Shingeki no Kyojin

>Zeke turns his back on two fallen warriors
>The horse is still standing

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Anons will pick up on Zeke helping SL but can't belive annie will be as well.
Dumb waifufag delusions.

>These two screw ups murder 1/3 of your race, crush your mom and feed her to a titan, destroy your hometown, kill your entire squad, feed your childhood authority figure/friend to the same titan while you can’t transform because they crippled you and nuke you
What do?

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Stop reading bad manga.

Zeke has sonething Paradis wants. Annie doesn’t.

Annie is dead, user. Historia is the female titan.

>Annie doesn’t
What Annie has is a fuckton of hints/panels and reasons to rebel "against" Marley or in other words: "To turn Marley into her enemy" And like her fathet said:
>"You can turn the whole "world" (Marley) into your enemy.
Or even the little scene where Berthold said:
>Berthold: "I think loyalty is important too, right Annie?"
>Annie: "What? I wasn't listening"
Nobody says Annie has to be buddy buddy with the SL, Annie just has the highest chance to rebel


>What do?
nothing wrong

Kill one and make the other your bitch.

sasugas iyasama fampai de betray moment is fake betray

i don't get it, who's the horse supposed to be


chousa heidan

>There are people alive today who don't know about the Trojan Horse
Did you grow up in the fucking woods with nothing but deer and coyote to keep you company?

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I must have missed this part when I read chapter 95, but family ties seem important to pass down memories
That would explain why Eren have a lot of memories from his dad, but few from Frieda

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Best girl ?

Hisu best girl. Ymir best boy.

that's what i thought at first but it's pieck is already dead, sorry
who's the trojan horse user

wat, pieck is no dead.

Endgame right here: Brothers.

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I can't decide between Hange and Pieck

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Did you really have to copy/paste the entire comment and make a thread out of it you faggot?

I wanted to add some clouds by I didn't find any that were suitable

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Eren did nothing wrong

>not including this boi

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I only included titans from which the whole body was available
You could argue about the snk in the right, but only his feet are missing and he has a special relationship with Mikkelsen

Zeke did nothing wrong


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I did so much overtime work at the bamboo factory this week that I'll be able to pay for 20 rounds

I like metamemes.

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Annie doesn't have much of a bargaining chip, she already got captured.
Paradis doesn't have to make a deal with her, they can just potentially crack her open and take her powers/memories by force and implant them in a Paradis loyal asset.

This is your freedom fighter for tonight

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You're right, I completely forgot.

Good times!

New interview from Animage.

According to baidu it says that season 3 will focus more on what's going on inside the walls and add more depth to the characters. There will be less titans but they're making sure that the action fans will be satisfied with season 3 even if it's calmer than the previous seasons.

They're basically saying that S3 is one cour long.

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I want to climax 3 times into Annie

>They're basically saying that S3 is one cour long.
Pls no

They could use Armin sometimes for two reasons
>stop spamming manlet with Eren so much
>poor Isayama would want more EAr

does somebody has the link for the attack on titan 2 game torrent

But nobody except Isayama likes EAr. The point of marketing and advetising is to sell the product, they are more likely to pander to ErwL, LH, EM and even EJ than EAr.

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this is the correct answer

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How did Reiner have enough time to shift?

Bad writing

Isayama loves to make him suffer. So the plot-armor titan.must survive.

I want to suck on Eren's head ball.

I'm genuinely curious as to why Eren didn't focus on killing Reiner first. I mean, Reiner's armored powers are a big step up, and he's a sitting duck. Eren had to notice that he wasn't dead after he transformed, but Eren seems to be entirely focused on Warhammer. (He also doesn't seem to care about whether Cart Titan lives or dies, which means he's not intending to devour her either.)

Like, I'd have chowed down on Reiner and then snatched up Willie to eat him.

He needed to act fast, besides all the mindrape was to make him too unstable to transform. Also he assumed that Willy was the WH so he thought he could come back for Reiner after eating Willy.

But RTS has actually very little titan action as well, isayama drew a few pages of red shirts fighting titans before Monkey man hell fire and that's about it.

It has another SNK vs AT fist fight

The same way Eren did a partial transformation to block a canon ball which moves infinitely faster then a full materializing titan.
That's not "bad writing", it's consistency.

True, but it only lasted like 10 pages, fights are short and to the point in general there's no filler action so you never know.

>He also doesn't seem to care about whether Cart Titan lives or dies, which means he's not intending to devour her either
He doesn't want his beloved titan form to become hideous

>EAfags delusional posting again

>who's the trojan horse user

This something you really need to take the time to learn user. I'd do you a disservice by summarizing it because it's a very important Greek Mythological tale referenced a lot in culture.

underrated post.

>They're basically saying that S3 is one cour long.
This will piss a lot of people and kill the series
>Inb4 h-haha NO l-levi is gonna save this season I SWEAR!!!/

I wouldn't mind a cour per year if they done that from the fucking start instead of doing the 4 year hitatus.

It's gonna take SNK 10 years to actually finish.

If only that would be the truth

Unlike you who probably finishes in about 10 seconds.


How much of a brianlet do you have to be to not know what who means

>murder 1/3 of your race
I really doubt the entire Paradis is a 1/5 of the eldian population, looks like there's a shitload of them around the world. Carla and Shiganshina was just Colateral Damage™ also.

Are you implying Zeke will pull a Trojan Horse?

>watch a snk lore video
>cringe at all the inaccuracies/wrong information
Why do I inflict this upon myself?

It makes sense making Uprising a season of its own.
If they adapted until the end of RTS, the last episodes would be Grisha's infodump which isn't a nice point to end the season. Ending it at the basement reveal would feel incomplete too.
And then comes the problem of the season after. They would have 5 or 6 episodes of Marley, showing only the guys who were the villains in the precious season, and the "heroes" would just appear by the end of the season. It would be horrible for an anime.

They're doing it right: make Uprising one cour, end it at Rod being killed, Historia becoming queen, and leaving Keith's story for season 4.
Then season 4 would be two cour, they would start with Keith's backstory, then retaking wall Maria, the basement, and Grisha's flashback would fit nicely as a mid-season infodump. Then a few episodes of Marley, and end it with the festival battle.


If anything they need to add something about Zeke after that S2 ending, they should animate Zeke vs Reiner

That could be a nice teaser in the last episode. It would be out of place anywhere else.

Doing a midcour timeskip feels like a bad move too.

Ultimately it seems like the biggest problem for the Marley season is that they can't overuse Eren and manlet to promote it without spoiling the plot.


He thinks Reiner is dead. He'll be fucked once he returns.

Low effort, wasn't even worth responding to until now.

>Japan is a closed society ignorant of the world
>This is because the emperor wants to create the perfect society, 'heaven on earth' which lives in peace
>Highly advanced foreign warships arrive from the US, and in a surprise attack force the japanese to open up to the world
>In response, the japanese abandon the peaceful dream, develop technology, become imperialists and conquer foreign nations, and in the process become demons.
>..90 years later, the japanese surprise attack pearl harbor
>they then proceed to get their shit curbstomped, nuked and firebombed followed by occupation

do you really thing this whole story will end well for the paradisos?

Walldian race traitors deserve it.


>thinks the outcome is the important takeaway from the story

Reminder that Ackermans are titans

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post yfw Jean dies.

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No face since it won't happen

Is that why Hanji loves the manlet so much?

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was it this?

This made me feel physically uncomfortable. No, the world isn't ours turned upside down, it's a horribly twisted version of our world turned upside down, kind of similar to Warhammer. I fucking hate the whole Madagascar thing. If you look at the bits of the map we've been shown, you can see that the coast of "Europe" is nothing like it should be if this was our world turned upside down.

tl;dr do not actively look for snk lore on any social media platform because normies get everything wrong every time

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>Very unnecessarily complex
And snk is one of the easiest plots to get. Fucking brainlet normies.

You tell me, he is the only Titan with a dick

Gets me every time

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Hange has titandigger genes
They come from an old tradition of eldian women trying to mate with a shifter to get a comfortable position among his family

>Zeke turns his back on two fallen warriors
>The horse is still standing
>But there's a child manipulating the beast
Zeke confirmed for childish revenge mentality.

Will Connie ever be relevant again?

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He put some light bulbs on roofs recently


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Connie the handyman

>japan was peaceful before west arrived
Fucking retard

Do they involve having to wear Jean's Eren wig?