Today is Tamaki Mari's birthday!

Today is Tamaki Mari's birthday!
Otanjoubi, Kimari-chan!

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Happy Birthday. Eat durians for good luck.

She's legal now, right?

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Where can I get giga puddi in murica to celebrate?

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Is the brown bit still caramel in Japanese "pudding?"


pairing after the last episode
>Kimari x Megu
>Shirase x Hinata

Love it

Not even close, whether in Japan or the US.

Just grab a bucket and make your own!

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isn't that just flan

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>current highschoolers didnt see the year 2k hype
Oh god time stop already.

Soon there will be VAs who were born in the 2000s (there are already a few, but they're mostly doing minor roles).

Soon, most anime VAs and singers will be people born in the 2000s.
We're getting old.

In Antarctica, yes.

what an ugly 5head. youd think with all that available space in her skull she'd be a bit smarter

It's full of egg.

It's literally just flan.
You can find it in any supermarket or make it easily yourself at home.

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Birthday sex with Kimari-chan!

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