Oh don't mind me user,just being the best girl in fate universe

Oh don't mind me user,just being the best girl in fate universe.

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I would eat her jerky if you know what I mean.

Girls don't sit like that


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you're asking for it user

Incorrect since Shuten exists.

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comfy/10, would drink a beeru with

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would you let your son go out dressed like this?

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not even the best girl in her own show
In fact even a boy is a better girl than her

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Trapfags get out

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said retarded king(female) in thread about his son(female)

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Looks like you posted the wrong picture

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Literally made for Oyakodon.

Would Mo-san really just lounge around topless like that? Is that a common tomboy trope? If so, she just shot up to second place on my Saberface ranking list. The idea of Mordred chilling topless on my couch, legs spread, a challenging look in her eyes is downright euphoric.

God Aoi Yuuki's baba voice makes my dick fucking diamonds holy shit

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Mordred is literally tomboiest tomboy in the franchise.

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tits are way too big

Yeah but is showing your tits off a normal tomboy thing? Isn't that feminine seduction?

More like just not acknowledging her tits, so she treats it as "Im a dude there's nothing to hide"

she just doesn't care much about male-female thingy.It's far from seduction.

Or is that just to give her plausible deniability? An excuse

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wrong pic user

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I don't watch the new Fate so explain to me why she's reacting this way.

Dumb bitch shouldn't be waving long hair and looking soft if she didn't want to be confused as a girl

Maybe she makes top 30....possibly. Probably not.


"Sure is hot today, isn't it, Master?
Ice cream? I'm not sharing

Would you prefer to lick my feet instead?
Just joking!"

"As ever, my days are full of lust for Okita's feet..."

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Daddy was a girl who got a magic penis.


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Only if he sucks my dick.


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Since when was there an actually decent sabergao?

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Cant even imagine having taste as shit as your's

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Fetish literally worse than NTR

Everything's cool and all, but time to save to save this thread with the real best girl of TM ever.

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cuck detected

nah, you just gay my dude

Ok retard.

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Mode red is complicated.
She hates being treated like a girl but she doesn't want to be treated like a guy. She is full of these kinds of problems where the only good way to deal with it is to not until she's become close to you. even then she's pretty whimsical.

That's a funny post and all, but now you've inspired me to do exactly what you're claiming to do. Best girls ahoy!

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so is she a virgin?

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She's like 6 years old, so yes.

There's no relation to a woman's age and a woman's virginity.

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Imagine the smell

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>Olives and Greek yogurt
No thanks

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Sounds like the plot of the iya gao pantsu misete manga but with omurice loveheart instead of panties.

Father son oyakodon is a bit gay lad

Depends if you count FGO as 'canon' or not. Which is to say, she wants to be both and you'll never know what she wants to be until you piss her off. Doesn't matter, really. She's just mad her dad is a woman who got a penis for a bit and was raped by her(his)(her) sister.

Why is everybody obsessed with oyakodon between Mordred and Arturia? Why can't Arturia get her penis back for a bit and fuck Mordred so hard she just shuts the fuck up. T2 betrayed me in this regard.

>draws a boy
>calls it a girl
why is this allowed

Is that what your moobs look like user?

Yes, the jerky sitting on that table does indeed make one feel a bit hungry.

Obasan aren't you too old for that?

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Her boobs looks really firm

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best servant coming through

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Oi-chan is better.

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this can't be real

is okita strong? and wouldn t she fit better as an assasin?

Dunno but her noble phantasm sounds like a copy of tsubame gaeshi

Saber wanted to go whole hog with being a man and begged merlin for a dick...instead of asking for a magical sex change...for...raisons
Merlin gave Saber said dick
Saber used said dick to have, what can be assumed to be horrifyingly unsatisifying and awful sex, with her..well his wife Guin. Who then quickly left to have nasty as fuck sex with Lancelot in his sex cave to wash the memory out of her head.
Saber then decided to fuck her sorry it has a penis HIS sister Mordred...consensually...for reasons.
He knocked her up
Mordred is the more then likely bedicked bastard inbred retard babby
Morgana also mind fucked her from birth and more then likely raped her bedicked daughter a ton.
Arturia, once she met the fruits of her little labor, ignored "her". Mordred thinks it's because I don't know at this point it's all fucking stupid.
Later Arturia murdered her bedicked bastard kid in a one sided battle to finally hide the results of her futa adventures once and for all.


See. This is a big reason why Apoc bombed, Saber vanila is only pushed by Typemoon and no one else, and ubw+zero+SOME of FGO is considered 100% canon with illya being fap/shlick bait for pedos.

>Saber then decided to fuck her sorry it has a penis HIS sister Mordred...consensually...for reasons.
>He knocked her up
wrong, morgan le fay, artoria's sister stole the sperm without artoria's knowledge, mordred is more of a psuedo-clone that's close to a homunculi.
and stop typing like a fucking retard

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yes, it's probably /s4s/ just checking dem octs

how strong is saber jeanne?

there is no saber jeanne

>dresses slutty
>smokes and drinks
>gets in fights
>out all night partying with older necromancers in their necromancer-caves
Her father would be ashamed. He did not raise this sort of girl.

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It was litteral consensual sex.
You can't just fucking steal semen from a dick like that.
And think about it. Why in the fuck would Nasu, a porn writer(bad one) give saber a dick she'd never use JUST so the semen could be stolen(HOW?) so she could make a mordred babby in a magical vat?

Nah bro.

Saber used the magical dick she begged merlin to give her to fuck her sister and knocked her up.
So much for being the perfect king.

>source:my ass

Mordred is a bastard that she sired upon her sister in a gross sex act.
She didn't even acknowledge that she fucked her sister with the dick she begged merlin to give her let alone acknowledged the kid that she sired.

Absolutely right, Saber had nothing to do with raising her.

The lowest form of life that walks, crawls, or slithers is a traitor.
Crawl back to the obscurity you deserve, witch-boy.

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She's basically an assassin, but she's a saber due to a joke.
As for ability, she's pretty strong but also incredibly weak. She's stuck with a skill that can at any time incapacitate her. She's also very weak to magic of any kind. Any kind of continuous magic like Medusa's eyes will royally screw her over. But she's capable of beating most servants in close combat, with a skill that allows her to force any fight into close combat.
just if she ever takes a direct hit she'll crumble, which is a pretty big problem when dealing with high endurance or battle continuation servants.

It's a bit weaker. Tsubame Gaeshi leaves zero escapes.Three stage thrust is three thrusts that are impossible to block by normal means, but by nature the thrust is a direct stab. Any direction you can go will get you out of the way. But it's incredibly fast and would be nigh impossible to avoid by reaction.
Saber's instinct would allow her to avoid three stage thrust, but would not allow her to avoid a un-damaged Tsubame Gaeshi.

>Stolen semen
She was date raped with magic user, jesus put 2 and 2 together you clown.

he's a retard like mordred, be nice

>He did not raise this girl.
Saber is a deadbeat-dad.

Not best girl but they were cute together.

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>Saber a gud king
>She, a woman who married another woman and spent her life desperately trying to look and act like a man, only asked for/was given a penis as a joke.
>She didn't ACTUALLY have sex with her sister
>She somehow stole semen from Saber's magical futa dick witthout her being aware of it
>Also the homunculous child was created sexlessly inside of a magical growing vat!
>Why didn't they skip the penis and just have her use some of sabers hair or blood or have the child be a Deception rape babby created by Morgana pretending to be Arturia and Lancealot?
>Because reasons!
>You'll take your nonsensically be-dicked Saber and like it

fuck you i hate you

Okita was a lawman, just an incredibly violent one.

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I asked for the fucking source of your headcanon you fucking ESL

Yeah, a woman who wants to protect her good name or virtue, claiming rape after having sex she regrets?
Sex that lead to her knocking up another woman?

Yeah, no.
That will never happen.

that woman is not a real person retard

>cute AND sexy design
>voiced by Yukana
>chill and fun personality
>interesting abilities
She's great.

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Would she let her master touch her feet?

>Kojiro isnt real
>Saber, Medusa, Heracles, Cu Chullain and Medea are
Makes you think

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The real servant is the little Octopus, he's just possessing the body.

Sure, gotta get max bond thou

>All are better than ANOTHER SABERFACE
Makes you think

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