't that significant but in terms of netting new readers it was Lovecraft's big break and became the thing people associated him with. Might be wrong though.

What's the name of the manga then? I tried using saucenao on the picture but all I got was something called "call of the abyss" and then hentai.

Dainana Joshikai Houkou.

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ah, thanks

Kuro fizzles out into a waste of potential. Not damning, but it could've been far better.

Just read it. I agree, ending was sorta weak. Still a solid 7/10 given it only takes like 40mins to read.

I read it while it was running so the ending left me rather sour. There was a lot of intrigue built up over a lot of time and then it ends lamely.

I think it's because it resonated the best with his audience.

Since time immemorial humanity has believed that something intelligent lives in the deep and unknowable ocean, which may even extend to an entire civilization having existed there (see also: Atlantis).

Equally long-lived are tales of giant hostile sea monsters, frequently drawn on maps of antiquity and passed down in legends. Moby Dick tried to ascribe most of these to whales but we know about giant squid now...

Giving Cthulhu the most unnerving aspect of an angel (you go insane with terror if you see it) is also part of a long-lived trend in cosmic horror that extrapolates the instinctive human reaction to the unknown and applies it at a much greater scale.

All mixed up it was a hook, a hook that draws people into the other Lovecraft works. It is no surprise that the stuff later came to be called the "Cthulhu Mythos" because that was what people encounter first.

I see, that makes sense.

Though, reading Lovecraft now probably won't hit you as hard as if you're reading them back then. There are now many stories that explore the concept of insignificance and fear of the unknown, so I think people are now more desensitised to them. Religious faith isn't nearly as strong too, so the whole Azathoth thing wouldn't have the full impact.

Enjoyed it a lot but I felt the ending wasn't that bad. Plus it doesn't have the vibe of lovecraftion horror desu

Not OP but what's this all from?

I love the user who came up with that theory.

You could say the same for certain plants and most forms of fungi. I personally believe Tomie is a xenofungus with a human stem cell retrovirus payload considering that she completely took over and manifested herself in a woman that had part of Tomie inside her. Maybe it is possible to delete Tomie's DNA from the cell line and see what the base organism is. I hope we get another protagonist like pic related to try and crack the biological nature. In any case,she's like if The Thing infested the baby of The Ring ghost and Dracula: Absolutely horrifying.

I wouldn't exactly say that society has been desensitized to it, but merely the effect would be different. Cults always draw out people's social fears regardless of whether they are christian or atheist. Milder mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, OCD, and aspergers are more wide spread than in lovecraft's time, and they all are equally likely to have his stories resonate with them as a well as an adjusted person who hasn't been exposed to this sort of horror.

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Bloodborne would be perfect manga.
>reading this in ongoing
>plot twist incoming

Bloodborne's setting makes me diamonds, it hits all the right spots.

The first series of Tokyo Ghoul is extremely good as a manga. The anime is really shitty. Tokyo Ghoul then got a second continuation because the ending of the first manga was the height of its popularity. It generally goes completely off the rails and is all around bad enough to make all tokyo ghoul threads automatically become shitposting threads. I haven't seen it yet but I imagine that the Tokyo Ghoul :RE anime is equally shitty.

Ah ok, thanks for the clarification.

Glassy Sky is pretty good, at least.

I'd recommend reading the first series of Tokyo Ghoul wholeheartedly, it's a very nice Japanese spin on The Fly (which TG brings up as being an inspiration within the manga itself) and is also a nice tragedy story. Read TG:RE if you want to see everything from the first story get ruined in the most hilarious ways possible.
A bloodborne manga done by someone like Shirow Miwa would be incredible. I think that there are some more grisly horror artists that would fit the bill but Miwa would do an excellent job for some reason I feel.

Ok I'll check it out then.

terraformars is about niggers infesting the solar system. thats pretty lovecraftian

I heard it was good until they went back to earth or something. Is it really that bad or is it still an enjoyable read?

What Tanabe Gou titles have you read? The Haunter of the Dark has been scanlated and I think a few others had official releases too. I don't know for sure though, since I just read them in Japanese.

As for similar stuff: 6000, The Drifting Classroom sort of, Parasyte, Narutaru.

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Oh I've only read the Haunter one I think. Actually, the pic I posted is a page from that manga funnily enough. I guess none of the others have been released yet. Or I can't find them anyhow.

Well this guy from OP is very cool artist for BB manga. For backgrounds, monster design and overall style.

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the everloving fuck is this

didn't finish it. can confirm that they act like niggers though

>the everloving fuck is this

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>the everloving fuck is this
spoiler for you

Well that's silly, I'm surprised I didn't recognise it. Apparently the only English translations you'll get are the official ones: The Hound, The Temple, The Nameless City. Or Spanish, French, Polish or Portuguese. This guy is unexpectedly popular.

>This guy is unexpectedly popular.
Anyone remember name of mangaka who draw for European museum? Can't remember his name. He draw adult manga with similar art style.

Unrelated, but man it must suck to be a straight guy in that universe. The only women are either monstrosities or traps.

Sup Forums please. We know Lovecraft had a love/hate relationship with jews and other races, but that didn't define the style or themes of his work. It is all about the helplessness of being at the mercy of powers you can not understand nor fight off, who don't even notice you.

>the everloving fuck is this
Every conceivable form and some previously unconceived forms of degeneracy are on full display in MiA. Lesbian NTR, loli, shota, traps, living toilets that will lick you clean; you name it it has it. Also it has Griffith tier villainry. Come for the comfy lovecraft story user, you are missing out on the sounds of scientific triumph.

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...I'm confused. what the fuck is going on here?

And sauce? Cause google and saucenao isn't helping.

That was western fanart, saucenao would fail on it. The acronym of the manga/anime has been mentioned twice already, but I'll spoonfeed you since google would think you're looking for someone named Mia. Made in Abyss

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Uzumaki, 14 years old, one manga where father named a planet after his daughter

That's Remina.

Not orginally a manga but Evangelion is prettty Lovecraftian

Aye, exactly that one, all of those are creepy as fuck

That looks like a lame way to adapt lovecraft.

He used words to describe the "horrors" because that was the medium he chose, literature. If someone wants to do a visual adaptation of it, he should draw some psychedelic fucked up shit instead of copy-pasting text at various points.

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Keyman's art is so great, damn.