What does Sup Forums think about haruhi?

what does Sup Forums think about haruhi?

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also i hate the whole cast.
yes even kyon.

I think she's a cute capricious tsun tsun chuuni literal goddess. The show aired in it's S2 ensemble when I was a teenager at school and I have a soft spot for it. She's not really my type though, I liked Mikuru when I watched it back then. Because breasts. And cute mole.

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why is she so cute?

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Relatively simple design, above average but still appropriate energy levels, and curiosity about the unexplained all contribute to cuteness.

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Friendly reminder that in around 3 months her series becomes 15 years old.

She was my favorite before sasaki appeared. Sasaki is so cool and chill and level headed that i want her to be my best friend

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are the light novels worth reading? i could never find them online and gave up on finding them years ago

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That outfit does wonders for my dick

release order > chronological order
prove me wrong

Bunnygirl Haruhi is the only best Haruhi. Every other Haruhi is garbage

She would be in her 30s now. There is potentially a demigod running around.

What? They're super easy.

sasaki is a qt, but my heart is for the chaos god

maybe they're easier to find now, its been awhile, i was looking for them before the disapperence movie was released

I'm pretty sure you could find them in bakatsuki's site back then.

Go read them if you liked anime. I don't think you are even trying to search. Official translation and even original Japanese ebooks are easy to pirate online. Just make sure you don't end up downloading trash fantranslations

only the pictures

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>i could never find them online
did you even try?

theres only 11, so why the fuck now

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release order is a gimmick. chronological makes more sense for character progression

>did you even try
yeah, but as i said i gave up because i couldnt find them

i just searched google for them now and found them on reddit

Never say I never did anything nice for you user.


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thanks user
you're a good guy

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Throw them in the trashbin. You got no idea how terrible haruhi fan translation scene was back then. Like that's the period when even someone like ultimatemegax jumped straight into translating stuff when he couldn't even do basic Nihongo grammar.

user, unless you fancy weird prose and plenty of mistranslations, don't download them

>being a jew shill
The Official Translations suck so much more than the fan translations.

It's what I had. Are there official releases? I'm not poor, I should probably buy them.

I've read the fan translation and the yen press translation

it's the sameshit

The world has gone increasingly more crazy ever since Haruhi disappeared and now the divine memes control reality without any supervision. I put forth that the world will only reattain sanity when the LORD our Haruhi returns to once again bring divine order to the chaos. In short, Kyon-kun needs to stop fucking around and get his ass back into the timeline. Let us pray this is the year that it finally happens.

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You see i am not even a fan of official translations but they do at least show that translators knew japanese but i can't say the same for fantranslations that are rife with plenty of mind-boggling mistranslations. Official translation of first few volumes don't flow that much well in English sometimes because translator had no idea how to deal with tanigawa's prose but they do get ok later

Fucking no, show ending with sighs is retarded (or S1 ending with bitch Haruhi wanting to destroy the world)

But did you read in japanese? At least you must have recognized how trash the prose in fantranslations is compared to officials

god I wanna let her taste my BBC so bad

>posts young brown-ish boy for 10nth time this year

I would do whatever she said

Aya Hirano's career is dead, which makes me very very sad.

The only haruhi worth my time is Fujioka from Ouran.

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kyon-kun, denwa!

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i got a dream where vol 12 got released in December of 2018 and my parents bought it for me as a birthday gift. I even remember reading few pages into it with kyon fucking both haruhi and sasaki although i forgot most of my dream. I think we'll actually get an announcement this year. So brace yourself for more haruhi madness



>Aya was 18 when Haruhi began
>She's already 30, she'd be in her mid-to-late 30s if they ever get around to making Haruhi S3

What went so wrong?
>inb4 bassist

Tanigawa and his mahjong addiction.

god tier body, shit tier personality

why does she sit like that

The entire premise of Disappearance is a rejection of your assertion.

maybe her butt hurts

Just imagine having sex with such a god tier body and such an abrasive yet kind and energetic personality?

godly body and personality

Smiling Kouyouen Haruhi is literal perfection.

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From what?

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#1 anime sex-symbol since 2006.

damn straight

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This VN has less hope of being translated than Mahou Tsukai.

Annoying as hell

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I just fapped to your God, an I a sinner?

No, you're a follower now.

But I never watched but a few minutes of one episode like ten years ago before dropping it, or losing the interest. Never went back to it and probably I won't, though I always found her to be pretty hot.

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She's a royal bitch.

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my god cant be this cute

Jacking off to Haruhi is basically the shahada of Haruhism. You done goofed.

Was an "I love you" really that much to ask for?
Fuck this unspoken love bullshit.

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Bootleg asuka clone
and Asuka is shit.
Haruhi is even worse shit

Sup Forums calls 1 in every 3 tsun anime girls Asuka clones these days. Kinda loses it's meaning if everyone is an Asuka clone.

Because they are never actually Asuka clones.

They obviously have a hard time living without each other, but the fun dynamic they have would be ruined if they went all lovey dovey.

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i already fuckin fapped today god damn it

A horrible individual. Egotistical and downright perverse to others.

She's so bad she manages to be 1% as bad as Suzuka. And that's a LOT.

>0 reading comprehension

Perfect in every way!

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Look Kyon, no hands!

Do it again, and properly this time.

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What's she singing Sup Forums?

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A love song dedicated to Kyon

You know that's actually what she's singing in the original episode. A love song or at least an apology sort of for the shit she's pulled.

Watching Haruhi dubbed on Youtube was my first experience with anime outside of TV, but I don't have any strong feelings on her or the series itself beyond that.

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And when was that?

series is pretty alright

movie is a 9/10 banger tho

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Last week.

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Haruhisky is a god.


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Keep telling yourself that, Kyon.

Pretty much garbage. A solid 0/10 overrated to 10/10 by pathetic tryhard deepfags.

Kyon makes me fucking jealous that he gets to fuck this hottie in all ways possible.

A song about the pleasure of being cummed inside.

In the second volume of the light novel, she and Tsuruya suddenly break out into this song at one point:


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Did she give one of her ribbons to Kyon?

She will have 28 episodes till we die.

Quiet! Kyon is sleeping!

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as someone who's never read the lns-

is there any possibility for kyon to actually fuck haruhi

Do they fuck?