16 DBS Threads in Sup Forums

>16 DBS Threads in Sup Forums

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Yes how dare people discuss anime on an anime image board, the horror!

retarded frog phoneposter

It's fine, he is cute at least.

Yes because the world needs more Dragonball threads on the internet.

Neck yourself dumb frogposter

Dumb Frog-phoneposter

We need to go back to the days of 20 gurren lagann threads.

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>20 Darling in the ass threads

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>crossboarder who uses popular Sup Forums image tells us to fuck off back there
Ironic. Now I can definitely confirm you are a Sup Forumsirgin

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Why is Sup Forums so bitter against DBS?

It's filled with Sup Forumsirgins now, but as someone who used to browse them before its because DBS is even more worse written then your average turn your brain off harem (Love Tyrant for example)
The original DB and DBZ aren't gold standards for a good series, but the writing is passable. Super lacks even that, making a superhero nearly kill 7 harmless folk on the stands, no doubt to have kids cheer for Goku instead of the superhero

cry moar

>average DBSpic

It's not just that they've shitted all over ODB and Z, it's that they've shitty on Jiren beyond believe too, i'm genuinely mad.

I hope Japanese animation companies blacklist Toei writers, they're a blight

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Isn't there only a single episode left? Surely it'll be over soon. Instead of having 16 constant DBS threads, we'll end up having a constant 1 as has been the case for however long Super has been airing.

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>That grammar
I know it's you, Paco,

because its popular

same reason jojo was hated cross boarders

Oh no new threads on Sup Forums better go bump my semi-defunct general.

Basically this.

Keep in mind though next week when the finale airs we'll have to endure one last massive wave of DBS threads before they finally fuck off.

*shitted me man the keyboard is slippery slope

So this is the power of Sup Forums

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>shit writing
>poor animation
>lame new characters
>too many transformations

plenty of cucks still defend it though