Fate/EXTRA Last Encore

>10 episodes

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>10 episodes
What is this meme?

The last two episodes are being aired on the same day.

Shouldn't it be listed as 11 rather than 10 episodes then?

i presume shit flopped if that's the case?

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You have no clue how far in advance anime scheduling is done.

No, you dumb fucks. 10 episodes on TV, the rest shown through special broadcast. This is typical SHAFT, they've pulled this stunt before.

Fuck, Hakunon's voice is CUTE!!

>muh Flop last encore
>only 10 episodes
Who cares? Just flop already

Need more UMU~

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UMU! Agreed.

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I want SHAFT to never do a series outside of their monogatari containment franchise every again

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How much do her metal boots weigh?

fuck off

There's no way they'll be able to wrap this up in 12 episodes.

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oh boy another fate thread that starts off with franxx and veg fags shitting on it

split cour I guess

with tamamo mc ofc :^)

We already know how this will end. Twice will crush Hakuno, and another Dead Face will begin the slow ascent with Nero.

Last Encore is perfect filter for pseudo TM fans.

Are autists on nyaa still fighting over translating terms?

There would need to be subs for them to do that.

i think one dude stepped in and doing it on its own now


>4 days until the subs

>no Mathman

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This is a joke, right? I had the hope this was slow burn and started getting good later. I can't believe I was hyped for this shit since it was announced.

Nasu is not for you.

I liked the VNs and Extra.

Doubt your read anything besides Fate.

Good he was never great you retard

You mean the routes? I read all of them plus HA.

He always was great you /fgog/ retard.

>Hakunon is real
>HAKUNO(Nikui) is fake
>Nero said something about them looking alike despite being different genders
>Nero x Hakunon
Oh god, WHY? Why Yurishit? What's next? Hakuno is gay?

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The director, writer, and entire anime staffs need to be shot, and i refuse to believe nasu actually wrote this garbage, i bet the studio just borrow his name

He's so straight he turns his female counterpart gay simply by existing.


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You need to be shot. LE is good and is a pleb filter.

>100% Nasu
>i refuse to believe nasu actually wrote this garbage
Fate babies?

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Wasn't Tamamo confirmed appearing? Will it be just a cameo?

I don't get a few things. Rin and Rani both KNOW Nero. Rani said she knows Nero's Grail War, but they never met. Rin knew Nero defeated Julius on 5th floor. How? They weren't in Hakunon's Grail War.

>LE is good and is a pleb filter.
Fuck off shit enabler

This is future. Men(MC) are obsolete and unnecessary, and yuri the best thing that happened in anime

Keep crying about the good old days, grandpa.

Yurifags are as bad as Fujoshit

Go cry somewhere else, ahmed.

It's true.

So, what part of the story confused you and needs to be explained?

By the time any numbers are out, it's too late to change episode numbers or the content of the episodes, retard

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I love gay shit


it's widely known that autistic people get uncomfortable about surprising and unexpected developments.

they like everything to be routine and predictable

I'm sure once this series is completed it and the ending is known, Sup Forums will appreciate and love it for what its worth

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Rin already knew Hakuno from the start, rewatch the first episode. She was definitely in Hakunon's Grail War, probably had the same role as Extra.

>skipped Round 4
Well fuck you too, Nasu

Then Nero would recognize her. She didn't. They never met. And if they never met, that'd mean she'd die. Because in Moon Cell Grail Wars, everyone dies.

Chyuu when?

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next week

Hope hakunon summons redman

Hey faker, the nonames club is 2 timelines down.

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At least Redman cares about Hakunon. Risked everything to help her in Extella/Zero, the one in Extella is from her timeline, which is about to get pruned.
Gilgaymesh, he wastes away sleeping in Malignant Information, the thing Hakuno is made of. He only leaves the Malignant Information to go save Hakuno. Didn't give a fuck about Hakunon, let her die, but nooooo, muh hakuno is different. Fuck this gay piece of shit. He doesn't deserve to even look at Hakunon.

I am glad that Hakuno is not alone in being Dead Face actually.

Her hair looks like melted cheese Umu.

ahmed, stop calling others "ahmed"

>No Seigi no mikata
>it flops

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Hakunon is so sexy

>foxfags didn't get their waifu
>actionfags didn't get their epic fights
>"pre 2006 Nasu"fags didn't get their Redman and Shirou wank
Feels absolutely good. Hope shaft does all of their adaptations.

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>"pre 2006 Nasu"fags
That's me!
>didn't get their Redman and Shirou wank
I'm not seeing the problem.
>Feels absolutely good.
Same here. LE has been a fun ride.
>Hope shaft does all of their adaptations.
For Extra series, sure. Shaft wouldn't work quite as well for other stuff like Case Files or Strange Fake.

>Case Files or Strange Fake
Haven't read either of those, who would work (if not ufo)? I've started the Pale Fragments LN, I think Shaft would do it well, again if not ufo.

If you like this then you're most likely not the "Nasu is only good pre-2006" crowd.

It was obvious that either series will have less than 11 episodes or it's 2cour but since there is new show airing (SAO A GGO) in the same time slot so yeah

>not Shirou wank
>Strange Fake
hehe unfinished

This show is legit bad, flashing images and umu doesn't make it good especially when you have a protaganist with the personality of a wet towel, fucking cardboard-kun from Apocrypha was better.

Explain why you like Hakuno.

hakunon belongs to gil

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She belongs in the embrace of death.

good thing both she and redman are dead

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>good thing

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trash will always remain trash

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You know, is this show going to end with literally everyone dying? I mean, is anyone actually alive besides the remaining Masters and our main cast? I assume Shinji's city was wiped off the map, and we know there aren't any people left on the remaining layers.

Is this entire adventure basically enabling the Moon Cell's death wish?

What I don't get is how Rin became Lancer.

Same way Mashu became Galahad. The exact details of what happened that caused this are unknown, but we know the process is the same. Cu's Saint Graph merged with Rin.

Sorry, but Hakunon officially belongs to Altera. Even her outfit in Extella was made for Titan.

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isn't the outfit hakuno/hakunon wears the system admin control regalia?

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Hakunon is for Enkidu

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>she's talking about the number of penises she took last night

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Dunno, maybe.
Anyway in Material is stated that they designed Hakunon's outfit like they did because they like imagery of pure priestess and fearsome alien deity.

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best cat neededs to be added to extella 2

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Ok, so it's basically Ishtar but with Cu I guess.

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Fuck off shitposter

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Why not?
If you're missing some personality from Hakuno play the games

rin probaly had to uses her hacker skills in a last ditch effort to survive and merged with her servant.
but she can probaly only substain the form for short bursts and not at full servant power.
she could barely contain alice monster form

>cardboard-kun from Apocrypha was better
>Secondaries actually think that


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MUCH different.

Ishtar is a Pseudo-Servant. It is Ishtar, possessing the body of Rin due to having similar soul wavelength. Ishtar can't possess just anyone. And Ishtar is now in control of Rin's body. Rin's personality still exists, 25% of Rin's personality "merged" with 75% of Ishtar's. It affects and makes Ishtar less evil, but overall, Ishtar is in control.

This Rin is a Demi-Servant. Cu gave Rin his powers, nothing more. This process of giving powers, merging a Servant's Saint Graph KILLS everyone. Rin survived for some reason, not yet explained. It's presumably due to Rin's "body" being a digital avatar. Here, Rin can transform and use Cu's powers, nothing else of Cu remains. He's gone.

Regalia is the Ring. The outfit is just what they liked.

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Your explanation seems very plausible. I keep thinking the series will follow the game even though it was already diverging since the beginning. I never played CCC, but I don't remember human-servant hybrids being a thing. In any case thanks for your thoughts on my little question it helped the series make a little more sense to me.

So that explains why she needs Hakuno. He's her Master. We never saw her use the form before meeting him. And she can enter his Ladder, like his Servant would.
Mashu in FGO also needs a Master. Same is happening with Rin.