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Last thread. cont from

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Again, thanks for the story time OP.

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Thanks op.

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Woah, there's more of the scarfaced assassin?

hitwoman is CUTE

>Still looking for porn remotely similar to this

and still failing, fuck me.

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I want slit mouth woman to molest me!

For some reason I'm imagining the slit-mouthed monster being voiced by Saori Goto.

ah so I didn't miss the food chapter in the end

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>General literally kicking a degenerate to the ground
perfect cute

Are you a cute shota?

Best boy chapter incoming and I didn't even notice.

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he made that kneesocks doujin
rule ihan was the name


I wouldnt mind some shounen esque moments.

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forgot pic

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That was a good doujin.

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oh man, I remember that one, time to fap, thanks user

here comes the king
Not enough time to read which one is better.

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Motherfucker made it, just look at those gains.

> PSG was almost eight years ago

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Fucking A+

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>there is a succubus and jian shi doujins too


He peed his chair?

X-kun was a mistake.

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second one
oh boy

That fucking face holy shit I'm dying.

You come into this humorous thread and just remind me I'm old now huh


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never ever
/r it on /h/

>the kids

oh shit, I dont know if my sides can take this again.

Poor Braveman

The fight of a hero is never over... ganbatte, braveman.


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his reputation cant sink any lower now, right guys?

Fucking auto quote.

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this really is keroro 2.0

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If you think about it stalkers are considered bad guys irl so General is technically a villian. Despite being pure and an anti-degenerate.

>defeated by kids
braveman should weaponize kids
I'm not passing the hero exam right?

That's kind of the point?

>General is a villain
Whoa whoa, hold up there user, let's not say things we can't take back

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Fuck that fucking cat

no bully

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well shes obviously not but in 3d land stalking is lawbreaking so she ironically is a bad guy.

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I'm afraid this is the end guys.

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>her dead form appeared again
I love it

>tfw ugly heart and ugly face

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No one with her body can be a virgin

I guess second panel can be used when your fetish button is pressed hard.

I haven't read this far into the comic before. Thank you very much for storytiming.

Unless someone can find me some translations of the gg-chan and brainwashing chapters

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calm down with the pics or we will reach the limit earlier again

Could you post the raws of the new chapter?

Thank you very much, user.

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thank you OP, it was a nice read before sleeping.

same as the one in your gif.

Wanna bully Chaika

No... nooooooooo


That I can do.

she is crazy enough to drive rapist away, and maybe she was all nerd and dorky when younger.


its because shes pure and a good girl

Chaika on the front page, NOW!

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I can't believe Black-san is fucking dead!

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you called?

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Thanks God for danbooru, this chapter is top cute.

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> Coffin
> That hair
> That hairband
> Those eyebrows
> That way of speaking
If that's not Chaika, who the fuck is it?

See you when Volume 4 is out dumpfag.

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Casual GG is cute as fuck.

oh my god and dick

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Not gonna lie, #2 rocks the fuck out of this pants + hoodie style

so, they're jelly?