Finally who is the biggest jobber?

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shut the fuck up dan ryckert

It was suppose to Gohan turn! Not fair! Fuck you dumpf!

Camper for the win

Vegeta, no contest. Other characters lose, sure, but his sole purpose in existing beyond the saiyan saga was/is to beat fodder or mid-saga bosses, then lose horribly to make the final encounter that much more tense. This is a rinse and repeat process he does 100% of the time, making him the quintessential jobber of the series since his introduction. He is directly responsible for the Cell and Buu issues escalating as much as they did. The only reason he doesn't get as much shit around here or anywhere else is because people love him and continue to suck his royal midget cock in spite of him constantly fucking things up for everyone.

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Not No. 17

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obviously bejita-san!!!

toei for being chinamen in disguise

>Goku once again has the chance to beat the guy, even after his whole "I'll never forgive you" shit
>Just stands there and doesn't do anything for like 30 seconds

At least Gohan and Vegeta have motivation behind their jobbing, Goku's is just pure stupidity

But Vegeta didn't lose the most important battles. In that case, Goku is biggest due he lost almost all his battles in super


I don't think anyone else could have pulled off Goku's latest job. It takes a professional to throw a fight at a point where your opponent can no longer fight back or even move.

I love Vegeta but he is a jobber. A jobber to the stars with platinum tier character development and a shit ton of screen time

A whole race of jobbers

>Goku is a shit father, but good fighter
>Gohan is a shit fighter, but good father
>Finds time to train to Blue level AND still find the time to take care of his children
Let's be honest. Vegeta is the better character regardless if he's a jobber or not.

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Tfw no spic friends


>Be Goku
>Fall off of a cliff, literally rendering you mentally retarded by both your species' and adoptive species' standards
>Be trained by a battle maniac to be a fighter
>Kill said battle maniac in an autistic monkey rage by accident, continue living in solitude with no parental figure

>Be Begita-kun
>Have a father figure while growing up
>Be trained from a very young age to be an intergalactic real estate agent slash imperial conqueror
>While thick-headed, not mentally retarded

>Buu absorbs Jobhan
>was supposed to be the most powerful due to getting MUH POTENTIAL
>gets trashed by Vegetto
Gohan is and always will be, a joke.

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Explain how Gohan was on par with base SSB Goku in only 2 days of training with Piccolo.

>Gohan defeated Super cell, the main villain of a saga
How many important villains did Vegeta defeat?

Gohan was raping Buu and could’ve ended had he not be a cocky unaware fuck.

whats a jobber?? they never talk about that on r/dbz

vegeta, not close, jobbing is his purpose within the narative, he loses so the bad guy looks stronger and its even cooler when goku wins.

He beat Goku Black and Toppo, both stronger than Cell

Gohan is biggest jobber and it's not even close, Cell is literally his only win in the series



17's reappearance was an ass pull, prove me wrong.

Sanji from one piece is the biggest jobber in the history of anime

Link to episode

One more week and I can say bye to you annoying kids for good.

Why didn't Frieza & 17 keep hiding till time is out? Jiren thought Frieza was gone, and 17 can't be detected through his Ki. they would've won effortlessly.

Goku destroyed Jiren, even jiren himself admitted this

Would Whis even stand a chance against El Hermano?

He screwed up Cell, but during the Android saga, he gets some credit. If it wasn't for him, Android 19 would've fucked up and killed everyone.


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It's not so much that people like Vegeta but more that people hate Goku.
The real redpill is that all the losers empathize with Vegeta because they're born believing they're special snowflakes when they're just faggots. Real men on the other hand are cool with Goku being a worthless fag that everybody worships because they can empathize with Goku because they were the cool kids at school while Vegeta fags cried themselves to sleep

I'm pretty sure Jiren would have noticed not winning when Goku went out of bounds, which would be enough for him to find Frieza, and once Frieza is gone it's 1 each left which isn't enough for their team to win anymore.

Goku loses more than half his battles and he still gets the fame, the international recognition, the prestige among his peers, etc. Vegeta may not job as much but everyone always thinks of him as an inferior Goku. Even Bulma stayed with him since Goku was already taken and Yamchad was too much of a pimp to stick to one pussy

>be vegeta
>Still be considered inferior by even the gods when compared to a literal retard


You sound crazy retarded

>hurr durr ad hominem
The absolute state of vegetards

So you actually are crazy retarded

i agree with this guy any real man is cool with the jiren go ki blast a planet or something gosh

>address the nothing I spewed out or else I'm right


not true Piccolo was stronger then android 20 who was a more advanced model then 19 so he could of beaten 1 android and you had krillin with a ton of beans to heal wounds.

The feeling when krillin became the desinated healer for the entire android and cell sagas.

>he's right and I have nothing to say about it

I'm glad you agree with me user. If you didn't agree you would post an argument but it sounds like you don't want to embarrass yourself. Wise of you desu

>Piccolo was stronger then android 20
Not when Gero and Android 19 first showed up, he got stronger than them like 20 episodes later

Pure strength jobbed to friendship

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It was implied that Piccolo was stronger than Gero. Even Vegeta was impressed when he took off his weighted clothes. And this was before he fused with Kami to becomes stronger than Cell, which happened like 20 episodes later, which I'm sure that was what you mix them up.

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Fuck 17 and fuck the retarded producer who is trying to shove him down our throat, every second they spend with him next episode is going to be a fucking waste of time.

There is not a single fucking reason why he has the power he has, he shouldn't even be a major threat in the tournament.

Him outlasting characters like Vegeta, Gohan or even fucking Piccolo is fucking atrocious writing.

I'd rather have Roshi, at least he is lovable character..

Vegeta jobbed the most fights.
Gohan only had like 3 moments where he was hyped up and lost. Most of the others times he was too weak to be considered a challenge like against recoome or revived freiza.

How the FUCK did weighted clothes still make a difference?!

Piccolo uses his clothes beam to make them weight more every time he gets stronger.

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Well considering Goku is still in, Gohan defeated Cell and was instrumental in Vegeta's defeat and that Vegeta hasn't beaten any major villain it's clearly Vegeta. Sucks because he's my favorite but if you look at it unbiased he's the biggest jobber

>it's clearly Vegeta
But Goku always jobs to Vegeta 1v1 so what does that make Goku?

Obviously Vegeta, his sole existence is to job so as to prop up Goku.

What makes it sadder is that to instill 'drama' his raison detre is to not job, but he must job eternally.

At least Gohan's priorities for awhile was to be a good partner to videl, plus he got a win against Cell which was the true proper end to DBZ after Frieza.

Piccolo could be argued to be a jobber, but he has far less angst then Vegeta so he isn't as annoying.

>Biggest jobber
That is PRINCE JOBBER to you.

The second time was literally out of pity.

When was the last time Gohan won anything meaningful post or pre Cell?

I don't think you know what that word means.

Knocking out Dyspo

gain height, have sex, and get a clue ya pinhead

Gohan and Frieza jumped Dyspo and Frieza knocked Dyspo out

Vegeta only loses to the #1 guy in the Universe in said the Arc, Gohan has lost to B-list characters and gets treated like a C-list character.. Gohan is what, 5th strongest for team U7?

I'm sure it's escaped your notice like it has much of Sup Forums but TEAMWORK has been key to this entire tournament

I'm like 5 episodes behind. Can someone give me a quick rundown of what happened today?

Real man dont watch this retarded BS in the first place, they wach and read Hokuto no Ken for the 20th time.


but does Gohan losing make others look good in comparison? him failing seems more like the rest of z-team of being story filler. vegeta explicitly powers up and even wins fights just to lose as a set up for goki

That's all that matters

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>Goku Black
>main villain of a saga

nice try?

I liked this episode. Did you guys?

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Right up until you mention
>to become stronger than cell

No. He starts flying to Kami immediately after 17 and 18 trash SS Vegeta and him, and then they fly off for whatever reason. He tells off Krillin and Tien, and basically acts like he fucking hates them because he's ashamed about what he has to do, which is fuse with Kami to even be as strong as the androids. It still puts him below even imperfect Cell.

>goku keeps challenging the strongest and losing and everyone has to bail him out
>gohan is the chosen one but he gets nerfed and never really does anything
>vegeta is the most motivated and the hardest working person with the most growth as a character and has internalized all the suffering of those around him and has rekindled his desire to grow the saiyan race rather than just satisfying his own pride and he pushed himself even further beyond and past his limitations and thinking of his wife and kids and student and still manages to go down relatively easy

Yeah it's Vegeta.

Vegeta became an orphan as a child. His father figures were Frieza and Nappa. Let that sink in.

Vegeta will always be the #1 jobber.

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>Gohan was on par with base SSB Goku
So was Krillin

I don't disagree with you.


I bet Freeza was the woman in that relationship.

but muh animals


They were delicious.

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Reminder that we need to kill Wolfcuck to make Kevin Nash great again

Still not as bad as the "I'm so proud of Vegeta" threads

Vegeta obviously. Every time he gets a new transformation he gets fucked up.
Can you image that feeling?
You finally achieve SSJ and the day you show it to the rest you get raped by some female android

>Vegeta and Gohan watching as Frieza and Android 17 fight the final battle against Jiren

Is there a more cucked race than the saiyans?

>>Goku Black
>>main villain of a saga

>nice try?
He is, though?

Vegeta, dude took Yamcha's DB spot of being the hype man for the final boss of the arc.
At least according to actual jobbing/worf effect/whatever the term is.

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Gohan. Not only a jobber without a real power-up, but he has less space than a character that in Bu saga does just a cameo.

Just a camper, as Freezer

Vegeta's sole purpose is jobbing in order to hype up the main villain.

Gohan was the underdog for most of the series, the only loss that can be considered jobbing is the Super Buu fight. However the way it happened and the fact that people are butthurt about it 20 years later, me included, and also that this loss caused Gohan to become a completely irrelevant in every single DB material produced after that (despite being arguably 2nd or 3rd most important character in the series up to that point) makes Gohan the bigger jobber and a joke in my eyes.

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People don't like Goku because he's the quintessential example of bad writing. Vegeta develops over time so people like him.

True but Gohan is that guy you can get in case of an emergency, and train him in few days to become 5 times stronger than Vegeta, that's just how his character was written, he's the guy with the most potential but since he's not a full time martial artist, he stays behind, he lacks training and experience.

I don't care for Vegeta, all other DB main characters are far more interesting than he is.

Goku is the best written DB character. He's amazing. You're all a bunch of jobbers.

>You finally achieve SSJ and the day you show it to the rest you get raped by some female android
Sounds like heaven.

why doesn't he use his clothes beam on the enemy to drastically lower their power?