Drawthread: Draw or request Sup Forumsrt and stuff.

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Requesting a barefoot maid Nakuru Akizuki on a tea break like on the right pic.

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Requesting Kumiko painting her toenails. any color

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Requesting Zamasu doing Aikuro's pose here.

with Vegito as Ryuko.

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Requesting Belial reenacting the "my own clone" meme with Meiko and Sophia.

Refs for this dinosaur of a meme/joke: imgur.com/a/x2nkG

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This April will be the 30th anniversary of Wataru, a gateway anime for many in Japan and the main influence for isekai anime today.

Requesting Wataru (human) yelling "By the power of mecha!" followed by Ryuohmaru (mecha) shouting "I! HAVE! THE POWER!"

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Requesting Kanon going full on gyaru slut

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Rerequesting smug Kajou dressed as Junko raising a sign with the phrase "winner by default".

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requesting coloring for this Chie cosplaying Helena from F/GO
Chie: imgur.com/PkMvYF6
Helena: imgur.com/a/1YSpP

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Requesting Utena (pictured left) looking embarrassed and sitting on Anthy's (pictured right) face while in her short shorts.

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Requesting Strike Freedom Gundam (left) standing triumphant over Barbatos Gundam (center) like Michael over Lucifer (right).

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Requesting Ultra Instinct Akkun/Akkun Blanco smashing in the faces of thots/sexually decadent women.


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Requesting Pitz and Lappa parodying The Flash issue 139's cover as Flash and Reverse Flash, respectively.

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Requesting Amanda O'Neill after an intense game of beach volleyball,
That or she just posing like the smug Amerikan cunt that she is.

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Requesting the characters of Oshiete! Galko Chan posing like the Breakfast Club cast members with the anime's title on the wall

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Requesting absurdly busty/wide-hipped Sup Forums girls (Eiken girls, Aki Nijou, Shizuka Marikawa, Garnet Maclaine, etc) dressed as Medb

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Is this where I can ask for editing advice? I'm trying to make this tail and ear the same dolor as the hair. I have practically no drawing skills.

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Requesting Akko scissorhands trying to scratch her nose.

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It's still technically the 17th, requesting something involving Amanda's birthday and Saint Patrick's day

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There was an idea to bring together the ideas that we could never do alone.

That idea?

A parody of the Infinity Gauntlet cover with mecha with the arrival of Super Robot Wars X. Whosoever attempts this will be considered one of the best artists in Sup Forums history.

Is it hard? Yes.

But hot damn, the (You)s and fame will be big if done right. Who wants a really big draw challenge?

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Requesting Sakura wearing a micro bikini, with an emphasis on her ass.

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Requesting lewd Fallen Angel Super Mode Kalawarner. Outfit doesn't have to be the same as Akeno's (I'd prefer a different lewd take), she just needs to have at least 6 black angel wings

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One thread and two blue screens later. Take this damn cursed image.

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Requesting the following gundam characters on the bottom resembling the following ultras on top, please. Bonus points if it says "Get over now! Get over pain! Get over mind! Jump up Gundam!" For more imagery here is Geed's opening theme:


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Requesting Gunleon standing over a defeated Armor Mothra commenting "And your worshipers think I would lose to a walrus!".

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Requesting Franziska from Ace Attorney on the toilet but there's no toilet paper in her stall and she's running late for court.

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Requesting Maron stuck in the sand like in the reference and Krillin watching her with a pleasant face. Bonus if you can add above Krilin's head that he's watching Maron's crotch.

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I never been watched this anime. But she has autism?

Requesting Fuwa riding on Beelzebub's back, wreaking havoc for the secrets of pregnancy

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Requesting more cute Yui with her hair down from Mitsuboshi Colors.

Perhaps wearing summer clothing, either fanning herself or standing close to the AC making her hair flutter.

She could also be drawn sticking her head out the window of a car.

Thank you in advance!

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Requesting the lewd oyakodon foreshadowed from these 4komas

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14 lewd or fetishy request
2 meme request
5 request copying poses
The rests are tasteful and okay.
>14 users
This place is gross and needs help.

>acting like lewd or fetishy requests are in any way bad
Fuck off prude.

Requesting Grea drinking alcohol please

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let's get back to dress x with y then

Requesting more art of any kind with Gran and Djeeta together, even for St. Patricks drinking green beer

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Requesting Rina doing the splits in her bikini

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Requesting Tanya von Degurechaff hunting ducks using a 20mm Flakvierling 38 mounted on aTrumpeter SdKfz half-track. Please draw her totally nutz for having a shitty marksmanship.

Here more refenreces:

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Requesting a happy Sena telling me to cheer up.

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Requesting Symonne with big breasts

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Fran and Goblin Slayer slaughtering goblins together. Or anything nice with the two of them, not necessarily with goblins.

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Requesting Kotoha (blue) as Shiki saying "It's shit right?" and Sacchan (yellow) as Nrvnqsr saying "It's shit." Optionally draw a chibi Yui in the corner too.

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Requesting Coco and Loco in micro bikinis

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Requesting Hizamaru and Higekiri interlocking their fingers together and holding hands. Maybe while being naked in bed together.

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Chain wearing the Dangerous Beast mystic code outfit from Fate/Grand Order

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Requesting the smuggest Erza and Kirito fusion

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Requesting any panty/ass shot of Tama-chan in this outfit.

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Requesting Sayaka and Kyouko kissing or 69ing each other while Madoka and Homura take notes. Mami should be in the background just entering the room and screaming at them while covering Nagisa's eyes.

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Requesting Kazuma Kuwabara with Beta Ray Bill

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Requesting something cute and simple with Tsukasa from Andoro Trio.

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Requesting Nagatoro dressed as T-elos

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Requesting Aoi in casual clothes greeting the viewer like they were meeting for a date.
Draw yurus as if they were camping but in a fantasy setting, isekai or LARP.

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Requesting Kanan wearing Agari's outfit danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2433198

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Requesting Miku Kohinata as a baby crazy dragon-girl passionately riding a futa Hibiki Tachibana.
Position ideas: imgur.com/a/O2Kf7

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Requesting Najimi lifting up his/her skirt in front of a shocked Tadano.

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I had forgotten someone asked for a Lotte with a thong and it was kinda sitting there. for over a week. Sorry.

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Requesting Kyouka standing proudly in a micro bikini.

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Requesting some cute yuri between Mimika and Yuzumori

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Requesting Net Navi Rachnera

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Requesting Magane posing with an AKS-74U.

Cutelewd would be excellent, something cool and simple.

I'm pretty sure the other user gave up on this a month ago, so if you're interested please go ahead!

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Requesting Yomi from Toji no Miko wearing a hairband with her bangs slicked back.

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Requesting Sebastian trying to force Ciel to smile.

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ok simple clothing

this is was the last of the night
7 for wwd and1 here.

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Lewd as hell.

Requesting Amanda O'Neill from LWA being all-American, armed with a Robar SR21 Sniper Rifle while donning army gear and shades. Either have her solo or have someone else like Akko be the spotter.

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Requesting.Ayame and Fuwa scissoring

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Is there a drawfag approved resource list somewhere? I want to begin drawing digitally with a tablet I got on the cheap, but I'm finding myself overwhelmed with the amount of potentially shitty guides available online.

Requesting Kokone Kurisu stretching.

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such an unbalanced ratio

not really.
I always draw for here,

Whoa... that's absolutely mindblowing and breathtaking. Here I made a simple little request on a whim, and got a 10/10 delivery in return. Everything from her expression to her underwear is absolutely perfect. Thank you!

Requesting picrel with the girls of Genoise i.imgur.com/rj08zd1.png

Vert (Bungirl) as Chris (Center), Noir (Catgirl) as Tsubasa (Right), Jaune (Tigergirl) as Hibiki (Left)

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If you are using any modern photo editing software there should be a Hue/Saturation adjuster (ctrl+U on Photoshop by default) where you can play around with the values until you get your preferred result

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Requesting Oz and Alice from Pandora Hearts switching outfits.

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Requesting you draw your favourite girl in a tactical vest

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this shit is hilarious.

Requesting Doppo petting a tiger cub

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Requesting the top image but with Renamon from Digimon.

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Requesting Lucoa and Sariel symmetrical docking.

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I was mostly joking, but she's Mirai, if you're being serious and want to know.

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Requesting Serval and Hitomi doing a Killing Bites fight.

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Requesting Seo wearing Starfire's swim suit here and laying down on the beach.

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>Requesting Kanan wearing Agari's outfit danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2433198

I'd request a picture of Mirai looking cute, but you already posted such a picture.

what was the request suppose to be?

Whoa, that looks really good.

Dang pretty sweet delivery. Blog?

pretty disgusting, desu senpai

That's not true. That's a really cute picture, and I'd be happy to get a delivery like that.

Come on now, it looks disgusting.


OK, the feet are awful. I wasn't looking there because I'm not a dumb foot fetishist.

Finished my Jack vs Lancer Artoria fanart.

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dam son

damn dude.

Gross, imagine the smell. Disgusting.

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Requesting pregnant Chiho walking past a counter in a revealing fashion with a regretful expression.

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