Dragon Ball Super

Is this show officially over after this arc or is it just a hiatus?

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It was cancelled.

>mad GTfag still perpetuating this maymay

Isn’t there a movie?

Super Buu came back?

Movies and OVAs showing Goku losing again

No, super Buu-cake

There isn't an official answer to that yet. Toei has said they want to continue Super, and everyone involved seems to want to continue it. Also most people seem to speculate it will come back Summer 2019.

None of this is an official "Dragon Ball Super is returning to TV" statement though. It's all just "we wish" and speculation. Chances are we won't get an answer one way or the other until after the movie later this year.

>Magenta Jiren actually happened

Another meme came to fruition


> DBS is over, but Dragon Ball is not.
> Toriyama and team have created an entire Dragon Ball Universe that has room to be expanded on.
> The new movie is being released in Japan on December 14, 2018. It is confirmed a Dragon Ball Super movie that is the continuation of the series.

DESU, if it makes money, it's going to continue. That's just how the industry works.

super is already making them tons of money, if money was the only concern they would milk it till the end of time

I think its more of a hiatus personally, because they still have the movie. Not only that but it gives them time to recast Bulma if they haven't already finished doing that.

Maybe Bulma's actor dying made them go for a format that will be less strenuous on their actors.

we just have to wait for El Grand Padre Taco Supreme

They can't sink any lower so let's just hope it's over for good

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Most likely hiatus, despite people shit talking dragon ball for being dragon ball, is still very profitable.

Toriyama should just canonize Heroes timeline and let the franchise live on through derivative works.

>Farewell Goku, Until we meet again
>Until we meet again
>meet again

I guess they all survive

INB4 mexican government funds Dragon Ball Hyper.

That would be cool, but I would prefer something like the MCU where they have a clear leader like Kevin Feige to give the universe a sense of direction, but Dragon Ball's Kevin Feige needs the same skill set: a leader who is also a fan.

I really don't want it end up like the Star Wars EU.

18 was just holding back
She learned Ultra Instinct but wanted to give her brother a chance to achieve it as well
She even has an evolved form

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How could it continue though?
Jiren is the 2nd strongest mortal in all of existence. Who could pose a threat to Goku? They'd either have to turn a GoD into a villain, or setup some kind of 'fallen angel' scenario.

Or simply shift the focus from Goku to someone else.

Dragon Ball GT is such shit how could someone create an android/biodroid that has the power to beat Majin Buu it just doesn't make sense how thats possible at all.

>DBS makes android 17 have power that rivals the gods and even the main protagonist/antagonist.

Lol the hypocrisy I just love watching how bad it gets in the Dragon Ball Super threads. I still laugh how people also complained GT borrowed too many past Dragon Ball Z villians and Gt was a pokemon adventure in space. I'm not even a fan of GT but its funny how the same points people once used to critize gt for having are the same ones people use to glamorize Super.

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Why does kid Trunks get to be in the special frame with Goku's wife and child while Goku's other son and granddaughter are with the rest of his jobber friends?

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Cancelled if the movie doesnt make enough money.

There are still other 4 universes that may have people stronger than Jiren sooo.....

>fallen angel scenario.

That would be cool to see

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Reminder that Dragon Ball Online had the best story out of all the "continuations" of Z.

Dragon Ball Ultra is next

she was programmed to destroy Goku. She considers him a retard.

>evil angel from one of the previously deleted universes
>jiren jobs to him just to prove a point
>goku gets ultra-er instinct -Xrd Sign- so he can beat him
yeah no fucking thanks

It's over as soon as EoZ happens. After that it will be time for a complete redo of GT, updgraded with every change that happened in Super but featuring the same arcs overall.

The bad guy that Jiren wants to defeat escaped to Universe 12. Toyotaro made sure to point out in the manga that U12 had a "sudden growth" that made it top tier.

Jiren and Goku will team up vs El Hermano de Space Sasuke.

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is this actually what he looks like fucking LMAO

Uh, easily?

First of all, not every Universe was in this fight. There are a few who, since they have stronger mortal levels, are just stronger universes overall, even with Jiren and Goku.

Second, -all- of the Demon Realm shit from Heroes can become a thing.


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What if 17 and Freeza just let Goku drop and never revealed themselves until El Grande Padre revealed it wasn't over yet? I'm sure they could have run out the time pretty easily, even running on Freeza time.

As soon as Goku drops and Jiren notices it isn't over, he would use some ki shenanigans to locate the other 2

Jiren is more powerful than Goku.
Full power Jiren can fight Goku Mastered Ultra Instinct til the end. But Goku can't resist, hes weak body wise.

And Jiren needs to control his emotions more.

Imagine Jiren with UI,MUI.

he's so fucking ugly, he can't even look good in fan art. despite that, he has a shit ton of pictures inserting him in various anime

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maybe, but they probably figured goku still being alive and buying time was the best strategy, since he's the king of asspull powerups. If Goku didn't suffer from recoil they'd probably have stayed hidden until the clock ran out.

A bunch of ways since you still have universes who didn't participate.

>gods in the 4 universes who didn't participate
>realize they could easily be next if Zeno gets bored enough
>conspire together to assassinate him by secretly gathering the Super Dragon Balls to wish for his deletion
>El Grande Padre gets pissed and becomes the new big bad

Are you retarded? That's Fornever, not Geekdom. This is Cuckdom with based Qaaman.

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Isn't it doing really well? this ccant be true

>the only way this show can move forward is if a threat with greater power level than the last shows up
>and then bigger
>and then bigger
>and then bigger
thanks for reminding me why this show is garbage

Lmao that's him??? I at least thought he was white or some shit.

Zeno isn't even the strongest around.

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Why is Yamcha in the frame at all?

aw come on let him have a cameo

I'm ready for Dragon Ball Omega. Hurry up Fall 2019.

Multi-Multiverse tournament

Turns out theres a supreme omni king higher than Zeno and multiple multiverses with serveral universes in each of them

It's just a subproduct. The only purpose of this shit is advertise the games and the merchandise. At some point they will do more, even if nobody in Japan remotely cares.

They already set a limit to UI so that Goku can't abuse it. Keep in mind that since we're running on Freeza time, Goku was only able to maintain this for like one minute, which makes it even less dependable than fusion. As for opponents, they could have him fight opponents from the universes that were too powerful to compete in this and then lead up to another tournament arc where Goku has to fight every GoD. And that's without even involving the angels. There's plenty of places to go from here.

Did someone say hiatus?

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He deserves the spot more than Chiaotzu, Puar and Oolong

And why aren't Satan, Freeza and 17 there?

The show was better when bitch boy Supreme Kai was the strongest around. Then there wasn't a cap on enemy strength like it feels like with Zeno.

What the fuck I'll do with my life after DBS ends?

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>since they have stronger mortal levels, are just stronger universes overall
this meme needs to seriously die.
people keep fucking getting this wrong.


>bitch boy Supreme Kai was the strongest around.
So it was never good? Even when he was introduced he wasn't actually the strongest around. He just thought he was.

tori says he wants to continue so it will definitely continue

the real reason its going on a hiatus is because troi thinks the anime is garbabe and he doesnt want toei to free ball it anymore he wants them to stick to the manga so he's going to make them stop until the manga gets far ahead

he wont say it but he's beat around the bush enough for it to be clear this is the real reason

Hey, don't fuck with Oolong. He saved the world once. How many times has any of those other fuckers done that?

Watch the dub on Saturday nights.

>17 is still in.
The spoiler was actually right. THE ABSOLUTE MAD TOEI.

just... sigh
I'm not going to stop watching, but this shit right here is just terrible.

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>Imagine Jiren with UI,MUI.
How do we know Jiren hasn't already mastered UI? There's no way he could somehow fight on par with Goku without it. It wouldn't even make any sense.


>Goku literally implodes from using UI
>he's back up fighting 15 seconds later

Remember when shit like stamina was supposed to actually matter in the tournament?

While the dub is definitely better than the sub, I think we can all agree that Super is pretty shit and while entertaining because of the pure, uncut power wank, we only watch it out of a strong sense of nostalgia for Dragon Ball/Z.

shit was hype

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Was anyone really surprised? How often is an unconfirmed death an actual death in this show?

>saiyans cheat their way through arc after arc because they have bullshit healing factor powerups and thirty legendary super forms
>STILL no match for the power of science
>Chadroid 17 is still in while Vegeta dries his tears in the bleachers and Gokek lies in a twisted broken mess on the floor


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>mfw I search "kiero" on google

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Except it does!

Mortal Levels are directly linked to Power Levels. However, Power Levels are only one -part- of Mortal Levels. If a Universe has a high Power Level, it will be added to their Mortal Level. This doesn't necessarily mean every universe that has a high Mortal Level owns a high Power Level, but they wouldn't be -weak- by any means.

I meant strongest god. Him being completely inept and overpowered kept the show open ended in terms of the power structure. The same way it was with King Kai and Kami. The gods just oversaw things and needed the heros involved to fix any problem. Meanwhile Zeno can just delet anything that gets out of hand.

Would UI Jiren be able to defeat Zeno?

What's his end game plan?
I honestly was hoping it was Frieza that made Goku bleed and fall down, only for Frieza to gloat and beat the shit out of a wounded Jiren. That would have been great.

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if you've read journey to the worst you'd know once the monkey king hits god status lots of crazy shit and battles keep happening


seriously the floating rocks should get the wish if anything.

Post YFW Frieza and 17 are still alive?

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Don't do this or the FBI will be at your doorstep.

>Super Saiyan God, Super Saiyan Blue, Ultra Instinct -Omen- and Ultra Instinct have all failed to seal the deal on their respective intro fights.


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But those gods you listed were good. Zeno isn't good or evil, so it doesn't matter if he can just delete anything that gets out of hand because he usually won't unless it specifically annoys him.


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I don't fucking get it, they have the fucking dragonballs. they can LITERALLY kill anyone off free of consequences I don't understand WHY they would keep him alive when all was building up towards a Freeza/Goku ending.
This is bullshit.

DBS is printing a lot of money internationally and making Dragonball a bigger brand.

A movie just wont be able to do that alone as it will be localized to japan only in terms of excitement. That's why I think the anime will continue, it's just the current anime is such a shitshow in terms of animation and writing that they need a hiatus to take a break, get the required people they want to have a weekly show, fire the shitty people who made DBS look like shit despite it being a premier anime that's supposed to bring in the big bucks and to give them ample time to plan and prepare for a weekly continuation of DBS.

It'll continue in the future no doubt and we'll probably see a year or two of gegege kitarou before Dragonball comes back in that timeslot.

GT was better than super
Instead of introducing 13 universes that we're never getting to see and killing them off in the very same arc they're introduced it makes use of pre-existing lore to create new stories and take the series in a new direction.


>dude granny goku is so much better than all the foreign dubs! he only cares about fighting and getting stronger!
>MUH FRIENDS AND FAMILY! *powers up to infinity*
this series is such a fucking joke

there were thousands of people watching this episode in public.

It was....

sometimes it feels good to be spic

He's already solved the last arc and it center stage in this arc where he stops fighters from getting out of hand. He has been a huge factor since he was introduced. Not to mention Whis who was there to clean up the RoF arc and he played the Zeno role in U6 vs U7. There hasn't been a single arc where the new gods didn't sap away tension. I call bullshit on everything you posted.

this show sucks lol

and yet she loves him.

>take the series in a new direction.
by removing 90% of the cast!

Waiting for our lord and Savior Toriyama to reveal new designs for the movie

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>puto chants
>freeza chants

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