Yuru Camp


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Why would I run from cute Ena?

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Don't do this to my dick at this time man

Do what?

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audibly keked, just how cheap is this anime?


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Her eyebrow game ridiculous

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>Yuri camp

Gotta admit, Chiaki looks pretty cute in this pic

Aoi already has a boyfriend though

Dorky-looking plain girls who secretly have great asses.

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Are japs using snapchat??

Are there anymore info about the supposed prequel OVA?

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i-is sensei gonna get liver cirrhosis?

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We can only hope

Would you take Sakura-nee-san up on this offer?

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I guess she's Shibarin then?

I don't want that though.

What's going on here?

Ena is so cute. Normal really is the best.

> you will never marry Ena, live in a house with a car, two children and a dog and grow old together
Why live.

why is this show very popular to normalfags?

Next week, anons, next week.

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I want to soak this rum cake.

Anime is the new hip cool thing to like like video games were.

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I don't want it to end

it isnt actually over

Am I pregnant now?

Why would I fuck her in her bed ? It'd just take her in the woods 30 meters away from the camping, pump her full of my goo in a love hotel, or fuck her on her bed before having her introduce me to her family.

Is sensei the best Yuru?

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Every alcoholic is best girl

Wife tier.

She's tied with nee-san for me.

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I would like to make a point of them freaking out over A5 beef. It is, if anything, an understated reaction. I had the luck of trying a piece when I was in Japan, and it is beyond ridiculous when it comes to quality.

fuck I want that sensei poster


FUCK I didn't notice. I just saw all the booze.

Now I want it even more.

Day 1 of 2 into my Yuru Camp pilgrimage in Yamanashi. Covered a lot of ground today, but lots more still to go tomorrow.

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Have managed to visit all the locations in this cluster so far.

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>She's tied with nee-san for me.
My nigga

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Good going, moneybags.

Going to bed now. Need to be up again early tomorrow.

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Good luck user

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What was the soundtrack that started at 13:04? Kind of reminds me of Aria's and Yokohama's Choro Club

I like how it's totally acceptable for a high school teacher in Japan to get major league thrashed with her students in her free time.

Looks beautiful

it's ok if the others don't know about it

College professors in Japan are expected to go drinking with their students

I don't know, breh. Back in my days, only the scout leaders allowed themselves to get fucked up after we went to bed, our teachers always stayed sober on class camps.

I've been juggling whether to study Japanese at uni, or enter trade school to become an electrician, and you're making a strong argument for Japanese since I'll be having a semester abroad at a Japanese university.

Enter trade school and become an electrician, or if you're more academically inclined stay in university and study electrical engineering. Don't spend 4 years of your life paying to learn a language and not a job

Hope you get better weather tomorrow, user.

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Have a nice trip!

Is the thread on autosage or Sup Forums is fucked up again?

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It's just on nobody posted anything for 50 minutes so it's sinking down to the depths of page 10.

Pls dont die.

I do really like here eyebrows.

The whole board feels incomplete
The freeze from a few days ago really beat the shit outta us didn't it?

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And i still dunno what's the reason behind the incident...

It's just a lot of assumptions. From what I heard, authorities froze the boards that a /r9k/ poster who committed suicide live went to the most. I don't know how true it is though, so take it with a grain of salt.

Someone on Sup Forums made a threat to shoot up a specific school, which lead to the lockdown.

Also could just be a coincidence. No one can really say for sure so we might as well just move on.

Please use a fire stand alright?

Are you going /out/ to enjoy the last week of winter?
or will you stay in the rest of the season

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Wow, that's impressive.

It's not comfy, but I may go snowboarding again.


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I don't know how to feel about this.

Alright fags, which one of you was this time?

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>not that bright firestarter

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>Poland could never into space
>Now it can't even into hiking

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Kurwa Ivan

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I don't trust nip moot for a second though, it sounds fishy.

The latest episode was so gratifying, it was nice to finally see them all together camping.

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god I love aoi and her cute accent

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Are you serious?

Imma start watching this thing right now, wish me luck

I don't hate it.

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That Chiaki though.

Is honey not good on steaks?

Don't tell me this thing never happened in your high school.


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I ran into my Spanish teacher at a Phish concert and smoked weed with him while I was tripping on mushrooms.

Someone finally told her her hair looked dumb and she instantly became a 10/10.

That tomato looks seriously delicious.

Japs, like most of the modern First World, use WeChat.

I want to fuck Chiaki so hard.

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>not WIFE

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I thought I'm the only one here who wants to fuck Chiaki.

Chiaki is the kind of girl who would hang out at small underground music clubs with a jacket that smells like cigarettes and get a little too drunk on dita orange and blush when you start whispering sweet nothings at her and giving her bedroom eyes until she succumbs and starts making out with you in the smoky dimly lit back corner.
aka just my type

Why does everyone else have such shit taste?

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