Dragon Ball Super

It's over

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Thanks Freeza and Juunanago for distract Jiren while I rest, now let me go angel again
Este es el fin, Jiren

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so no episode next week?

U7 doesn't deserve to win

>nice guy, shows concern for his opponents, praises them
>likeable personality, doesn't give up, genuinely seems heroic
>gimmick with a lot of potential

Why couldn't Jiren have been like him?

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Because Toei is shit

What a shit show

because retarded japs wont feel good seeing Goku beating Jiren if he actually has character

He was actually trying to prove a point by attacking the stands, he didn't intend on killing the spectators.
Watch the sub.

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>ultimo capitulo
>It's not

Mexico is gonna burn

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owari da

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>lol i didn't, lucky me

17 ruined it.
It was supposed to be Goku (limit breaker) and Freeza (survivor).

The fake spoilers would've been better

>Jirenkucks are actually this delusional
You got tricked into routing for an antihero turned villain with a traumatic and tragic past.
But that doesn't fucking excuse "warning shots" at innocent civilians.
GOD, can't wait until Goku crushes the fuck out of Jiren next week so that I never have to hear your pathetic excuses again.

Goku was an asshole in this arc. I hope Jiren will kick them all arses. Fuck Goku mass murderer.

17 showing up literally like “Hey, I’m still here” was pretty lame desu. A good least we knew Frieza was still out and about

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>thought manga would be there to build on story plots unexplored in DBS, and fix story problems
>makes more story problems and is the anime on fast foward

They threw c17 because of the hype in s.america and because he fucked the president of TOEI



and here I thought Jiren's "arrogance" had meaning behind it, but noooo, they just HAD to make him a villain
none of this makes a lick of sense

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This is the worst timeline of all time.
Any time I think Toriyama is doing something decent he just fucks it up again. Why the fuck is 17 alive?
Still mad that frieza was brought back yet again.
Fuck DBS, fuck boring ass Jiren.

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and here i thought Mastered Ultra Instinct would just be another form
at least Omen it was more apparent that Goku had a different fighting style, but Mastered just seemed like a literal recolor

>no filler

>more story problems
Adorable, try again, this bait is weak even for you

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>Surf Kamehameha a part of UI Goku's moveset
I like this, no I fucking LOVE this. It's one of the few things I'll give super props for

>Spics love DB more than the very same nips.

>dead show
>dead thread

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>Tori-san, the fans see Jiren as sympathetic. What should we do?
>Make him more arrogant
>That's not working.
>Okay, lets make him try to murder all of Goku's friends for no reason.

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I was more refering to Super's manga
I wanted the ToP to fix SOME problems the anime has, but it treats characters worse because Toyo thinks he needs to write the manga on fast foward

Look at this, he even says that his ideals can be erased as easily as that rock
It was obvious that he was making a statement

>thinking it's toriyama
Fucking newfags, where are they even crawling from?
He's doing the manga, he's more involved with that than the shitty anime. If you need to blame someone, blame toei's writers

Actually it's Goku (limit breaker) frieza (x) survivor (17)

>Jiren attacks the stands to show Goku friendship is for nerds
>the stand currently being used by 6 GoDs and 12 Angels
>even if his attack had somehow succeeded: he attacked non participants
>he would’ve been disqualified and erased on the spot
>U7 would’ve won and could’ve just wished the damage to be undone

Seeing this episode with all that people here in Juarez, Mexico was a total blast. I literally went back in time to my childhood for 20 minutes, and I assume everyone else did for all those screams and cheering everytime Goku landed a punch. Great time, I tell you. Did any other country made something similar?

attacking non-participants isn't against the rules retard

You're right. I can't excuse that
Thankfully MangaJiren is a world above AnimeJiren

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Toriyama decided who goes out and when user

I'm gonna be seriously disappointed if Frieza doesn't end up part of the main party

Chile, Ecuador and El Salvador for what i've read in these threads.

at the very least the characters will be consistent
and hopefully we won't get 7 character moments in a single fight like Vegeta did against Jiren

Holy shit, I didn't even see this

The manga isn't much better. Its still garbage, just like the anime. If toriyama really wanted to he could twist toei's arm into making something that's not so shitty.
The rush to defend this retard makes no sense.

Not for the anime. He's more closely involved with the manga. Just look at

This, a random shot got sent towards Zeno early on and Grand Minister just deflected it with a shield.

He obviously had intent to kill. If he had killed anyone, he probably would’ve gotten erased

no, episode next week

Toriyama basically is a defacto showrunner but he only cares enough to be an ideas guy

>they actually think frieza is now good
kek you faggots are in for a treat next episode
Jiren about to get deathbeamed

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I was honestly surprised when 17 came out. It was great.

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no you retard, he literally decided the order of elimination for both, it's in the outline you fucking spastic

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Can we all agree UI is the best form since the original SS? Finally something that isn't only MUH STRENGHT BOOST MUH RAGE

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He did it earlier too when he bodied Kefla
It awesome then and it's awesome now

But what if... 17 actually wins the ToP?

Why doesn't jiren do shit unless the clown tells him to? He was hesitating about eliminating goku until belmod started screaming.

super boat

17 shouldn't have an AURA
this is what pisses me off most

i still like ssb more desu, that godly music when they transform is just too kino


Because he lost and he knows it

then it's boat time

It basically still is a strength boost. That’s the only explanation for why his attacks suddenly harm Jiren or break his defenses at all.

Hit was good though. Power through masterful use of technique

>tfw you will never experience the feeling of seeing your favorite anime surrounded by tens of thousands of spics

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Maybe time was slowed down when we looked at Jiren.

Because jiren doesn't want to erase people

No we can't. Ultra instinct is just a lame version of Muso Tensei from Fist of the North Star.

Yeah I read over it. Was just about to delete my old post
But I am well aware of that information. I find it ridiculous that 17 is getting shilled so hard, and in the manga I find it impossible for him to even do anything. Hopefully the anime director was just a biased fuck and decided to change things up a bit to prop up 17

>Goku gets up to fight Jiren again next week
For goodness sake, is “used up all your stamina” even a thing anymore

Mastered basically switched to just being that
Omen seemed to be a form that wasn't so much stronger than previous forms, rather it's power lied in it's style (i'd say in a perfect world Omen only has the power of his base form)
but Mastered shows little indication that he has that ability of "ultra instinct" and instead is another GODLY ENERGY AND HEAT form

Kenshiro is great but he doesn't reach the power of Jiren

And that's a good thing.

Do 25 jumping jacks you run out of stamina but rest for a bit and you can do some more

I wonder how much time is left in the TOP

30 seconds

Goku already invalidated his whole worldview and now he had doubts about if his wish would even satisfy him at this point

I wonder how many old Hispanic women just showed up to the event because they saw lots of other people going there and didn’t know it was for a Japanese cartoon show they’re never heard of

>shows little indication that he has that ability of "ultra instinct
He still moves with the "grace" of UI only now he hurts like a motherfucker

Hope the manga explains what and why the fuck he's doing, or just scaps that bullshit

I'm not talking about power, dude.


>his whole worldview

Which was?

Imagine the mexican milfs and those shotas...

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This shit reminds me of krillin, gohan and yajirobe fighting vegeta near death

wtf is up with the purple energy?


A mix of spoilers and this would be good.
>Goku gets troped and Jiren knocks him out
>Frieza death beams Jiren and kicks him off
>17 out of nowhere BTFOs Frieza and wishes for his boat

Why was Goku so exhausted after the Ginyu fight? Why couldn't he get back up a minute later?
Why couldn't Goku just walk off the heart disease?
How did Goku even die from the special beam cannon? shouldn't he have just got right back up?
Goku was alive all along after Cell killed him right?


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Without power Kenshiro can't even touch Jiren

This is the longest minute ever. I’m sure if you just got the dialogue you’d get over a minute

Everyone in the image is extremely ugly.


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kys pedophile

Goku is god-level now

>hit comes out of his pocket dimension, knocks 17 out
>el hermano shows up from a dimensional portal, scolds jiren for losing and destroys everyone
>cell arrives from the 4th timeline, kills gohan and takes his revenge

Afterburn of using MUI, think that it works as a kaioken

Probably meant to make you think Freeza attacked him. I thought Freeza was hitting Goku with a hakai.