Jiren is Toriyama’s answer to One Punch Man, when they made the villian Lord Boros to look like a one eyed Goku...

Jiren is Toriyama’s answer to One Punch Man, when they made the villian Lord Boros to look like a one eyed Goku, they gave him the same mentality as goku as a person who loves to look for strong opponents to fight.

If you look at Jiren, he looks very much like Saitama. here’s a picture of the two with very comparable scenes, Akira made Jiren strong with the intent that he can defeat many of the other universes strongest with only one punch as he has shown with Kale, and The Liquid fighter, even though Kale was saved by Hit, however Akira’s intent was to show a much better fight than Saitama’s epic 30 minute battle with Boros, and he delivered.

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In the first episode - there was a bad guy named Vaccine Man - he basically looks like Piccolo… He was just purple in colour….
In the final 2 episodes - there was another bad guy Boros - this guy was an alien from another planet, who travelled the universe in search of a worthy opponent to fight against…
Now, Boros had Spiky hair, was strong, he didn’t fight at his full power from the beginning and “transformed” after his armour broke… He was basically Goku!
Boros (Goku) And Vaccine Man (Piccolo) - Were both beaten by Saitama with no effort at all…
So, now, back to Dragon Ball Super - Toriyama wanted to get revenge for his creations being beaten….
Toriyama made Jiren - A pale faced, super strong baldy, who has gained unimaginable power, but isn’t really interested in fighting anyone who he knows is weaker than him…

Jiren is basically a DBS version of Saitama!

Even his moves - Simple Punch and Consecutive Punches - are the same!
Jiren is a troll Saitama so that Toriyama can sleep peacefully….
When you watch OPM, you’ll notice all the characteristics that I’ve mentioned - and more!

Nice thumbnail.

Vaccine Man is nothing to do with Piccolo. It’s a full parody of Baikinman, they have the same VA

>ripping off a ripoff

this is just sad

>here’s a picture
An small and shit one at that, like your brain.

yeah but isnt saitama an answer to Krillin haha

chapter 89 when?

goddamn that latest episode was better than the whole OPM anime

>Getting mad at a parody series
>Getting so mad you need to "get even"


Is brain damage a requirement for watching super, or a symptom of it?


Lol hmm no?
Saitama wipes the floor with Goku and Zemen sama.

Krillin stomps the whole OPMverse with 1 hand and while wearing tons of weights

not saitama

You wish

lol delusion

>unironic powerlevel measuring discussions about a show that's all about making fun of that shit
I really, really want to know the average iq of Sup Forums

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I said this like two months ago good job ig

Too bad opm is better and Jiren sucks

Where does el hermano fit in there tho

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Why cant it be both

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Stop watching DBS. Go watch original DB.

Nigga, Jiren is just Toriyama's version of Superman and a little of Kenshiro.

2018 and Toriyama can't even give consistent feats to his characters, such a lazy writer, why did he choose Toyotaro when he is a friend of Shimabukuro, imagine what he could have done with this franchise instead.

It's only a certain part of Sup Forums, hated by everyone else.

I agree. Today's fight looked very much like Saitama vs Boros

So, is a little of Jojo too, fucking Toriyama

Too bad Saitama is still stronger.

Even Toriyama himself admits that gag characters are unstoppable.

>and he delivered.
Sea King vs Puri Puri prisoner was better than the whole Of DBS


So jiren is simultaneously superman, saitama and sasuke?
No wonder why even my toilet has a more interesting personality then

This to be honest.

fucking hell. your powerlevel faggotry is fucking cancer

gag characters are stopped by Beerus
Saitama is a parody

Jiren is what Saitama would be if he were bald


Saitama can end DB universe in One Punch (he should)

>Giving a fuck about Dragonball in 2k18
The golden era ended at DBZ. Quality is non-existent, milking is
on par with One-Piece and Naruto, asspulls galore, trite plots that
make no sense and are no fun even for the Dragonball niche.

Just let it fucking die already.