Do you remember her name, Sup Forums?

Do you remember her name, Sup Forums?

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How could I forget Cocoa?

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man I wish this show was good. Sadly not even fanservice of that kind could make me want to finish this generic piece of lard.


Not even lesbian rambo?


you are the epitome of a brainlet if you liked this bland show. Its actually sad if you enjoyed this at all

The anime was shit, the girls was god tier
All of them

It was very good service mind you. But I just couldn't be bothered for some reason. I think I dropped it at episode 11 or something. The beach episode.

I'm in love with the coco
If you snitchin' I go loco

her name is claymore

I'm pretty sure this is not the same author

the second season was shit

Her smile along is reason enough to watch the show.

Valmet was shit.

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>second season

Also is this anime original or it have a real end

what an autist


there's two season.. the second season is complete shit and has a terrible ending. it's based on manga which were never fully translated so dont bother picking it up, but the anime is pretty much a page per page adaptation

Imagine if we got a Gunslinger Girl S3 with this budget/animation

Chiquita was a best girl tho

Why don't people care about Borderland anymore?

Should I watch season 1 and then drop it or never pick it up at all or what?

>Gunslinger Girl S3
Yeah right after the new DTB and S&W season and P&S S2

if you're bored watch it. it had great girls and a cute shota mc and season 1 is okay action shlock. the characters are never in any danger and in perfect control of every situation which gets really annoying and none of the male side characters have any development at all, but it's still watchable. season 2 is just disappointing but I'd still watch it. it's only 4 hours of your time

If you are in the mood for some /ak/ operating shows this will scratch the itch. This is what people watch after Black Lagoon and look for something similar.

you should really consider killing yourself

Male cast development lmao. No shit.

Kurapica ?

Look at that subtle off-white coloring.The tasteful thickness of it.

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This thread is basically dead but I'm swooping in to tell you that Perfect Order is fucking incredible. Literally a 9/10 or 10/10.
The original season, yes, is basically wannabe Black Lagoon. Perfect Order, however, is absolutely amazing.

>t. hasn't seen Perfect Order

WRONG, Perfect Order is absolutely incredible. I actually don't know what your gripes are with it. I don't know why you would say it has a terrible ending, I thought it was fitting.

Based on a manga, and has a real ending.

>Should I watch season 1 and then drop it
NO, absolutely the opposite. Season 1 has nothing redeemable about it other than being some gun-slinging bullshit; like, it basically doesn't even have a plot. Perfect Order is what makes it all work.

>season 2 is just disappointing
What the fuck? This is the first time I've heard any criticisms at all levied against Perfect Order and yet from this thread you would think it's some complete trash or at all comparable to the first season.
I'd recommend the other user absolutely watch Perfect Order, especially if he's willing to do it with such low, low expectations.

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/k/ didn't XD

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