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Give me a DBZ moment that can top this

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This looks better than SSGSS Vegito vs Fused Zamasu at least.

>people thought Jiren has a chance against Goku the angel
As soon Goku is recovered from the drawback he will one shot him

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ive been trying to think of one but you mean FIGHT moment because moments alone top it like gohan ssj2 or goku ssj3 of vegeta final flash on cell etc but fight moment? might be the best in db history which is pretty crazy to think about..

maybe goku vs cell when they really started going at it was better maybe

You are welcome. Feel free to thank me any time.

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Give me a DBZ or DBS moment that can top this


Cell saga, that was easy.

This looks like a fucking flashanimation and screams of fanfiction. Any Goku vs vegeta fight was better then this shit.

if goku had beaten up jiren longer and made him cry then good point but pic related

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opinion discarded

based doc

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He got a hard life

>That ending

Toei, this shit isn't even surprising or fun, it's just plain retarded.

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OP already btfo. So much better then some "flashy" fight where you don't even see what's happening.

SS2 Goku Vs Kid Buu
Piccolo Vs 17
Majin Vegeta Vs Goku

What would Kefla think of the fight?

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Maybe you pick up that new subsciption.

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Is there anyone more intelligent, engineering-wise, than Gero in the entire multiverse of DBS?

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how did this fucker in a basement make a robot that is literally GoD tier

>I-I could've done that!

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I miss fights like this so much. Super can go to hell.

it's nice how it's not a complete job but an edged out winner. Rocoome had a lot of damage but still won

Im a proud Jirenfag and I still believe in him

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Half of that is just a red light and a blue light flashing around the screen. The start starts off alright but quickly descends into nothing.

Kefla vs Goku

He was not affected by it at all though?

Would have flung her panties are Goku

>Tfw all the salty faggots who legit thought 17 was actually dead.

I want Dragonball secondaries to commit suicide please

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tens of thousands of people watched this episode in public plazas in LA.

In Juarez alone 20,000 people gathered to watch it

Dragon Ball is something else here.

You can't understand how influential this anime is around here

Nope, not even Bulma rivals him and she invented a time machine.

Because he could.

>he gets distracted and lose UI there

? who are you talking about
both rocoome and vegeta got affected in the fight

They're moving at god like speeds. Physically seeing them throwing punches just isnt realistic

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>What would Kefla think of the fight?

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I'm a 17-chad but I was convinced when El Grande Padre confirmed it

At least this was a surprise, we all knew Frieza was gonna pull some last-minute clutch shit

Should be in his 100% swole form for this, frieza needs more namek references

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Spin-off about 17's adventures as a multiversal park ranger, when?

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if he's so smart why did he make his android body weaker than the other androids?

A concert?
A political rally?
A protest?

Nope, just people waiting to watch DBS

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Yeah, go fuck yourself. That and the exploding lens flares all over the new series are lazy as fuck.

Who wouldn't get aroused at the sight of this man?

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Stop being a fucking retard. Vegeta got the first hit but after that Recoome begins to fight and takes him out in no time. It was in no way an even fight

>her panties are the same ones oolong wished for

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Spics screaming PUTO PUTO! at Jiren

God damn Mexico. Like seriously, god damn

>tfw Freezypop achieves a level beyond Golden Frieza while fighting Jiren
>Swolden Frieza

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>Physically seeing them throwing punches just isnt realistic
>says watches dragon ball super
It's a fucking anime. I want to watch a real fight and not two lights just slamming against eachother.

I don't understand how they can enjoy it this much and they always act so surprised. Then they act like its the best shit ever created...how is that possible?

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They retconned that form to drain stamina quickly for some reason

those are some true fans
plus the cheering for emperor and chadroid
based crew

That's not hard, that moment was the worst part about Super.
>fans worship Vegito, one of the most popular DBZ characters
>fans want Vegito in Super
>Toei makes Vegito vs Zamasu
>fight lasts literally 15 seconds and Vegito jobs to Trunks and his literal who transformation

Fucking hell, it still makes me angry.

another pic to prove how real and massive this event was

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He's referring to the fact that Vegeta at least got some offence in on Recoome that looked like it scratched him rather than the total jobber beat down.

kek, they all reunited for THIS episode?


>implying he wouldn't have inseminated her so quickly she would have been none the wiser what occurred all done within a span of attoseconds between one of clashing punches in the fight

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They set a dilemma as this Zen type character with his comment "I will pursue beyond strength." It seems that he always dominates his feelings. And suddenly, will he lose and switch to cell and fritza? Where was the character development for that? They might have been able to lose with honor, but they had to show Goku better by getting "other friends" and other power boost. (100% when nothing stands and nothing happens). They completely lost Giren and his personality. He is now another 'bad man'.

Also, goku pulling power up from his ass is the most annoying thing in the world. Dbz was perfect Ssj 1 was reasonable and well developed. Cells were beaten with rice and Boo was killed by the spirit bombs of the whole earth. Black · Saga · Imo was also really good and consistent. (At least from the perspective of the plot, with the exception of the power supply of the final trunk, it is meaningful) Here goku got a power boost, a few minutes before the villain who was earlier than him was followed by a villain. Literally it is the definition of plot armor. I love dbz, I like DB, but this conclusion was really weak and bad writing.

Needless to say this fucking 17 and Fritsa, why? "Plot twist" for that fuck? There is literally no logic if u7 wins. has no meaning. Goku unconsciously had to be able to get rid of 17 in Freeza and 1 second even with 1% power, but Giren was able to finish Goku. But, when 17 years old Freeza can catch up with him? Lame I hope the next episode is not disappointment.

Truly the dragon ball spic.

DB is like a religion in Latin America, specially in Mexico.

are you that dumb?
there was still a good amount of damage on rocoome plus this post

if hes apparently too exhausted to use golden he wouldnt be able to use the bufff form, and shouldnt, because its just as much of a power drain for absolutely nothing

what drawback, mr. retard?
jobku is done for, now all rests on Freeza.

Arguably Doctor Miyu if you want to include GT.

He thought he'd lose control of himself if he made himself the same type of Android. Hence why 19 was much more obedient.

I have that set. Two in fact. Waiting for them to finish making the Namekian scaled ones. I heard their working on them somewhere

ewww babies are gross

Goku and Piccolo vs. Raditz

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Her LSS3 would BTFO both Jiren & MUI combined.

What? Jobbing?

Bear in mind these pics are from a single city screening (Juarez). The episode was shown in like 30 different places trough Mexico.

Leaked screen of 131.

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They're not bitter virgins?

>t. retards
"100% Freeza" isn't a different form, is just base Freeza's body reacting like shit because he can't control his full power. RoF's guide said Freeza controls his power after the training so bulky Freeza will never happen again, just like bulky Frost can't happen either because he seems to control his power fine too

>inb4 they went bulky in the anime
Only anime thing so Toei's invention, of course it's inconsistent

Nah she'd need Blue

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First Goku vs Vegeta fight. That shit was the peak of DBZ even if other fights came close.

Another pic.
But this was in Chile

Again you can see hundred of people

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So everyone pretty much agrees that Gohan correcting Vegeta on how jiren awakened has confirmed blanco? Let's be real, because of power creep, he's gotta get his blanco asspull somehow. He studied power, and he knows how to obtain it, he's the universes scholar, and like literally any other high class mage shows, theyre pretty much invincible. Bravo GANDALFhan. Also no spoilers please I'm in the middle of the episode.

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It was also shown in restaurants and bars across the country.

Jiren crying when?

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>tfw spent my St. Patrick's Day hosting at a tavern and getting yelled at by drunk guests for not playing the basketball games they wanted and pissy servers
>tfw DBS 130 was like Latin America's Super Bowl

It would've made my job way more bearable if we were playing DBS instead of NCAA game #240.

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Holy shit, the chimp out when android 17 climbs out of the rocks.

Man that looks jank as fuck, who storyboards this? Is there storyboards to begin with?

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something lewd with bulma

Why did she bother teasing blue when she doesn't even have it?

Nice headcanon


neither am I

Why does this look so similar to Saitama vs Boros????

Nah not even close, SS3 is enough for the likes of jiren and jobku

>tfw mexican
>we all love dragon ball and videogames
>no latin dub for dragon ball fighterz

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Because she knows that she'll get it eventually

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The strongest character in this series is actually the arena ground.

When he's knocked before he's deleted

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Biweekly episodes are the best thing to have come out of super.

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