Should the mentally ill be put to death?

Should the mentally ill be put to death?

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but she isn't mentally ill

Ahhh ah ahhh ahhhhhh!

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Start with yourself

There goes all of Sup Forums

Only if, after their return from the potato state, they pine for faggot falcons.

Don't mind me just fixing your shitty world/

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Time to riot if she says she wants another dicking from Griffith.

It's all she's ever wanted, why do you think she turned tarded after it?
It's like in vidya when you finish a NPCs quest and they do nothing afterwards.

But Griffith is Jesus.

>literaly the only safe place in the world is a island full of witches
>everywere else people are getting raped killed and eaten by monsters, sometimes not in that order

It wouldn't help. They'd just use the divine VPN to shitpost from the afterlife, where they cannot be stopped.

it's like the west compared to the rest of the world

reminder that griffith did nothing wrong

Only 95% of Sup Forums. The 95% that matters.

No they should be converted into breeding sows for those of us who otherwise can't find a ate.

assisted suicide in all forms should be legal and suicide kits should be mainstream and easily available
everyone has the right to DIE
just not murdered because that would violate the NAP

He's the anti-christ.

hola brainleto

We wouldn't have the DNC otherwi... YES. YES, RIGHT NOW.

Assisted suicide should be available in some forms, but the issue is with greedy bastards guilt-tripping their otherwise perfectly healthy old folks into dying so they can unlock inheritance money. People who genuinely want to die should have the right to do so, but it's difficult when there are people who would exploit loopholes to get free money.