Do you love Shinka or just Shinka with a hairclip?

Do you love Shinka or just Shinka with a hairclip?

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just the hairclip

I love Emilia

What is it like to love a Shinka?

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Shinka without a hairclip is not Shinka.

I respect Shinka.

I rape Shinka

I respect Shinka as a colleague.

Where do you work?

What is it like to work with Shinka?

I works Shinka, not work with Shinka

What the fuck?

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It's alright.

Shinka? More like Stinky

Please don't make fun of my bodyguard.

Rikka is superior

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Please don't make fun of my babysitter

I love Shinka and Shinka loves me.
t. K9


animals dont have emotions like human


Someone post that Jakarta Shinka pic.

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lu jgn cibai

The only sane user in this thread.

Stand strong against the Shinka memes, friend.

Have you ever fought Shinka 1v1 while she's wearing her cheerleader outfit?

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Does running away screaming count as fighting?

Shinka with a dog.

But Shinka is the hairclip

If you take the hairclip off, would she die?

The girl the hairclip posses is named Shinka.

The hairclips is an otherwordly entity who's true name would kill any human with it's sound alone.

I used my spirit fingers and spirit stick to defeat her.

Yes, it was tough.

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this part is so interesting

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I love her biceps!

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i want to kidnap Dekomori to lure out Shinka

Lure her out for what?

for hostage exchange because she loves but aha i keep both them and rape them alternatively to make them suffer

So my dog can fuck Shinka.

Shinka would knock you the fuck out.

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not if i stick my monster in her tight bushy pink smelly pissy cunny

You come across as less and less threatening with every post.

>my monster
You shouldn't be rude to your dog.

He was never a threat for a strong 126lbs girl like Shinka.

i wont hurt a girl unless using my dick, i can restrain her by sitting on her back facing down and i rape her like that with her hymen sheared blood as lubricant

No you won't, Shinka would knee your face in repeatedly until you're unrecognizable.

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i have Deko in gunpoint, she wont dare, if i want, i can ask her to suck my dick

Why are you playing dirty like this?

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because i enjoy exploitation and blackmail more than straight rape, it's like rape with intelligence and skills, an art

You're sick. Anyways you won't be able to kidnap Dekomori in the first place, she's an ojou-sama with bodyguards all over the place.

with my high IQ, i am able to hack into her account and study her profile, i create a perfect bait avatar to befriend her and eventually ask her out alone