Which electric/lightning freak wins in a 1v1v1v1 fight? Who comes out on top?

Which electric/lightning freak wins in a 1v1v1v1 fight? Who comes out on top?

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None of those wannabes holds a candle to Raitei. Ginji Amano is still the most powerful and capable electricity manipulator ever depicted.

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madara uchiha


obviously killua

Titsmcforgetable can fly tho?



they all die immediately because only Killua knows nen

the real lightning og who would smoke them all

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Dumbest argument ever.


Hell yeah nigga

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obviously the bestgirl

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Killlua could cheese everyone there in seconds only Gilthunder could really put up a fight

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Killua is a 10 year old little faggot

>lightning user
>dies expending life to do 1% dmg to badguy
How they gonna fight each other if they all dead bruh

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>Taking what I originally said about Killua this seriously
Are you new here, period?

Surprised mikoto isn't apart of it

Sasuke beats them all in lighting powers

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Laxus can absorb electricity/lightning and it increases his power. Dude can't be beaten by another lightning user.

All will lose against motherfucking Gash, but if we dont take the best shounen ever written, than the next candidate is Enel.

You post ends this thread. Gash stomps so fucking hard its funny.

He's more a fire guy than lightning.
Kirin is just thunder that was naturally there and he took control of.

>discussing characters not even in the picture
Fuck all of you.

Fine, Gilthunder then.

>2 children
>1 female
> vs an adult grown man

hmmmm who's gonna win this one I wonder

I'll do a run down on these guys:
DxD has been hitting insane levels of power lately, Akeno could become small to mid country level if she manages to evolve her powers well enough, she can also fly and her lightning is quite different than regular lightning
She lacks speed though, and flight in a lightning fight is basically suicide. So she has an advantage in power and attribute (allowing her to surpass the standard electric resistance of the others)
Why the fuck do we even have him here? He's the weakest, he goes full retard if he over go's his limit, and he emits it from his body rather then launching it, he's dead.
Fuckers got speed and reaction timing under his belt. However Kanmuru's duration depends on how much he has charged, so depending on circumstances he could win or lose
Outright the most balanced of all of them. He has the power to obliterate large structures, has decent speed and has knowledge of other sorts of combat related to the sword.

Reminder: Yui best girl

Ash's Pikachu

just like how Meruem died because the rose nuke knew nen right?

out of these four Akeno would shitstomp since she has a complete arsenal outside of just lightning shit and stats around the level of Gilthunder.
Otherwise Mikasa stomps everyone mentioned in the thread.
>inb4 somebody brings up the multiversal Ginji meme


Holy fucking shit that was good

100% this. None of those 4 scrubs in OP's post would even be able to come close to his city

>jobs to a rubber faggot
>winning anything

except he only works inside his city. if this battle happens on a field he's just gonna stand there with his thumb up his butt

I don't understand why this thread is still up after this reply.

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>call you Enel
>use it for naming electric supply company

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Hi, Suggs

No one hasn't posted the lighting trap kunoichi

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obviously ruins them all.

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>Not Leo Aioria or Coeus from Saint Seiya: Ep G

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>Implying anyone else here would do better against Luffy

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