Slow start


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In. Always.


I love Hiroe's tomboyish side.

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In here, specifically.

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Tamato is too perfect. Send help.

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I want to become a Tamato farmer.

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What the fuck is this?

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A flap of cloth. Tits don't grow on collar bones.

Thank god, I was worried for a moment.

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It's a cloth fold.

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>One epsiode left

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This was very touching. Great ep for the Hannen x Shion cause.

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Where's the salesfag when you need him?

I know (think) that it would be a lot of work, but I wish nii-sama subbed the OP.

You never need salesfags

Why would you think subbing the OP would be any harder than subbing the rest of the show.

I find harder to understand a song than normal speech. Plus, if it isn't harder, I would expect more groups to sub it, including CR.

I want this animated.

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The OP clear to me, I could put karaoke in if I knew how to sub but I don't know enough Japanese to translate it. I don't know why they don't sub them while the show is airing but Whoever is subbing Mitsuboshi colors added karaoke to the OP this season.

If there was one around, he could reassure us about the S2.

Who is subbing Colours? I think the only ones with subbed OP/ED are erai raws, but I don't know where they rip it from (HiDive?)

What would they adapt? They've already gone all the way to the latest volume.

Maybe in five years time.

Salestards don't know shit.

They did? Well that's a shame. It's still ongoing though isn't it? If we wait long enough.


What a weird effect.

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Well, there are a handful of chapters that weren't animated like this one , which would possibly be too gay to adapt. I'd say there's enough for maybe 4 more episodes right now depending on what the last one is about.

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Colors is sentai.

Somebody posted a quote by the director or somesuch saying that they intentionally left some of the appealing chapters out to maintain the anime's status as an ad for the manga.

Is Hana gonna tell them?

I'm kinda bummed that they left out the part about Sensei's haircut.

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Tell them what?

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Yes, they'll have to die afterwards though.

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That's just too cute.

Holy shit, she was watching from afar.

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She's always watching. She just stays further back than Tama.

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Any Kirara show next season?


Comic Girls

>only girls and women at the festival, not a single male in sight
>Tamate lives with her two lesbian grandmas
Makes me wonder why they didn't go for the "males don't exist" trope a full 100% and showed males on a few occasions.

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I can live for another 3 months

Probably because even the manga has the occasional male.

>yuru camp funding another batch of kirara adaptations

Probably, but then it's a weird decision from the mangaka.


If the yuri can't handle men existing in the world, it is weak and unworthy.

Looks delightfully gay.

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Probably this. You have to accept having males as a consequence of traps.

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What is it about this time?

Isn't yellow literally introducing herself with having a crush on blue?

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More like inevitability

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Gay highschool girls drawing comics, I think.

They're drawing manga.

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Pink MC has nice twin braids.

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You know what time it is.

You can't possibly expect me to download a fucking PV. Post a youtube link or something already.

Nobody expects you to download anything.

Gee, wouldn't it be great if youtube had some sort of search function where you can enter some words and it returns what you were looking for?

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>her name is Kaosu

You can't possibly expect me to look up a (potentially) gay anime for little girls.

But we're all gay little girls here.

Sweet Jesus was Tama's outfit erotic.

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Everything Tama does is erotic.

>Show is called Slow Start
>the slow start is barely mentioned again after episode 1
No wonder this show isn't that good. You could have easily deleted that plot point and make this show a pure SoL and nothing much would change.

Yes, but I don't want google to know this. You guys I trust, but not that fag.

Or you could watch this show while paying attention and notice that almost every time Hana is with her friends she's thinking about how grateful she is for having them and how far she's come since then. It's been relevant in every single episode so far.

why is she so sexual

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The exposed chest binding make her look like a yakuza woman.

Because she barely knows what's appropriate and what isn't and loses sight of modesty once she's enjoying herself with friends.

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If by "they" you mean CR, it's because they'd have to pay extra. Rights to OP/ED lyrics are separate from the show's dialogue or insert songs.

Made for tickling her sides relentlessly until she can't move, then throwing her on the bed, pulling off her straps and making out with her navel.

You just made this up. It isn't a problem for other streaming companies.

Isn't Nii-sama subbing the OP/ED? Did I hallucinate it for 10 episodes as I usually hallucinate yuri?


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Kamuri a cat

This is really fucking me up
Is she human or not?

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Acchi kocchi homage.

No, she's a pet.

Did she really?

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Yes, she did really.

Eiko's finger was inside Enami and it was still wet with her fluids.

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I completely expected her to lick that finger right there.


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Hana is a good girl

Hana is a weird old woman.

I told you not to feed it before noon.

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In. Out. In. Out. In.

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If Eiko had taken said finger to her lower torso as a hint I doubt teacher could keep restraining herself.

It was such a nice day until now, damn.