We need a season 3 of noragami aragoto

we need a season 3 of noragami aragoto

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it'll come soon we have a lot to adapt

season 2 was already just alright, a third one would ruin this completely

We don't even have new chapters

yeah but season 2 was left on a huge cliff hanger

we need to hope that our noragami frens bless us with a new season of the series

Hiyori is used goods, would not take to Cappyland.

Mangaka is fucking dying, this shit is on eternal hiatus. Just give it a rest already.

not realy
season 2 gave me all i wanted from this series

shes a human what did you expect?
humans are all whores

>Mangaka is fucking dying
damn it.

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>this shit is on eternal hiatus
That's what Bones's world-famous anime originals are for.

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wait, what?? how?

is it because she flashes her pantsu constantly?

Her mouth got raped by the big dad


Did you watch or read Aragoto? It was pretty hard to miss

I only saw season 1,
I gotta catch up

Yeah, watch til the end of s2 and read until the end of manga

>be HOTD mangaka
>write a half decent manga

>be Noragami mangaka
>write half decent manga

Do you guys see a trend?

Wasn't there an anime-original ending? I remember some hurt butts in the threads but don't remember why they were hurt.

>now this

all hope is lost

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At least this one has a good reason. Rather than being too lazy like berserk man.
Just give it to someone else. Or hunterxhunter man or drifters man.

yato god is dead baby yato god is dead