Does Sup Forums remember this show?
Just watched it and it was pretty good

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Flonne is for sex

I literally just broke out the PSP for the first time in over a year to play Disgaea 1 yesterday. Flonne and Etna are both useless.

All I remember about the Disgaea anime was that it sucked compared to the game's story and that Laharl's sister was pretty hot.

>Disgaea 1
Just give everything you have to Laharl and he'll beat the game for you.

flonne is strong as fuck it just take a little time to learn skills, but i agree that etna is retarded

There was an anime?

Either way Etna is pure sex.

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It was pretty good and dub was excellent

You make laharl look smart

Disgaea anime is famously terrible. Watch more anime.
Yeah, solo Laharl is easymode for the main story. Monster capturing is OP for endgame optional shit.

>Disgaea anime is famously terrible
The back and forth between the characters is great though! The way their personalities clash is so entertaining!

Granted, the animation isn't the best but the main trio is so lovable.

Watching the Disgaea anime is what made me pick up Disgaea 3 when I saw it in a shop, which was some good shit. That opening was so amazing, had to watch it at least once every time I started it up.

>no Etna OVA of her just bullying prinnies

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>Cast is composed nearly entirely of cute girls
>Main guy turns into a girl
>Is miles a better girl than the whole other cast
All that's missing would be the rest of the cast forcefully and brutally lewding her in a mixed frenzy of desire and jealousy

Fem Laharl is GOAT.

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Flonne is your go-to damage dealer in the main story next to Laharal

Also the anime was trash


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I enjoyed TV before I played the game. Then I rewatched it and it was dumb. The special is good though. Also the opening. youtube.com/watch?v=IT97IgifAXk

That's random OP.

The anime sucks. The games are great, though.

The ending uses one of the best songs ever. I genuinely love Kusari


I mean holy hell, how fucking pleasant

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I /think/ I've seen it, but I don't actually remember a single detail.

The game was good when I actually had time to play 100 hour JRPGs.

Oh so this is where it's from. Had this song in playlist for so many years that forgot where it's even came from.

the anime was good

Reminder that Majorita is the best Disgaea loli.

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Not necessarily my favorite, but I enjoyed her. Especially after she was forced to become the rabbit's friend by her own damn curse.

If you want that but better, just play the games.

The Disgaea anime was shit, but I like how it showed quite a bit of the Netherworld instead of having the characters always in the castle.

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Nisa a cool.

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Show sucked but games are great. I wish DD2 was just a slice of life with the cast instead of what it was. The characters they added was great but man the plot of that one was tired and unimaginative.

I don't understand people complaining about DD2 plot. D1 was exceptionally good in that regard and every next Disgaea was even worse than DD2 which at least was carried by cast.

>it was pretty good
Now that's what I call shit taste.

No, it wasn't. It wasn't just 'bad' either: it was terrible.
Thankfully we have the awesome games to make up for it.

She's still good though

Did Flonne and Etna become a couple now?

Let's go do some volunteer work and help people. Maybe pick up garbage or do a canned food drive!

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You have zero taste.

You have zero posting skills. And yes D4 plot is second worst after D3.

No, they're literal semen demons.

Laharl and co being there doesn't help saving the mess that serves as the story of this game.
I'd understand if you were saying that Valzy carried the shit plot of D4; but DD2's story is just irredeemable in my opinion.

D1 > D2 > D4 > D3 > DD2

It's fun but it really doesn't do the game's story justice. If I remember they at least did the Red Moon episode pretty well.

>Flonne and Etna are both useless.
Flonne is a monster once you teach her some spells and Etna is literally just discount Laharl.

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Correct opinion, D5 going between D4 and D3

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In design, maybe, but Usalai is better character

No way fag

D5 wasnt anything special, but I really came to like the main characters

Carnival Phantasm equivalent with all the characters of the NISverse when?

>Playing D5 for the first time
>Usalia's backstory with Majorita conquering her Netherworld and killing her parents is actually really heavy, she feels so guilty she'd almost be suicidal if she wasn't seeking revenge
>Get to the chapter's last stage where you fight her parent's reanimated corpses
>The special sad music can get overwritten by the Overload theme, characters all still say their wacky battle lines, the atmosphere of the climax to this emotional character arc is completely ruined
This series could be so great if they put 1/10th of the effort into presenting the story that they put into refining the gameplay.
I don't know how you screw up at something so basic that even FE13 pulled it off.

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I remember I played D5 but I just had to go look up a story synopsis because I forgot everything about it. For some reason that one was so bland and forgettable compared to the others.

The part of character saying wacky lines is something all games can be blamed, people wont add unique lines on gameplay just for one level

Every second of the plot in D2 felt forced or ham fisted and I mean that more than normal for a disgaea game. Now I wont say I didn't like it because at the end of the day I just play them for cast interaction but wow was D2 forgettable. Yes disgaea 2, 3, 4 and 5 had problems but they at least had some things going for them. In my opinion as far as plot goes its Disgaea 1 >>>>>>> Disgaea 2> Disgaea 4 > Disgaea 5 > Disgaea 3 > D2

True question, Flonne or Etna as main wife?

It's like Persona, the story isn't anything special and the characters are generally likable (or intentionally, comically unlikable) and inoffensive so you can at least brush them off but they won't stick with you.

In a game with as much customization as Disgaea it could not possibly be difficult to simply set a flag that would disable all or most voice lines for a specific stage.
Fucking Undertale of all games has a hidden "serious mode" setting that disables the game's wackier stuff for certain climactic fights.

Normally it wouldn't bother me that much but it sticks out badly in D5 with how often and how quickly the game's tone shifts yet the characters stay their highly exaggerated and expressive selves.

Who wouldn't pick Flonne?

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to to replay this game

I want this so bad.

Flonne is everything anyone would ever want in a wife.

Cute, caring, and stupid

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I will never forget Etna's pussy by Haga Yui. Ever.

There's more than a few NIS games that probably would have done better as an anime. Assuming they didn't cut anything, of course.

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But we are getting a gacha game now, Asagi as the MC, just kill me, she didnt deserve that

This is an Abe approved post

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Post OST

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>Makai Wars finally happens
>it's a gacha mobile game
This is hell

I just hope its translated, being nippon Ichi, maybe it will be good? Maybe

Fuck everything forever.

Killia is an insufferable edgelord.

Nah, he a is a emo at worst, and usually plays more the straight man of group, he gets better around the middle

Giving the nature of thia disgaea, the plot and jokes can be good, when compared to other gacha games, in the other hand, this is hell

Best NIS game ever if you ask me.

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Did they ever get around to releasing anything past their PS2 games on Steam?

That's incredibly fitting though

That's actually tough. Flonne is the obvious choice as far as being a wife and mother goes, but she'd be a failure of a queen. On the other hand, Etna can do a pretty good job when she isn't just making the prinnies do everything, but would probably be tsundere as fuck to her family and purposely mistreat her kids as a result.

God I wish that were me.

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I'm playing D5 now and it's so unbelievably fucking boring. The story and characters all suck (except Usalia and maybe Seraphina). The only good thing about it is the chapter previews.

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Revya/Gig fucking people up uncensored would have been godly. Too bad NIS cannot into games outside of Disgaea, and even then it only got the one anime series and flopped hard.

Let us post best iterations of their respective classes.

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>played disgaea 1
>Laharl was the leveled up one
>Etna Route? Sure
>Etna is now severely underleveled compared to all the shit in her route, with a few weak generic pupils I had made

Flonne is for being galactic space semen detective with Etna btw

>pretty good
Come back when the amount of shows you've seen is in the double digits, please.

The charcter arcs are so uninteresting.

Most. Not. Fap

It fucking hurts to know there will never be any more content for ZHP. The game was damn fun once you got past the torment that was running hungry every three steps.

Demons are for each other only!

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But Flonne is a fallen angel, no a demon

>implying flonne would be sad and not overjoyed to see demons having love
>Implying she wouldnt immediately join them by licking Etna's butthole and massagine Laharl's balls

Fallen Flonne is a demon, as shown by her wings, ears and tails. Later she get promoted back to Angel, and also become a massive slut.

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Disgaea D2 was such a mistake, holy shit.

>and also become a massive slut.
she always was

DD2 is only partically responsible, the trend was always there.

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>implying Flonne would know how to respond
>implying Etna wouldn't teach her all about being a semen demon while they simultaneously drain Laharl's prince dry

She started as a hippy "free love" slut, but with demon influence and animes she became a full bimbo. If D6 follow the trend, she should become a giaru/ganguro next.

>Not a loud mouthed perma virgin that lost her virginity to a piece of plastic with a photo of kritchevskoy tapped on it, and always refused any sort of intimacy ever since, not even a kiss on the forehead

Going to watch it after I buy and finish (again) the PC version of the first game. Apparently the anime has some good reviews, so it seems like a fun watch.

>Apparently the anime has some good reviews
They must not have watched it

>tfw burned myself off Disgaea 2 after getting it in the last sale
Guess I'll never beat Pringer X then

>she became a full bimbo.
meh she could be more slutty

This serie really could use some extra porn specially for the generic units

It gets good reviews if you don't know the source material, then it's a mediocre lolrandumb product.

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She's a sexually frustrated semen demon. Even if she shies from intimacy, that doesn't mean she hasn't imagined doing all sorts of depraved things with both Laharl and his dad.