Is shinase autistic?

Is shinase autistic?

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pity bump


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Kimari is a dumb autist

So this show is dead already isn't it

Show airs on tuesday, and it's saturday.


Imagine if you typed "She sees your dick" instead of letting your Sup Forums out.

Actually it's beating even VEG right now so the show is quite popular, at least in Japan.

I didn't want to contribute to a thread that misspells my wife's name.

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I want Yuzuki to sit on my face


Yes, Takako is dead.

Your wife has autism.

Gotta appeal to this show's target audience.

The show is normalfag af senpai

>she's got a patch

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How do I get a job in antarctica?

You must be chosen by the High King of the Pengins.

Is Shirase HanaKana's best role?

I usually can't stand her voice (unless its Mikan), but I didn't even notice here until someone pointed it out because Shirase is so interesting.


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Shirase's bestest best girl.

Out of the things I've seen, definitely.

Stupid blind luck. There's supposedly hundreds to thousands of applications for every position that opens. You're competing against people who probably have far better paper credentials than you do. And even if they don't, your background means jack if the recruiters don't see your application. If you happen to be selected, then you need to pass extensive physical, dental, and psychological exams; failure to pass any of them means cancellation of your contract.

Good luck.

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Yusuki is my favorite.

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Yeah I usually can't stand her anymore since she's everywhere, but here I don't mind her at all. She's definitely doing a top tier job.

Fuck. Must be hell on the applications

I love how she reiterated that point.

>There's supposedly hundreds to thousands of applications for every position that opens
I doubt there are that many people willing to risk becoming a corpsicle.

I dunno. You tell us.

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I'm gonna marry Shirase.

>everyone cries again
Truly the most realistic girls show.

We get it, you have shit taste, stop bumping this thread with the typo in the OP and let us make a better YoriMoi thread

But I never said anything about quality?