Boys. Lads. Guys

Boys. Lads. Guys.

What's the verdict? We are we expecting from FLCL 2? We keen?

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It will be awesome but Sup Forums will hate it because its popular

they will say it ruined FLCL by being too DEEP/random


Personally, i'm pretty excited.

The cast looks a bit older this time round, so maybe we're going to see a bit more of an exploration of young adulthood rather than early puberty

I'd be down for that

The Pillows are back, right? So how bad could it be?

Lighting doesnt strike the smae spot twice. Plus those guys kinda suck, they have so many albums and songs and really about 3 albums worth are worth anything and most of it was featured on flcl.

It won't be as bad as the new LoGH

They should have used Beat Crusaders' old music instead.

I still listen to Crazy Sunshine on my way to work or school. Love that song

It's going to suck. FLCL is great because it's impulsive, sporadic and joyful. Unfortunately in the intervening years nerds have built up a bullshit pretentious mythos around it that will no doubt infect any sequel.

FLCL 2 won't be able to be 'punk' like the first one was. It'll be trapped in a desperate self-referential mire. Overproduced and safe.

I feel like it's going to have a lot of LOL SO RANDUMB XD unnecessary comedy like FMA: Brotherhood had.

Sounds like we've got some pretty conflicting ideas of what made FLCL good

Hope the sequels manage to deliver

why does this boring trash get a season 2?

Well there's a difference between 'randumb' humor that's actually funny and fits smoothly with thematics of the show, and just shitty random 'randumb' humor.

They haven't made a good album since Good Dreams, so I can't say.

Nothing will live up to the expectations people have for it

Wasn't either of those guys, actually - but it's more that FLCL seems to have hit the rights notes for a lot of different people for a lot of different reasons.

The sequels have got a lot to live up to, and I really hope they manage to do it

>Only Haruko is back
>No sight of canti, Naota or Mamimi
>new characters are two fanservice girls and a guy that looks like a grown up gay Naota

If this shit is like the new Evangelion movies, it'll be trash aside for the fight scenes.

Canti is mentioned in the plot synopsis so he'll most likely return. Atomsk will be back too.

its going to suck like the rest of you otakkuns

Honestly Haruko should be the only character who doesn't come back. I just want to see the cast, a little older, go through some other mostly unrelated and equally bizarre adventure. The last thing we need is some bullshit explanatory minutia of medical machina, atomsk, etc.

100% agree

A pretentious LULSORANDUM dilution of the original

Smells like Sup Forums

>tfw cant remember the ending of FLCL at all.

wtf, what happened between high school and college that made me such a normie.

Naota taking on the power of Atomsk only to fly up to Haruko and kiss her, followed up be her flying away on her scooter with the double-necked super guitar is pretty iconic imagery. I tend to forget everything between episode 1 and 6 more than the finale.

new girl looks soulless.

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i still don't know what the first FLCL was about

I'm cautiously optimistic.

FLCL is still one of my all time favourite things. It's such an iconic show, both in imagery, music and characters. I think they could do an interesting take on the story given how much time has passed since the original, but we'll see. The time feels kind of right for a new sequel.

Is that a mustang?

I like the dweeby guys design. Don't like either new girl though.

I think if they embrace the fact that they're making a sequel 20 years on to a show about going though puberty, growing up and coming of age it might be interesting. Like what do all those things mean to them today and how do they see things differently looking back? I'd like the show to grow up with the audience that watched it originally when they were teenagers.

But I think you'll probably be right and it'll just be a cash in.

I honestly have no idea what to expect. FLCL was such a product of its time, all these different elements coming together and forming something with its own unique identity that was even greater than the sum of its parts, and I'm afraid that they're just gonna try and emulate that style without really understanding what made it so great in the first place.

There was no need for an FLCL2. I'd rather have them make something new and original that lives up to the classics. Seems like the just chose the sequel because the really need mone.

>embrace the fact that they're making a sequel 20 years on
this is more or less what the new season of twin peaks did. they accepted that you can't just make a follow-up to something all these years later and have it be the same thing it was, because time has passed and both the creators and the audience have grown and changed since then. and there's no way you can live up to two decades of expectations, no matter how good the show is, so instead of being a nostalgia piece with little substance it evolved and expanded on the original series and didn't feel tied down by it

>FLCL 2 director is the Psycho Pass dude
>FLCL 3 dir. is guy behind Psycho Pass 2 coupled with the Youjo Senki guy
i don't want to dash any expectations but it's not looking good

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>written by a literal who who hasn't even done any anime before

Yeah, that's a good example actually. I don't see how else they could pull off something worthwhile, like said it was such a unique product of the time it's impossible to replicate.

I think the new girls design looks bland and soulless, but part of me wonders or even hopes that that's the point. 20 years on and still invested in products based on blind, empty consumerism. I want these new series to hit me as hard as the original series did.

>bullshit pretentious mythos
Also the reason it'll get shat on regardless of what it ends up to be. With an old and famous show like this there always going to be enough autists who imagined something entirely different and will blow their hate completely out of proportions.

I'm pretty sure it's gonna suck, but Bladerunner 2049 was pretty good. So maybe they can pull off something watchable.

I'm already bored by her.

Well, at least the OP and ED will be good.

Sup Forums will hate it because
>lul random shit all the time xdd
Is unfunny and boring. This show is overrated trash.

Hope it shifts genres. post apocalyptic or total space opera just needs to feature atomsk

When do we get news about FLCL2? It's been a while since the last trailer

this week


No. Even in one of the promotional bumps AS did they admitted that the show didn't need any more content and they were doing it simply because they felt like it. Should have just left it as it was, stop dragging old stuff out to make money off its name.
Jesus fucking christ it's Crow T Robot's retarded cousin

What the fuck is it going to be about? The show literally ended the same way the manga did. Nothing else is going to happen that needs to happen.

You do realize the manga is fanfiction right?

I have extremely low expectations because I don't want to be disappointed.

I'm gonna miss Canti.

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that is a plus

he's gonna be in season 2


It's a blatant cash grab and I'll have no part in it.

What does the manga have to do with anything? Might as well mention the light novel while you're at it.

Who'll voice her Sup Forums?

I will.

The main staff is pretty mediocre outside of Oshiyama as mecha designer, FLCL definitely didn't need a sequel and it's not the late 90s anymore. What gives?

I'll voice the MILF then.