Scenes in anime that have been parodied or referenced by other anime, cartoons, or video games

Scenes in anime that have been parodied or referenced by other anime, cartoons, or video games

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/r/ing up the Bruce Lee gifs

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This pose

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and the death scene
there are more parodies of the death scene than gets in your post

TTGL copied the Ideon missle spam, used it in the same episode as Ideon, and they happen at the same timestamp in their respective episode.

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There's a sound of a howling wolf used a few times in Ideon and the same sound is used near the end of End of Evangelion when Shinji splits the Spear of Longinus.

Easiest one

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Also relevant

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Anno is an ideonfag.

mirin that bulge

Has Giant Robo ever been referenced/parodied?

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Final game not so much, but the initial reveal got me hyped for a Princess Mononoke inspired Zelda.

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Think there was a scene in Redline with Lynchman styled like this

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at least naruto was better

It's just so badass.

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Every Gainax badass ever

Nyaruko was the Kamen Rider anime we always wanted

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Everyone loves the Obari pose

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Why'd they make up a different name for it, I would never know.

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Every Gintama episode ever

>tfw the neo armstrong cyclone jet armstrong cannon reference too stronk, not one has yet to try a parody of it.

>that pose
>that quote
I'm triggered

Raoh's death pose

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Watamote's 6th ending (starts @ 2 min) was a parody of Air Master's ending .

just post Gintama.

Lupin fan from the old days, late 80's when I was a little kid.
>It was on sbs one night in 1989, inb4 ozzie posta.
What's the current anime that homages it, depicted here ?

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Missed Toya with brunhild in isekai smartphone

I thought the same thing.

It's a cutscene from Persona 5. Game is full of references to both Arsene Lupin and Lupin III.

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One episode of Pokemon heavily referenced ping pong

Persona is a massive Jojo reference.

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I still can't get over how that little reference to Anne of Green Gables partly builds up to the big reveal at the end.

Ashita no Joe ending, from action anime to hentai

Don't forget the Inazuma Kick.

I always admire just how fucking dedicated to pastiche TTGL was. Making an odd number episode count, just so that there could 26 episodes of content AND a recap episode was ridiculous.

What's funny is that pose is itself a reference

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I believe get backers also parodied this Lupin scene.

>that hat
>those sideburns
>that bimbo

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It also game with an Ace wo Nerea homage.

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Burn Up eXcess got weird, or at least did its best trying.

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The postcard memories of Dezaki.
Freeze the last frame and we get an image full of details, similar to a painting.

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I love norik

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Isn't this just a rip-off?

I can't believe I have a webm of this shit

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>There are mods for Shrek, Buzz Lightyear and CJ from GTA but no Prince Ashitaka, San or Yakul

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I remember an episode of Billy and Mandy referencing this.

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