Story Time - Kenrantaru Grande Scene

Do you love ballet, Sup Forums?

I do, and I love manga as well, and since volume 10 of this series that bridges both is coming out... whoa, TOMORROW actually, I figured I should try giving it more exposure.

Kenrantaru Grande Scene is a sports manga about a young ballerina's journey to prominence, and the rivals/friends she makes along the way. It's fantabulous. The series has been licensed in English, but I can't speak for the quality of the translation. I will now proceed to storytime at least 9 volumes over the next week and a bit, and hopefully along the way more people can check out this swell manga.

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Let'sa go

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Anime when?

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That would be nice. Princess Tutu alone is not enough.

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Curvie throws me a real top flight curveball there. With a gripping story and ripping yarn and all! Possibly the best work yet by this artist.

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I just realized I neglected to mention that this is created by Cuvie. I mean duh, it's on the cover, but I should've said so anyway.

Yeah, ero artist lady Cuvie.

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