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Check out this guide i found

Who is thinking about buying this?
>$400 usd
The shipping is also not going to be pretty

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Nice, curvy.

I feel like I missed out.

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I want this painted so bad.

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How hard will they bin?

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You still can contact author and talk about ordering they always have some stock left.
I won't bother because lazy faggot who won't paint

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Godspeed, to any of you magnificent bastards that do it.

Hazuki nendo when?

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Not as hard as strike witches

How safe is it to get a sealed figure that's 6 years old? Should I expect plasticizer residue?

complete myth if you ask me. People wouldnt be happily trading figs if this was an issue

Got in some GKs from YJA today. I probably spent too much money on them, but I doubt there will ever be any official figures of them so it's probably ok.

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i want it already

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Reborn fujos are pretty dedicated, doujin scans still pop up sometimes. Probably won't bin, at best will go on bargain briefly at a flash sale, like what Hobby Search sometimes does.

You and me both, I am going to buy every figure they make of her (price figures excluded)

Give it another year and a half.

even the prize figure doesnt look half bad

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Judging prizes based on promo pics is a bad idea though.

Maybe I can consider the good ones. I don't really like price figures in general and since we are going to have many different options for her I don't really need the price figures.

even so 15-20 bucks isnt bad if i can get more plastic of zero two

>Toys r us stops operation in US and Britain
>Japan stores still open because of buyfags
Sasuga Nippon

I've got a very vague memory of it but does anyone know anything about Kantai Collection cargo containers? iirc they come in black grey and red and have various symbols and branding on them

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I've seen a bunch of them pop up for order.
A bunch of other anime, like Girls und Panzer, got them too. They're "just" the same crates with different markings
Search for "[anime] folding container"

Why is "just" in quotes?

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anyone used taobao to buy anything?
i know its shit quality but is there anything actually pretty good or worth since everything is so cheap

I don't have a good answer
At the time, it felt less harsh to someone who enjoys these things because all variations are the same folding crate with some different logos and symbols on the sides, and I personally feel that it's pretty low-effort

Very I liking

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Pick your top3 from your wish list and post them!
Which figures are you most looking forward to and will be insta buys for you when they release?

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>there is no where on Sup Forums except buyfag that isn't darling, VEG or super shitposting.


On topic, does anyone here have the alter fig of kotori minami from love live that can speak to her quality?

There's many reviews of her online..
But yes she's beautiful and very detailed. Read/watch a review to see for yourself.

There's been some cheap ones up on ami lately.

Nendoroids of masculine looking male character all look awful.

So I got a few boxes in the other day.

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And 2 hours of unpacking later

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Just to give an idea of how much here is another view

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From the front

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And here are the model kits, plus one of the spots some of them will live

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More kits

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That might as well be the sigle most inappropriate looking nendo I've ever seen.

Jesus fuck user how much space do you have
You went full ham on this hobby if you just started

Still need to decide who will get into the spot by my main work desk.

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It is a 4 bedroom house. Only my home office and a room I have the first floor for making model kits will have figures and kits on display in them.

My first figure I bought/won get the high spot of main desk space

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Is there anywhere decent to get slightly older doujin CDs outside of the normal places? (Y!Auctions, Melonbooks,Toranoana,Suruguya, Rashinban)
I've looked around them online and irl, but I'm struggling to find two CDs I want, price won't be an issue as long as its not absurd.

Ah, alright. Guess the boxes make it look like more than it actually is. Show us some pictures once it's all set up, I'd like to see that

Word of advice, don't by resin figures unless you like them a lot and don't plan on moving. These figures are like glass and a piece of them can snap off easy. You have know idea how happy I was when I found out she make it back to me ok seeing how I just wrapped her in bubble wrap and put her in as small as box she could fit in topped off with packing peanuts.

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I recently bought the Youjo Senki LN, I'm surprised by the quality of the prose, compared to other LNs I've read

Don't care for the character, but this sculpt is speaking to my dick. Especially the ass in the tight shorts.

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i wanna have sex with an AI !


What did they meme by this?

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user we need to talk..

fuck off

Painted when?

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that's a skirt though

They're short shorts.

user we need to talk about your habits.

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Did you inherit some money or something?

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are you this user ?
if yes then you have some great taste m8

Just the shipping for all of this would drain my wallet.

I am not.

I can't even tell what your tastes are. It's like you typed "cute anime girl" and "cool anime robot' into Google and bought everything that came up as a result.

I'm actually thinking about it, God help me. It would be the last thing for me to buy this year at that price, although there's still a cosplay rom I'm looking forward to. It'd pretty much be the center piece of my Pochaco collection, though.

Ciri would've been a better choice.

>Good Smile Company
Its going to take well over a year to come out isn't it.

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This doesn't look like Kizuna, she is more flat and less thicc.

Why are her legs so shiny and plasticy?

Is there a specific name for the type of British flag in pic related? I'd hang that on my wall

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How the fuck is that relevant to this thread?

Well a brief search shows that the blue background is for Scotland, however, one would need to be some kind of british history specialist to know a precise name and reason for such flag. Try ?

That's what the union jack will look like if Scotland leaves the UK

Does anons mommy have a big butt?

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I'd paint it if you catch my drift ;)

So you retards did't realize that those are moving boxes, not shipping boxes?

I want a Sorc already.

Can’t wait to hot glue

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she is a AI

Can those hearts actually be removed?



fuck. id take it unpainted too


piss off, let people be in bliss



I don't know

This Here is an actual big delivery

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can you repeat the question?

nice one janitor

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You almost had it that time.

You almost noticed that time.

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sorry is this better

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whats this? a big box for ans?

I'm so fucking confused right now.

user just fucking stop already