What was going on in Jirens head at this exact moment?

what was going on in Jirens head at this exact moment?

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Goku's fist. /thread

internal bleeding

"el hermano was right"

>Boy, I'm glad I wasn't disqualified for trying to kill the spectators

This looks awesome. I'm glad they saved some budget to make this a little over the top.

the animation on this episode was insane,def worth the wait I just wish they did an hour long special


Link to episode

thank you

So how many loser flags did Jiren raise this episode?

enough to make the dragon ball af movie

So why does ultra instinct allow Goku to overpower Jiren? The only thing it's supposed to do is allow your body to move by itself, therefore maxing our your speed and combat tactics. So how come Goku can also punch harder and have stronger ki blasts? That's not how it works.

we shit on dragon ball supah but this was a solid episode faggots

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Shut the fuck up before I report you to the Toei writing staff.

Toriyama is a senile fuck that doesn't care anymore, and Toei is making money so they don't give a shit either.


Lurk more before posting, you underage spic faggots.

>Seasonal waifushit that isn't even popular enough for a second season

Kek bro

I don't give a fuck how stupid things get so long as it looks cool.

It's no different than the DBZ movies.

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>imblying i give a fuck about "popular"
have another one

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Was gonna call you a moenigger faggot but that show's actually fun

>We need to make Goku look good
>Jiren's arrogance isn't enough
>He need to attack Goku's friends like a villain.
That left a bad taste in my mouth

but that's not against the rules. the killing restriction is only for contestants.

They're still contestants even if they aren't actively in the arena.
He also would have killed his universe's greatest heroes in the process, though, if Goku hadn't blocked it.

I'm hoping the whole thing ends with someone pointing out that Jiren has become the thing he hates, a reflection the killer that started his misery.

>have these amazing detailed moments
>still very painfully obvious reused shots

Felt pretty jarring which was a shame. They probably could have cleaned it up a lot better in editing

So when are they going to reveal the clown god was the villain who burned down Jiren's village? I mean it's painfully obvious.

After the next story arc.

Are the setting him up for a betrayal?

Why did Sup Forums lie about the ending? Sup Forums said that Goku got thrown out and that Frieza defeats Jiren. But Goku hasn't been thrown out, and both Frieza and 17 are still fighting.

>After Gokus beaten the last hope of the universe is a team up between Frieza and Android 17

This arc is weird as fuck

>what was going on in Jirens head at this exact moment?

its a fucking cartoon, there really is jiren and he has no head, lmao.

When Jiren fired at the crowd and Goku went to go deflect it, I was 100% sure that that was going to be why he falls off.

Having Goku get eliminated because he saved his friends instead of straight up being beaten would have made this loss more interesting than simply "lmfao it ran out" for the 50th time in Dragonball.

that, frieza not betraying anyone, and the conversation that they had right before goku had a seizure all left me a bit confused by this episode

Im not sure if doing the obvious things would have been better though

Jiren knew full well that Goku was going to deflect the attack. Jiren's point with that attack was to show that trusting in your friends for power is bad because your friends can be killed, which is why he only trusts in his own power. He even repeats this after the attack is deflected and it shows the part of the stage that was destroyed.

In the end, Jiren was nothing but an Overpowered faggot. The moment he goes into Full REEEEEEEE has been quite satisfying.

I dont think its 100% certain that he loses

his wish could be something really noble, reseting the story to wherever they want it to start again

who is this semen demon?

what is lurk more?

it is having a basic awareness of what is airing and popular this season!

Jiren is pretty much confirmed to win since he wasn't defeated this episode.

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That's not the point. The point is that he's not a hero of justice or a "good guy" He's more like a less cruel "cyborg saga Vegeta archetype" which for some circumstances helps Toppo and the heroes of his universe. He's an asshole and that had already clarified by the way he did not help his companions in any way.

Toppo, st least was a genuine good guy even if his ideals were less strong than he liked to believe.

Manga Jiren. At this point there are already two different characters.

It's 3 on 1 and there's 10 seconds left on the clock. Jiren is exausted, too. He's done.

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you defining good as assisting others is far too simple

he wouldn't even be strong, or in the tournament if he truly believed in cooperation, which means universe 11 would already be smoke

3 on 1 just makes it more likely that he will win.

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>Tori-san, the fans see Jiren as sympathetic. What should we do?
>Make him more arrogant
>That's not working.
>Okay, lets make him try to murder all of Goku's friends for no reason.

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>Jiren fires at the spectators

So was this supposed to create tension and be scary? There are like 4-5 gods of destruction sitting on the spectator seats. Do you really think they would have just let Jiren's energy ball destroy them?

Why did Goku even bother trying to deflect that shot when he knew Beerus could have flicked it with his pinky?

Fuck this show and its forced drama.

But Frieza is confirmed to be in the next movie along with Saiyan race stuff.

Jiren can't win.

No he was just frustrated because he didnt have all these people backing him up when he gained his power. So he just got flustered.

>"Shit I just remembered my philosphy and current attitude make no sense when I'm part of a Super Hero team and also helped Dyspo during this tournament".

Do you think they give a shit about the mortals sitting there especially considering that those mortals who sit there lost the tournament? Jiren also just wanted to make a point not actually hurting someone. He knew that goku would deflect the attack

Nothing is confirmed. You can confirm that. Confirm my ass, you confirming confirmer. How's that for a confirmation?

That was a bit 'gratuitous in fact. Goku, however, is credible that he acts ... instinctively.

Sup Forums is wrong about everything.

>I dont think its 100% certain that he loses

Holy shit, how can anyone expect anything unpredictable from this show? It's a fucking saturday cartoon, the way it develops is more obvious than an 80's american sitcom.
They didn't even have the balls to kill of 17 temporarly despite the dragon balls, there's no fucking twists in this show, and in fact even a bunch of spics managed to perfectly predict the El Blanco transformation.

Jiren is the good guy idiot.

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No one predicted shit, Toriyama said he was going to do Blacno back during Battle of Gods and Resurrect of F, thats where the spics got it from in the first place

Why would anyone lie on the internet?

>perfectly predict

They predicted it for Gohan. They also had several other concurrent predictions.

Exactly this.
Why people don't want to correctly analyze things explained a thousand times in the series?

>Screeching about friendship is shit
>Trying to kill the spectators
Lol k bro

That picture is literally made for bi and closeted gay men. Those are 100% male abs. No question.

Except that the GoDs and the human spectators were all sitting in the same place all close together, you moron. An attack aimed at the humans is also one aimed at the GoDs.

Im glad they solidified the fact that goku isnt a superman clone when in reality hes just a guy who likes and wants to get stronger and protects his friends when needed to

So what? This doesn't make Jiren less different than a Cell when he go apeshit crazy because all his beliefs are being destroyed by an 11-year-old boy.

Jirens stronger than the gods of destruction but

Goku triggered his memories in space-Vietnam.

I think I understand now why DBS is popular in spicland.

DBS has a lot of similarities to lucha libre. It pretty much IS lucha libre. Man I used to be a big WWE fan back when it was still called WWF. Glad I outgrew that shit.

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I guess you would be the expert on that.

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It does though. What does Jiren believe?

>Strength is absolute
>Strength forgives all
>He can't lose

He got mad and rose to the challenge, beating a mortal with the power of an angel. He didn't fail.

Frankly we do not know yet at what level UI Goku and Jiren are in comparison to the GoDs.

I know what male human abs look like, but you're the one jacking off to them.

>He didn't fail.

He didn't?

>android 17 is still alive
How the fuck?

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This is Shida key animation, correct?

I think they've surpassed them, clearly. Even Freeza has learned how to endure hakai energy.

Jiren was trying to make a point. The problem is that in doing so he allowed Goku to be heroic by having him save his friends.

That was the intention for Jiren but he wanted to show how meaningless Goku's friends were. But he proved the opposite and just pissed Goku off.

The time Jiren went out of control is when he upped his power to match UI Goku. That was apparently unexpected even to Belmod.

He's a Gary Stu. That's how.

That and they had a unusually good spanish dub, like dbz is literally wwe at this point



>character "dies"
>not marked off on the godpad
>no body

Come on. I still can't believe people were fooled by this.

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Is there a planet full of purple anthropomorphic animals? Weve got cats, bunnies and now donkies, this is getting out of hand

Jiren has beaten Goku numerous times now. Each time, Goku was fighting with power that wasn't his own. The spirit bomb energy, Freeza's energy, Vegeta's energy, hope and trust energy. Each time, Goku's gifted power crapped out on him at the last second. If anything, Jiren would see that as a confirmation of absolute strength being the best.

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Nice projecting bro.

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>Jiren was trying to make a point.

Yes... still.
A character that until now has been apathetic and absolutely convinced of being invincible has been brought back to reality in a brutal way. Obviously he starts behaving like an idiot full of rage. The funny thing is that nobody asks him to deny his ideas, but accept that there is someone as strong as him is unacceptable.

anyone got the image of who eliminated who so far?

Jiren is badly written and ToP is one of the worst arcs in how it just throws everything out and drags out a boring plot.

The thing is that you can see the intention in the writing but the execution is shit.

And So? In the end his universe will still be deleted anyways. So, well done be the strongest. Just hope that Goku will bring him back to life.

There was no need to get Jiren into Cell mode. This thing that Jiren thinks to be the only one worthy of having absolute power because he saw a bit of shit it's terribly childish.

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Hit wasn't marked off the godpad either

>values strength above all else
>hates friendship

He's gone from being a bland ayy lmao to being a Saturday morning cartoon villain. Now he needs a crappy music intro where he sings about his plan to beat Goku.

so what is this shit now?
Is it super ultra instinct?


what are you trying to say i don't understand ?

>Only like two chapters into the ToP in the manga
>already over 1/4 of the fighters are out
Fuck, I knew it would be rushed but hell.

Mastered Ultra Instinct. Before Goku only had defense, now he has defense+offense

episode 130 officially recognized that the power limit in dragon ball for mortals is the"mastered ultra instinct"??? No more power levels beyond that,I guess...

How strong will be Goku after eating a Senzu and resting?

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kek, look at this retard.

We already know the next movie is going to have an even stronger villian, and thus, will require an even stronger power to beat.

Zenkais are out of the window apparently.
At least, he'll likely be able to use UI again for a longer period of time since he wont be as fatigued.