I think now we can all agree that Digimon Tri was a mistake

I think now we can all agree that Digimon Tri was a mistake.

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Sora's an ugly piece of shit who deserves death.

>want to revive Digimon Adventure
>redesign your characters so they're all generic anime highschoolers with a few minor callbacks to their original varied and unique designs
>half of it is a cliche highschool drama instead of adventure despite it literally being titled "Digimon Adventure Tri"
>bring back Machinedramon
>he's a mindless kaiju instead of the brilliant military tactician who got shit done he was in the original

The idea of doing a follow-up film series to mark the anniversary of DA wasn't necessarily a bad idea, but its production is run on bad ideas. Literally the Monkey's Paw for people who wanted their favorite characters back for so many years.

Hey [B]aichi

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>Omegamon: Merciful Mode

Is it gonna hug Yggdrasil and Homeostasis to submission?

No it's going to use it's wings THAT IS THE ONLY DIFFERENCE FROM THE ORIGINAL besides the pallete swap to tickle it into submission.

It also has a zipper. And its crotchplate is smaller. And it has thicker thighs.

I'd say it's better than Imperialdramon Paladin Mode. All they did for that was change its colors, take away its Positron Laser and add a sword.

And a katana blade instead of a broadsword.
Pretty sure the cannon is different too.

I really like how Imperialdramon Paladin Mode looks, and the sword is cool, but I hate how it reduces Omegamon to a tool for him to use.

Yeah the blade's kinda dumb.

Digimon is DC while Pokémon is Marvel

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The first produces better stuff closer to the source, while the second rakes in money with adaptations?


What a slowpoke.

Why the fuck would you position the sword like that for the design?

I'll finish the ride, but I won't like it.

The entire thing was terribad for reasons already stated.

All in all, it abandons the original storytelling style in favor of tragedy porn and forced melodrama that both revolve around autistic donut steals.

Rapey Gengai was just the cringe cherry on top of the shit sundae, both because of how out of place he was AND because he came off as senseless schlickbait.

This is why women and fags should only be allowed to write hentai, so long as they remain under straight male supervision.

>the greysword is single edged now
nice job toei

nice to see this new form actually has subtle differences that make it more than just a palette swap with wings.
The sword and cannon are fucking retarded though.
Could've gone with a minigun and a forked blade and have been better off for it.


>And its crotchplate is smaller. And it has thicker thighs.

At least we'll finally have taikari confirmed.

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The fuck is up with its waist?

It looks like it just had its stomach removed.

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toei fuck this up because of super.

Cause superior nippon steel katana, you baka gaijin.
It's dumb I agree

>nippon steel
you mean nippon digizoid folded 10,000 times

Wanna know what'll piss you off more?
The sword no longer has All Delete inscribed on it. Or at least nothing shown yet has it.

Should've made Cyber Sluts original anime.
>Comfy urban-techno setting.
>Solving digital-real life crimes for the police
>Comfy adventures with highschool friends.
>Alphamon wanting some of that highschool boy dick.

>being sexist and homophobic in 2018
Kill yourself user

>The sword no longer has All Delete inscribed on it.
I noticed that too. The writers of Digimon Tri need to be fired.

Only if they used the female mc for yuribait scenes.

All i want is SoraTai to be Canon. I hate MattSora thing and reject Digimon 2 ending

Digimon 02 had one of the funniest endings. Daisuke the loster literally became a chad millionaire with his own restaurant chain stores across the world while everyone else lived normal lives/weren't rich.

Should've smashed that when they had the chance.

>Solving digital-real life crimes for the police
Now this would be a good plot for digimon tri. It would be interesting, there would be adventures and you can have good villain. Also remove meico and that new girl and add some new "chosen child" that is more interesting and better written.

How would you envision the nightmare scenario where they make a tri-like movie for Tamers?

>Make a female MC option
>Keep all the dialogue the same even the one that talks about sexual preferences
>End up with a lesbian

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>Becomes acknowledged in official art where she's undoing her friend's panties

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It was neat how much the cyberspace from Cyber Sleuth was inspired by Our War Game and Summer War's aesthetics. Shame the top half was criminally underexplored and individual server environments ended up being samey hallways in most cases.

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Though there were definitely nice levels in the sidestory game like the power plant server and the police department server, they both had a real megaman battle network vibe and managed to get distinct looks unlike most of the levels from the original cyber sleuth.

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It was a PSP game. What did you expect;I'm glad they acknowledged based Digimon Dusk and best girl as canon though.

I still have my Dusk game with 100% Quest completed.

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It was a vita game, not much of a difference though. I also wish that we could have seen more of the half eaten digital world. Eaters were pretty nice designs, Oh Great really shines when making monsters.

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I'm glad we got Dianamon's full line in the second game. Pretty good data type mon you can get relatively early because she doesn't have high ABI requirements.

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Yeah its a real shame we never saw the rest of the Eaten Digital World. The ending part of Cyber Sleuth was kind of rushed though.

The ending side-quests stories also felt incomplete.

I can't even remember many late game sidequests from the original besides Metaletemon and Jimmyken competing against each other. It's funny how the second game lets you bring partners on certain missions (including NPC digimon) and have events with them. It's almost like going on a date with Beelzemon

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I also liked how in the spinoff there's a mission where you help him get his groove back which takes place before his return in Metaletemon's mission.

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A lot of characters just fucking fall off the map in the sidequests. That lesiban girl who shat on Nokia and was full yuri for the president's daughter, your bud and his bitch, the cross-dimensional Genki tomboy who did a love confession,

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>That lesiban girl who shat on Nokia and was full yuri for the president's daughter
Glad that they expanded a bit on her role in the sidestory, she seemed busy with Ryuji's insane hacker hunt and getting hospitalized.
>your bud and his bitch

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Your two classmates. The ones who went to the same school as the protagonist and one had a crush on the girl who was hypnotized by Jimmy.

Remember that one time Taichi overfed Agumon in Adventure?The results turned out to be devastating in the long run.
I heard it took three hours to operate.

>That sidequest where Yuuko kills her Yuugo avatar that gained sentience in cold blood
Yuuko really was a raging lawfag and Arata was a blatant chaosfag. If this were a smt game you'd have killed both of them.

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Oh yeah I completely forgot about those. I even forgot about the weird school occult club that had some quests about them.

Arata was a bro until he went full predictable edgelord and faggot on you. Yuuko pussy is the way to go, but fuck her boss fight.

It's funny how you could tell that Ryuji would eventually become the Arata of the second game from the get go. Though in the end he was just manipulated by an evil digimon that enhanced his worst emotions.

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Also his digimon team was pretty cliche given his name since he mostly uses dramon type digimon.

A cybersleuth anime would be pretty nice, but it'd be hard to find the balance between focusing on sidequests and showing off enough of the main story. Lordknightmon and Alphamon were semen demons in this.

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You could easily tell who was going to go good or evil. Nokia was obvious middle man and this because Cyber Sleuth doesn't try to break the mold and kept to a basic script.

Should've went ahead and added support system from Persona or some other game while they were at it so you could waifu ur npc.

They could easily Persona 2 it. Strange things happen in the net and reflect in real life. Digimon are real and its up to a bunch of students hired by a private agency to solve the mysteries in the real world and help lead the Digimon back to their world and stop a mysterious culprit who keeps bringing Digimon to the real world.

Cyber Sleuth is literally fucking Data Squad except centered in a city and more focused on human development and connectivity.

>Should've went ahead and added support system from Persona or some other game while they were at it so you could waifu ur npc.
They tried to add something like that in the spinoff with the domination battle and territory conquer missions where you brought someone along with you. Ended up being pretty half baked since only thing you got from it were some nice digifarm food and extremely short scenes. You could even do these events with digimon like Agumon/Gabumon, Lilymon, Beelzemon and Renamon.

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The human organ trafficking case from the first game was fascinating. People were getting tricked into abandoning the real world to live in a virtual world filled with female avatars to fuck while their body was stolen and harvested for organs to sell on the black market.

Fuck I completely forgot about that and you reminded me. The MC tried to wake that one guy up before his body got snatched because he fell for the virtual waifu scam and he couldn't log out.

Like fuck what were they thinking.

>bring back Machinedramon
what do Nippons see in Machinedramon anyway? Not only brought back for Tri but also is an important part of the Ryo-games despite being the (second-) least interesting member of the Dark Masters.

There was also that case where a woman obsessed with an Aquarium copied it to the most minute detail before it got renovated and replicated it online.

She planned to blow up the real because she wanted it to remain the same as in her memory. Unfortunately she ended up killing herself as the trigger switch was reprogrammed to trigger her digital space's deletion instead of setting off the bombs.

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Digimon Tri is so fucking bad. It's the boringfest melodrama that drags it down

Design and powerlevels, it was one of the stronger early digimons the series had. Of course it got powercreeped. Shame the upgrade brought back fleshy looking bits when it was cooler being a pure machine dragon.

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What is the point of Dynasmon? It looks so similar to Imperialdramon Paladin Mode to the point that it's redundant.

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I haven't watched 02 in over a decade but I remember it being boring, was it always boring or did it become bad after a certain arc? What I'm asking is if there was a point in the show where it was good?

To give Lordknightmon someone to love.

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But that's gay (in some continuities)

Haven't seen it yet. Is the new hime girl as passive and uninteresting as her design's archetype tends to be?

It's not gay in Cyber Sleuth and the Frontier dub. Not to mention, they are Digimon, it's not like Lordknightmon can't reprogram the body underneath the armor to suit whatever Dynasmon's in mood for.

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I wish it were true but it will never happen outside of that one interview.

It's a darn shame really, since the idea of revisiting these kids is a good one and holy moley, I love Uki Atsuya's character designs but the actual anime does everything so horrendously it's sad to watch.

That sword seems awkward.

You call that thin stick a sword?

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Adding Meiko and her OC donut steel digimon was the mistake.

kaisergraymon is my favourite digimon