Hey grandpa, what's Guilty Crown?

>Hey grandpa, what's Guilty Crown?


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Nothing relevant, you ungrateful urchin. Now let's talk about my needs. Carry me to my chamber, Sharo.

Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time...


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I liked all the girls in GC, but hated all the boys.

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Now let me tell you a tale from when I was young~

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everything that makes me whore

What did he mean by this

There's a boy right there you homo

No she wasn't. That was a lesbian. Guilty Crown was a yuri.

More entertaining than DitF.

OP, dummy

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Shu was second best girl.

You know we don't talk about post-08 anime in this household, young lady.

Now go down to the dungeon and think about what you've done.


a flop

It was the gateway anime for egoist, the music in guilty crown was so goooood. Inori/mana best

google it on the fucking white iphone you screamed to get.

fucking kids

Stupid newfag, Sxarp wouldn't do something like that.

My wife Sxarp is so cute.