Why does everyone think Kumiko and Reina are lesbians?

Why does everyone think Kumiko and Reina are lesbians?

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but kumiko and reina are Male...

that kumiko looks weird

not only are they lesbians, they are freaks too

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Kumikos voice makes my dick so hard

>Kumiko is the dom
>Reina is the sub.

Would have expected the reverse.

because Yamada is obsessed with Class S yuribait

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Hmmmm hot lesbians......

I don't think you have seen the show, Kumiko is a tease and Reina is just pretending to be edgy

Midori is actually in-love with Tamako, though.

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Threesome appeal.

She was in love till she grew out her lesbian adolescence phase.

Reina has a crush on sensei that looks like Q from James Bond, so she isn't lesbian.

Tamako wasted so much time and potential with the bird.

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Why does everyone think Jesus was white?

Are those giant pit stains?

I don't think you know what Class S is. If there's no kouhai/senpai relationship it ain't Class S.


Didn’t Reina move on from Taki though?

It's hot.

there were some flags
altho its yamada so its to be expected

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There was that one confession scene where Kumiko was supportive of Reina being a totally selfish bitch.

No there wasn't.

Because they yuri baited everyone in S1.

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Am I misremembering? It was about Reina playing the solo.

Because its better if they are.



Do you like yuri, Lelouch??

I want to rape lesbian and correct their way of living

You would probably become gay yourself if you raped a lesbian.

That scene didn't make sense to me. I watched another release with a slightly different translation just to see if it was better, but no.

Fucking Reinafags I swear.

not i rape in even number

There was no bait.

You can't

I feel bad for anime lesbians, all they need is a good dicking.
They've never felt the pleasure of being filled to the brim with hot cum and they deluded themselves into thinking they like fellow women.
Such sad souls.

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>that thumbnail
god Asuka is ugly

Either you didn't get my joke or I didn't get yours.

I can and i will, it is my duty in fact our duty to correct their unnatural way

What about the gays will you let them fuck you until they start liking pussies?

gay is natural, they still penetrate

desu I thought Kumiko was always more dominant. If anything, Reina only likes to pretend she's more dominant.
-While they both need and enjoy each other's company, Reina clearly depends more on Kumiko than Kumiko does on her. She needs her emotional support, while Kumiko has many other people she's friends with and can rely on.
-Reina wants to impress Kumiko with things like taking her to a special place, trying her best to look good by wearing a pretty dress and so on. While Kumiko is dressed very casually.
-That one time Kumiko went to school during the night to pick up the phone she forgot and phoned Reina to talk about stuff and Reina immediately came.

There are many more things, but apart from the beginning, Kumiko is very relaxed around Reina.
I always thought their relationship was really interesting and fun to watch.

>Why does everyone think Jesus was white?
European ethnocentrism.
It's not like there is no way that he was white but , yeah, he probably was much browner than what you see at the churches.

I'm not sure I entirely convinced yet, but you make really good points I haven't considered before.

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Kumiko is a lesbian. Reina is just bi-curious. Taki-sensei dick is leading her towards the straight path but Kumiko tounge skill is too damn good.

i want to rape and introduce he my big friend

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Watch the show.

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what girl wouldn't go gay for this?

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Even gay men would go het for Kumi

I'd become a girl for that.

I want to marry this