Darling in the FranXX

This show turned dystopian quick. Fun and games are over.
Comfiness is gone.

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Amazing reaction face material.

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>They're still forcing this shitty meme

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Are they clones of those old people?
Why did that old lady look familiar to him?
Why did she use medical device in the "pet mode"?
Can't be friends... she practically laughed at his face.

Whole episode was pretty fucked up if you ask me. Disturbing shit.

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Denied both a handshake and friends in one episode how will Zerome ever recover?

shh...just hop in the pleasure machine and everything will be all better

I don't know about the comfiness being gone, look how comfy this man is while siphoning the life force and happiness of his partner.

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fucking brainlets

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its his mom

I bet they all received a lethal dose of radiation and have like few years to live max.

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Give back her smile you fucking shits

Don't do this to us TRIGGER

i don't know, user

it's not like he has a super cute partner or anything

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02 > Miku > Nana = Kokoro > Ikuno > Ichigo

Hir02 = ZoroMiku > Ichigoro > MitsuKoko

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>Hir02 = ZoroMiku
what madness is this? 02 carries the whole relationship by herself

it's a real thing.


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I like it.

SHIT, great minds think alike.

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Can clones breed?

Artifical heart pump?

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She is old, after all. Plus I can't imagine she gets a substantial amount of exercise.

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Of course it is. The scariest part is how it's inevitable when you really think about it.

>Radiation made everyone sterile
>adults have to give their genes to papa so he can make clones
>zorome isn't the old lady's son conventionally just a product of her genetics
calling it now, poor Kokoro's gonna find out the hard way that book on baby raising is useless.

don't worry, the milkman will knock her up before he dies

fatty can raise his kids

>knock her up

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So, the ending of Pearl Harbor?

why would they waste time sterilzing them if they don't expect them to live long?

Did Zorome really got a "No" answer when asking granny about being friends?

I thought of it more like "of course, thats not even needed to be said" but now i have doubts

>turned dystopian
I mean it was already there just to what degree is all we didn't know. Has this part of it actually been going over peoples heads or something?

Slow episode with no action, but that creeping and grimdark atmosphere though. I love this show's classy and cool military-like uniforms. They're especially cute on the girls. That said, after this episode...
Ichigo > Miku > 02 > Kokoro > Ikuno
Goro > Zorome > Hiro > Mitsuru > Futoshi

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I thought the latter too but then again, I'm an ESL

>That's obviously out of the question
>[widescreen mode]
>After all, you're--
Granny's definitely relevant in some way now.

Yep, that's a big fat no.

Whats muri, japanese for no? If that's so, fucking cold ass granny wtf is her problem.

It means impossible. No way.

Good fucking taste

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Then they are confirmed to be family somehow. I mean, he asked her to be friends and then this

Fucking stupid granny, seriously thought she said yes, now I'm pissed ty.

>After all, you're going to die rather soon.
>After all, you're never going to become an adult.
>After all, you're not going to be allowed to live here.
>After all, you're only a pet.

pick your poison user, no way she told him he's his son/grandson/clone and have him that upset.

Isn't that more about him being a Parasite though?

she's evil. all the adults are fucking evil elitist pigs.
adults are exploiting kids and raising them as cattle so they can protect them.

More like some fuel cell I think, they seem to bring her a box with a replacement when they come to pick up Zorome.

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I think it was confirmed that its because either she's going to be dead soon, given her physical condition, or as they mentioned, the kids are all "infected" with something meaning they can't be allowed to get into contact with the others. Hopefully they clarify what the infection is soon.

What will be their fates?

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Isn't that one of those pda type things? I though he was checking her device on it.

My take on it is that Zorome and the childs are actually "toxic" so the granny was being poisoned just by hanging and talking near him, thats why she almost fainted.

Might explain why the other dude did not give the handshake to Zorome.

Maybe the guy gave this replacement because it's not "infected" as the current one she is using after meeting him.

actually he said family before he cut himself off because in a sense he knew that this wasn't going to be NGE or FLCL but just some bullshit because Japan lost its creative touch because they banned shrooms and favors greedy chinks and now they are empty inside

isn't 02 older than all of them anyway?
what if the infection is something that turns you into a klaux hybrid if you happen to survive it?

will the 016 grow horns and shit too?

Ironically enough, aren't the adults closer to being "parasites"?

That could easily mean any number of things. After all, you're
>going to die
>not going to live here
And so on.

Please actually kill yourself.

What a faggot lmao

Everyone dies except Fatoshi because no one cares about him anyways.

There's 14 more Eps of this shit left. Jeez... I think everyone will hate it by the time they're done.

This should have been a 12 ep season.

the men in funny masks making child soldiers call them 'papa' didn't clue you in ten episodes ago?

This show should have never existed in the first place.

Don't you have some KyoAnus to lick?

I don't think so, the PDAs/phones they use are some tiny things which project a holoscreen, they don't look like that.

The timing of her fainting is pretty suspicious.
>Zorome says he'd rather get enjoyment the natural way, like eating something tasty
>Granny nearly falls to the floor
>she recovers
>Zorome talks about his urge to protect Miku and how it might be what makes the FranXX work
>Granny nearly faints
>dude brings her a replacement orange heart thing
The series seems to be hinting at some connection between minds, feelings, FranXX and magma energy. FranXX work best when partners love each other, FranXX use magma fuel, partners need to mind meld, Strelizia gets wings when Hiro and 02's relationship advances. Granny has an orange "fuel cell" above her heart, she becomes distressed when Zorome talks about positive feelings, the only way for them to get happiness is through some strange machine, it's all very weird.

The infection might be something stranger than a disease. After all, Nana and Hachi are adults allowed in the city, so nobody seems to be wary of them yet they are also not wary of the kids. If it were some "normal" contagious infection, shouldn't Nana and Hachi be worried, or else shouldn't they be barred from the city?

nice points user

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>Zorome dreams of what is obviously his birth
>Meets an older woman and feels nostalgia towards her without understanding why
>Almost asks her to be his family but catches himself
>Stops having the dream after meeting her
And it still slipped right by so many people. This is why he have to deal with shitty exposition and infodumps in so many shows.

Based user.

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This one you mean? A-1's going to rape it and then cum all over it.

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>02 > Miku > Nana = Kokoro > Ikuno > Ichigo
You reversed the list user. Le t me help you out.

02 < Miku < Nana = Kokoro < Ikuno < Ichigo


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I really want these two to get together. They're the second best couple.

Hiro x 02 > Zorome x Miku > Mitsuru x Death > Futoshi x Kokoro > Goro x Ichigo while Ikuno watches and masturbates

Are nana and hachi literally 07 and 08? Maybe the reason they're allowed to be the intermediary between the adults and the kids is that they were pilots who managed to not get killed. They're also a man/woman pair. Also notice that 0ni had access to the city. Maybe all single digits get access to higher level areas since they're "special"? Too many coincidences here.

>humanity lives underground
>kids with zero knowledge of life nor the world are the first line of defense
>the entire surface of the planet is a desert with remains of cities here and there
>the city is one big solitary maze
>bunch of rooms for inhabitants that are nowhere near to see
>ends up all are old and most of theme are connected to VR machines
>kids cant be there for some sort of infection
>theyre not even welcome in there by citizens
getting fallout vibes all of a sudden

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>The second best couple
>Not the best
You had one job user.
Moreover, you accidentally switched Kokoro with Death.

It's always been a dystopian society from the begining

>when someone shit talk the best couple

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>Futoshi x Kokoro
"Nice partner"

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Hiro and 02 are better, because they're actually dating.

They are probably the only pairing everyone actually agrees on.

>Fatoshi and Ikuno cut off from the picture entirely
It's not fair.

>Be fat and lesbian
>In Japan
Those two are going to die.

>implying Fatoshi doesn't transform into Fitoshi and convert Ikuno away from her lesbian ways completely BTFO Milkman and Cowtits for betraying them
Come on, it writes itself.

she has the same eyes as him, probably his mother, or at least he was vat-bred using her genetic material

>They're better because they are dating
So you're saying that it's only when Zorome confesses to Miku that they can be the best couple?
That's like a really shallow way of assessing how good/interesting a relationship with two characters is, in my opinion.
Although I can understand why some people would think this.

This episode made me far more anxious. Some children are going to die. I can feel it.

>02 and hiro are dysfunctional and seem distant as fuck despite all that has happened. Hiro is one dimensional and boring. 02 is looking for more but isn't getting it from him other than him surviving 3 times.
>Cow tits will cuck fatty
>Milkman's partner is a lesbian who keeps it purely professional
>Ichigo likes hiro and has goro looking like the nice guy orbiter
Who would have thought zorome and miku would be the normal couple

they're codependent. despite what your fantasies may tell you, that is not good for any sort of long term relationship

Kinky. I think I'll use such a device in a rape fiction piece I'm writing.

It's almost too good to be true. I'm waiting to see how will this show ruin their relationship.

is this show good yet?
Dropped at beach ep

Miku dies

No, abandon ship and don't look back.

Why are you asking Sup Forums? The board is filled with contrarians and people who can't follow anything subtle while faulting anything that isn't.

>There are people here who still think that Fatoshi stood a chance
You brought it upon yourself, user.

>Implying Fitoshi isn't the one who'll betray Kokoro for being too fat
Screencap this. Fatoshi only liked Kokoro because she was fat and will dump her when he becomes a roidfag.
Then Milkman will come out as the cliché tsuntsun shoujo manga love interest guy and save Kokoro from despair.

>entire thread dedicated to shitting on this show
>notice there's another thread actually discussing the new episode
Literally kill yourselves.



Literally. Kill yourselves.

It's his mum. How did so many people end up at the clones conclusion?

fags aren't welcomed here

the adults don't talk or have sex

how would they reproduce?

>the adults don't have sex
Why do they even bother staying alive? There is no quality of life there. Just fucking kill themselves.

She literally says that they partner up to procreate, while images of sex flash on the screen. She probably rapes her husband while he's in his pleasure coma.

Given how sterile this society is, I wonder if they ACTUALLY have sex, or if they just donate their genetic material.

The old woman is just a random old woman. Zorome just realized that the lives of the adults is incredibly dull and uneventful. They don't talk with each another, they don't argue, they don't interact. They just live.
That's why he cried, and why his golden dreams that represent his desires wanting to be an adult died with it.
Sometimes, a cigar is really just a cigar.

Argentea team isn't codependant: They have an immature relationship that's going to be clearly fucked up by an absolute lack of parenting, but they've got the best chance of something reasonably healthy.

I'll admit it might be an issue of relative sensitivity next to the collapsing star of JIAN that's approaching supernova over in Strelitzia.